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SKW Youth Guidelines

Passion: Show that soccer is very close to your heart and that very little can replace it. With everything you do, do it with utmost effort and go over the top with yourself. Good should not be enough! I want, I can and I must!
Team spirit:  Success is a team effort and only as teams are we strong. So: Everybody else in the team is as important as you are. Encourage yourself and do as much as you can to help others. Engage yourself and show interest in your team colleagues.
Openness and honesty: Trust can only thrive through openness and honesty! No confidence, no unity; no unity, no team spirit; no team spirit, no success.

Communication: Be open for discussions, mention your ideas and raise your objections and feelings calmly at the right point of time. You should listen to your teacher, trainer and coach or teammates if they talk to you, express criticism or praise you. Only this way you can improve yourself! Good communication is the heart of a team!
Take your chances: Open your eyes, stay awake and be alert at all times - within a split-second an excellent pass might come your way to create a chance to score a goal! Take the golden and exceptional opportunity and make use of the education and training the SKW offers!

Pleasure doing things: "Also with stones put in your way you can build something beautiful" (Goethe).  So, have fun with whatever you do, think positive. Only with motivation and trust in your own achievements excellent results can be expected!
Carpe diem: Time is money and expensive. Utilize yours and that of those around you wisely and judiciously. Always be on time and with full engagement whether in training or in a game, at school or with education. Carpe diem! - utilize the day! 
Discipline: Stick to the relevant rules, to the benefit of the club, the team and at the end of the day for your own benefit.
Fair play: Of course we as "SKW" would like to win the league and tournaments, but never to the disadvantage of fair play. Respect the rights of others, those of the opponent and challenger; make exclusively use of your talent, strong will and team spirit to conquer your competitor.

Respect and self-esteem: Respect and appreciate behavior, opinion and attitude of teammates, referees, coaches, trainers and opponents irrespective whether you go accord with them
2008 Results

1) Swallows FC
2) Swakopmund FC (SFC)
1) KFA (Khomasdal Football Academy)
2) NYFDP (Namibia Youth Football Development Program)
1) Ramblers FC
2) SFC (Swakopmund FC)
1) NYFDP (Namibia Youth Football Development Program)
2) Ramblers FC
1) Ramblers
2) Cymot SKW
1) Cymot SKW
2) Ramblers FC
2009 Results

1) Swakopmund FC (SFC)
2) Otjiwarongo (OFC)
4) SKW

1)  Swakopmund FC (SFC)
2) SKW

1) Ramblers FC
2) SFC (Swakopmund FC)

1) Ramblers FC
2) SKW

1) KFA (Khomasdal Football Academy)
2) NYFDP (Namibia Youth Football Development Program)
3) SKW

1) Swakopmund FC (SFC)
2) Cymot SKW

Girls u15
1) SFC
2) SKW
2010 Results
The SKW Youth Soccer Academy 2010

Winner : u/8 Otjiwarongo FC
(round Robin / League basis)

Winner : u/9 Ramblers
Final :  Ramblers 2 KFA 1

Winner Girls : Cymot SKW
Final : SKW 2 Otjiwarongo 1

Winner : u/11 KFA
Final KFA 1 Cymot SKW 0

Winner : u/13 NYFDP
Final NYFDP 1 Cymot SKW 0

Winner : u/15 Cymot SKW
Final Cymot SKW 1 Ramblers 0

Winner : u/15 Spartans (round Robin / League basis)

Sport Klub Windhoek and Deutscher Fussball-Bund (German Soccer Association) presented
Results 2011

u/7 (played round robin)
1.    Ramblers
2.    Otjiwarongo
3.    Swallows
4.    SKW c
5.    SKW b
6.    SKW a
7.    Ramblers b

u/9 (played round robin)
1.    Ramblers
2.    Otjiwarongo
3.    SKW
4.    SFC
5.    Swallows
6.    SKW 2

u/11 (Group and ko)
Finale : Ramblers 0 KFA Rosh Pinah 1
3rd 4th shoot out SFC wins against Otjiwarongo

u/13 (Group and ko)
Finale : Cymot SKW 2 KFA 1
3rd 4th shoot SFC win against NYFPD

u/15 (Group and ko)
Finale Rebels 0 SFC 2
3rd 4th shoot out SKW wins against Spartans

u/17 (played round robin)
1.    Otjiwarongo
2.    Cymot SKW
3.    SFC
4.    Rebels

