2015 Fixture u15 & u17

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FIXTURE LIST U15 & U 17 - A Field SKW
U15 U17
Group A Group B SKW  
SKW A Ramblers A Ramblers
Otji SFC Swallows
Eros Kings Emp Swallows Namib Colts
Ramblers B SKW B DSSW
Match Time Team Team Age Day Duration Score
1 14h30 SKW A DSSW u15 Friday (2x15)  
2 15h05 Ramblers A DTS u15 Friday (2x15)  
3 15h40 Eros King Emp Ramblers B u15 Friday (2x15)  
4 16h15 Swallows SKW B u15 Friday (2x15)  
5 16h50 SKW Namib Colts U17 Friday (2x15)  
6 17h25 Ramblers DSSW U17 Friday (2x15)  
7 18h00 SKW A Eros Kings Emp u15 Friday (2x15)  
8 18h35 Ramblers A Swallows u15 Friday (2x15)  
9 19h10 Swallows Namib Colts U17 Friday (2x15)  
10 7h30 SKW Otji U17 Saturday (2x15)  
11 8h05 Swallows DSSW U17 Saturday (2x15)  
12 8h40 SKW A Otji u15 Saturday (2x15)  
13 9h15 Ramblers A SFC u15 Saturday (2x15)  
14 9h50 Ramblers Namib Colts U17 Saturday (2x15)  
15 10h25 Swallows Otji U17 Saturday (2x15)  
16 11h00 Eros King Emp DSSW u15 Saturday (2x15)  
17 11h35 Swallows DTS u15 Saturday (2x15)  
18 12h10 Otji Ramblers B u15 Saturday (2x15)  
19 12h45 SFC SKW B u15 Saturday (2x15)  
20 13h20 Ramblers Swallows U17 Saturday (2x15)  
21 13h55 SKW DSSW U17 Saturday (2x15)  
22 14h30 Namib Colts Otji U17 Saturday (2x15)  
23 15h05 DSSW Ramblers B u15 Saturday (2x15)  
24 15h40 DTS  SKW B u15 Saturday (2x15)  
25 16h15 Otji Eros King Emp u15 Saturday (2x15)  
26 16h50 SFC Swallows u15 Saturday (2x15)  
27 17h25 SKW Ramblers U17 Saturday (2x15)  
28 18h00 SKW A Ramblers B u15 Saturday (2x15)  
29 18h35 Ramblers A SKW B u15 Saturday (2x15)  
30 19h10 DSSW Otji U17 Saturday (2x15)  
31 7h30 Otji DSSW u15 Sunday (2x15)  
32 8h10 SFC DTS u15 Sunday (2x15)  
33 8h45 DSSW Namib Colts U17 Sunday (2x15)  
34 9h20 SKW Swallows U17 Sunday (2x15)  
35 9h55 Ramblers Otji U17 Sunday (2x15)  
36 10h45 U15 Grp A -2 U15 Grp B - 2 u15 Sunday (2x20)   for Bronze
37 11h35 U15 Grp A -1 U15 Grp B - 1 u15 Sunday (2x20)   for Gold
38 12h25 First Placed Second Placed U17 Sunday (2x20)   for Gold
Short Rules U 15 and 17
Refer to SKW Tournament Rules for detail
1. U15: 2 Group of 5 teams - U17: Group of 6 teams all on Round-Robin Basis
2. U15: play 2 x 15 Minutes - U17: play 2 x 15 min. From Semi's  and Final for U15 and Final for U17 2x20min
3. No Halftime immediate change over !!
4. U15: Group Winners contest Final and Runners-up contest third place - direct Penalties if even score after regular time 
5. U17: Group Winner contests the Final  against Second Placed Team. - Third placed team of Group Stage to recv Bronze Medals.
6. Group Placing: most points - direct result(s) - goal difference - most goals scored - draw or/and organisers decision