Girls: (played round robin)
1. SKW
2. Emma Hogenhout

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The 2012 Winner's

u/7  : Otjiwarongo FC
u/9  : Swakopmund FC
u/11: Celtic
u/13: Ramblers
u/15: Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
u/17: Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
Girls: Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
SKW u/15 player Olaf Beiter hands over the gold medal to Ramblers u/13 Captain Tuafeni
SKW u/15 won in the under 15 section
u/11 winners Celtic from the coast

Retirement Fund Solutions SKW - Youth Tournament 2013 major success

1. DTS a
2. Swallows
3. RFA a
4. DTS b
5. SKW a
6. Otjiwarongo
7. SKW b
8. DTS c
9. RFC b
10. SKW b

1. RFC Lions
2. SFC
3. SKW Buffalos
4. Otjiwarongo
5. Rosh Pinah
6. DTS
7. RFC Leopards
8. RFC Cheetahs
9. SKW Rhinos
10. Swallows b
11. Swallows a
12. SKW Giraffes

1. Ramblers a
2. SKW a
3. SFC
4. Otjiwarongo
5 Rosh Pinah
6 Swallows
7 Ramblers b
8. KFA
9. SKW b
10. DTS
1. SFC
2. KFA
3. Otjiwarongo
4. Ramblers a
5. Swallows
6. Ramblers b
7. SKW a
9. DTS
10. SKW b
1. KFA
2. Ramblers
3. SFC
4. SKW
5. Swallows
1. SKW
2. Ramblers
3. Pro Kids
4. Rosh Pinah

Girls u/14-17
1. SKW
2. ST Pauls
4. Hage
Retirement Fund Solutions SKW - Youth Tournament - Friday 5 April 2013
The golden girls and boys - SKW Tournament 2013

u/ 7 DTS a
u/ 9 RFC
u/11Ramblers a
u/13 Swakopmund FC
u/15 Kaizen FC (KFA)
u/17 Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
Girls Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
...more pictures will be uploaded during the day
SKW Tournament Page 2013 .... more Photos to come       and SKW Facebook
The tournament drew the attantion of the press countywide

KFA u/15 Winner
SKW u/11 Runner-up
scene u/9 between Otjiwarongo and Rosh Pinah
left : Prize giving
u/15 SKW against Swallows. SKW won the maatch by two goals to one.
Fußballjugend bereit - Vom  5.04.2013

Turnier beim SKW – Von Rhein: „Wir sind Favoriten”

Rund 600 Nachwuchsspieler werden an diesem Wochenende zum alljährlichen Jugendturnier des Sportklubs Windhoek (SKW) erwartet. Ein „großes Turnier“ verspricht es nicht zuletzt dank der großzügigen Unterstützung des Finanz- und Versicherungsunternehmens Retirement Fund Solutions (RFS) zu werden.

Namibia est. 1951
The two captains left Carsten Horn SKW u/17 and next to him Kaisa Mietinnen of the SKW Girls
SK Chairperson Ralph Ellinger, Klaus Otto and Sponsor Kai Friedrich.
left pictures:
First impressions Friday 11 April 2014
SKW u/17 vs Delta
left SKW u/15 team - photo's on the showing the Old Boys Team and parents helping with selling refreshments
SKW u/13 takes GOLD
1    RFC a
2    SKW a
3    DTS a
4    Swallows
5    OFC
6    RFC b
7    SKW b

round robin

1    RFC Lions
2    RFC Leopards
3    OFC
4    DTS Pumas
5    SKW Zebras
6    SKW Buffalos
7    SKW Rhinos
8    Swallows
9    SFC
10    SKW Giraffes
11    RFS Cheetas
12    DTS Jaguars
13    Tura Magic

round robin

1    SFC
2    Ramblers A
3    Otjiwarongo
4    KFA
5    DTS
6    SKW B
7    Rosh Pinah
8    Swallows
9    SKW A
no show    Tura Magic A did not pitch
no show    Tura Magic B did not pitch

Final :
SFC 3 - Ramblers A 1
3 & 4 Place
Otji 2 - KFA 1

1    SKW A
2    SFC
3    KFA
4    Rosh Pinah
5    Ramblers B
6    Otjiwarongo
7    NYFDP
8    Tura Magic
9    Ramblers A
10    SKW B
11    Swallows
12    DTS

Final :
SKW 3 - SFC 0
3 & 4 Place
KFA 2 - Rosh Pinah 0

1    Ramblers B
2    KFA
3    SKW
4    Ramblers A
5     Swallows
6    Delta
7    Otjiwarongo
8    SFC
no show    Namib Colts did not pitch
no show    Tura Magic did not pitch

Final :
Ramblers B 2 KFA 1
3 & 4 Place
SKW 1 - Ramblers A 0

1    Ramblers
2    SKW
3    Delta
4    KFA
5    SFC
6    Swallows

Final :
SKW 0 - Ramblers 2
3 & 4 Place
Delta 1 - KFA 0

Ranking SKW Tournament 2014
SKW u/11 vs Rosh Pinah 12 April 2014
Kanu Tjombe SKW u/17 left - orange jersey
above SKW u/17 with coach Rolf Beiter & Steven
above the SKW u/13 winners 2014
Team photo left:
SKW u/9 with coach Annanias

Retirement Fund Solutions continues their sponsorship
of the Wecke & Voigts SKW Youth Academy Tournament

It is that time of the year again where over 1,000 young footballers from all over Namibia, grow in excitement and anticipation of the annual Retirement Fund Solutions SKW Wecke & Voigts Youth Tournament.

Retirement Fund Solutions is now in its 9th year as main sponsor of this prestigious event. This year they will invest a total of N$ 20,000 to ensure that this event will once again create a platform for the football stars of tomorrow to showcase their abilities.

“Over the years we have seen this tournament grow in statue and it is pleasing to note that some of the leading footballers in Namibia have had the opportunity to hone their skills at the Wecke & Voigts SKW Youth Academy tournament before going on to become household names in Namibia Football. For a long time now we have maintained that without corporate support at grass root levels proper football mentorship and development will remain only a dream for many of our young and ambitious football talents in Namibia. Hence we welcome the opportunity to continue as the main sponsor of this event for the 9th consecutive year.” says Kai Friedrich, Director of Retirement Funds Solutions.

Dr Anibal Rego, Chairperson of the SKW football division, in his statement alluded to the importance of corporate involvement in football: “For many years now we have benefitted from the sponsorship of Retirement Fund Solutions, without whom the staging of this tournament would not be possible.

Rego continues: “This year’s event will once again try to set new benchmark for youth football in Namibia and SKW remains proud of its leading role in the development of Namibian football players. So we invite all football supporters to come and join us for a weekend filled with football action at SKW, 10 to 12 April. Entrance is free of charge and our team in the Kitchen is ready to take good care of you during the three day event”

SKW Football Committee

2014 SKW Youth Tournament

U15 und U17 SKW-Kicker gewinnen eigenes Nachwuchsturnier

Mo, 2015-04-13 05:00 — Allgemeine Zeitung

Windhoek (omu) - Der U15 und U17 Nachwuchs des Sportklubs Windhoek (SKW) konnte sich am Finaltag jeweils den ersten Platz auf eigenem Rasen sichern. Das Fußballturnier an dem die Altersklassen von der U7 aufwärts teilnehmen, ist gleichzeitig für den Ligabetrieb wertend. Bei den Mannschaften der unter Elf- und Dreizehnjährigen setzte sich der Fußballklub der Ramblers durch. Im letzten Spiel des Sonntags war es bei den Siebzehnjährigen ein Kopf an Kopf Rennen. Das Spiel endete mit einem 2:3 der Hausherren gegen den Konkurrenten aus dem Windhoeker Vorort Pionierspark. Die Ramblers behaupten dennoch die Tabellenspitze in der Liga mit 13 Punkten vor dem SKW, der zehn Punkte auf dem Konto hat. Bei den unter 15-jährigen war die Partie ebenfalls weitgehend offen, jedoch wesentlich torärmer. Den einzigen Treffer verbuchte die A-Mannschaft der Gastgeber gegen den FC Swallows und sicherten sich damit den Turniersieg. Damit behaupten die Junioren den ersten Platz mit zwölf Punkten in ihrer Division. Das A-Team des SKW hingegen musste den Ramblers, die mit einem deutlichen 5:1 Sieg überzeugten, den Turniersieg überlassen Bei den Jugendfußballern der unter elfjährigen liefen die Ramblers gleich mit drei Mannschaften auf. Die B-Mannschaft der Blauen holte sich den Sieg vor dem FC Swallows und dem Fußballklub der Swakopmunder (SFC). In der Gruppe des B-Teams war ein knappes 1:0 gegen den Zweiten ausreichend um sich den Pokal zu sichern. Die anderen Mannschaften der Ramblers traten in einer anderen Gruppe an. Auch in der Liga ist die Pioniersparker Mannschaft mit 14 Punkten an der Spitze. Der Zweite, der SFC hat nach vier Spieltagen 5 Punkte auf dem Konto. Alles in allem waren die Veranstalter zufrieden, nicht nur mit den Ergebnissen sondern auch mit dem Zuspruch der Besucher. Die AZ wird noch ausführlich berichten wenn alle Analysen des Turniers abgeschlossen sind und auch die Ergebnisse komplett vorliegen.
More than 800 participants in SKWfs Annual Youth Football Tournament - 22 April 2015 - SKW Football Academy

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Retirement Funds Solutions who injected N$20,000 into the W&V Youth Football Academy, SKW was again able to host the biggest youth football tournament in the country, which took place over the weekend of the 10 - 12 April 2015.

With 59 teams, comprising more than 800 players between the ages of six and seventeen, from the football clubs, SKW, Ramblers, DTS, Otjiwarongo, Swakopmund, Swallows, Mariofs, Eros Kingz Empire and DSSW competed in what threatened to be a rain jeopardized football tournament. Luckily the rain only interfered on Friday evening, and all games were still played according to schedule.

In the younger age groups (Under 7 / Under 9) Ramblers was able to emerge victorious followed by DTS and Swallows in a league type format. Ramblers was also able to win the Under 11 and Under 13 finals, beating Swallows and SKW 1-0 and 5-1 respectively. SKWfs youth development work paid off in the Under 15 and Under 17 age groups, beating Swallows and Ramblers in the respective finals 1-0 and 3-2.

The SKW football committee would herewith want to thank all sponsors, supporters, parents, officials and participating footballers, making this tournament a success, and creating a platform for youth football in Namibia.
u/9 2015   
1    RFC Pythons
2    DTS Lions
3    Swallows FC
4    SKW Mambas
5    Swakopmund FC
u/7 2015   
1    RFC Lions
2    Swallows FC
3    DTS Tigers
4    Swakopmund FC
5    DTS Jaguars
6    SKW Elephants
u/11 2015
Semi 1: Ram B 3 - 2 Ram A
Semi 2: Swallows 5 - 1 SFC
3rd: Ram A 0 - 2 SFC
Final: Ram B 1 - 0 Swallows

u/13 2015
Semi 1: SKW A 2 - 1 SFC A
Semi 2: Ramblers A 3 - 0 Swallows
Third Place: SFC A 8 - 0 Swallows
Final : SKW A 1 - 5 Ramblers A

u/15 2015
3rd Place: Otjiwarongo 0 - 1 Ram A
Final: SKW A 1 - 0 Swallows
u/17 2015
Final: Ramblers 2 - 3 SKW
(1-1) after penalties