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Namibia Tennis Association

Mens/Ladies League 2010

League Rules

1.    All games played over 3 tie breaker sets and shall start at 14:00 on Saturdays

2.    Mens 1st league teams consist of 4 players , each playing singles followed by 1 round of doubles (total 6 matches). Mens 2nd league and ladies league consist of 4 players,2 playing singles and 2 doubles followed by a round of reverse doubles ( total 5 matches).

3.    Singles players must play in order of strength and a singles player may not play below someone he/she has played above in a previous match during this league. Mens 1st league doubles can be made up of any combinations, ie singles player no 1 can combine with any other player etc. The mens 1 st league doubles order of strength will be determined by the no 1 player , ie doubles no 1 pair will be player no  1 combined with any other singles player. Captains must present their teams in writing before play commences. Where the order of strength was changed around such match will be awarded to the opponent.

4.    All league players must be registered with NTA before playing and a player may only represent a club if he/she is a registered member of such club.

5.    New balls to be used for all matches, each club providing 6 balls each for the mens 1st league and 5 balls each for the other leagues. Only Dunlop Fort or Slazenger balls may be used.

6.    Points awarded as follows:
-    3 points for a 2-0 win, 2 points for a 2-1 win, 1 point for a 1-2 loss
-    6 bonus points for overall fixture winner ( mens 1st league )
-    5 bonus points for overall fixture winner ( mens 2nd and ladies leagues)
-    Fixture winner will be the team who won the most matches, if matches are equal then who won the most sets, and if still equal the bonus points are shared.

7.    The league winner will be the team with the highest aggregate  as per rule 5 . In the event of a draw, the team who won the most 3 set matches shall win , thereafter the most sets won  and then the head to head result shall determine the winner.

8.    A club who scratches a match shall be fined N$ 100 and max points (24 for mens 1st league and 20 for other leagues) awarded to the opposing side. Where a fixture between 2 teams from the same club  is scratched, NO points will be awarded to either side and both teams shall be fined N$ 100.

9.    Should a player abandon a match for any reason other than incapacity to continue (injury, emergency etc), such player shall not be allowed to play the remaining match and max points shall be awarded to the opposing side for the remaining match.

10.    Only the league committee may postpone a match and the league committee's ruling on  any dispute shall be final.

11.    Score sheets to be sent by the WINNING Team to Sam Kaulinge at Fax 061-272247 (email: before the Monday @ 1700 after the match .Teams who fail to comply to this rule , may forfeit all points for such fixture. In case of a draw the home team must submit the score sheets.

12.    A player who has played 2 or more matches in an upper league or in the A team of a club who enters 2 teams in the same league may NOT move down to play in the lower league or team. Teams who are in violation of  this rule will forfeit all match points pertaining the affected match/es.

13.    If a player or pair is not available within 15 min of the starting time of a  match the other team may claim the match and be awarded max points.

Enquiries : Jack Dempsey ( 081 1243350 ) - Issued by NTA  League Committee .


Kallie's Tennis School held a tournament over the weekend (24-07-2010) at (Sport Klub Windhoek). Great thanks to Hotel Thule who made this successful tournament possible (58 total entries).

Jean Erasmus was the nr 1 seed player in the tournament and that is his current Namibian ranking as well. However, he lost his fist set in the quarter finals against former top Namibian player JP Huisch. This was world class tennis and the match of the tournament. Jp outplayed Jean in the 1st set but the second set belonged to Jean and the final was 10 - 8 in favour of Jean. After the match several young players ask for autographs and photos with the two top players. Jean is currently playing tennis in America and the sky is the limit. Jp`s good form is attributed to his mental attitude in the past he played not to lose and these days he plays to win. This is a great tip for all young players.

Michael Muller (Nr 1 u/18 Nam)  lost in the Semi Final (6 - 0  6 - 3) to Henco Serdyn (Nr 3 Namibia). The final did not live up to expectations as the injury to Henco`s wrist took the sting out of his dangerous forehand. (6 - 2  6 - 3).

The results were as follows:

Advance group:
The gold medal went to Jean Erasmus who won against Henco Serdyn in the finals   6-2 6-3. The bronze medal went to Michael Muller..

Intermediate group
The gold medal went to Kuzai Toto, the Silver medallist was Juliane Schuckmann and the bronze medal went to Mayton Hoff.

Full Court Group
The gold medal went to Isreal Mukumba, the Runners Up was Claudia Schmid and third place went to Gloria Ndilula. 

Full Court Group (Junior)
The gold medal went to Albert De Lange, the Runners Up was Marsen Von Lieres and third place went to Thadrin Thuys. 

BOYS U/18 TOP 5 08 July 2010   
                                    Single    Combined
1   Muller, M                1050    1227.5
2    Bezuidenhout, SR   585    761.25
3    Edmunds, J             440    702.5
4    Joone, C                 653    684.25
5    Duvenage, Z          395    658.75

Cape Town Tour
Herewith please find the attached photographs of the Winners of the Hotel Thule Tennis Tournament.

From left to right:
(Back row) Henco Serdyn (Runner up Advance)  Michael Muller (Bronze Medal Advance)
(Middles) Isreal Mukumba; (Winner of Full Court group) Gloria Ndilula (Bronze medal: Full Court Group) Claudia Schmidt (Runner up: Full Court Group) (Front row) Kutzai Toto (Winner: Intermediate Group) Marsen Von Lieres (Runners up: Full Court Junior Group) Albert De Lange (Winner: Full Court Junior Group)

Pro Tennis Academy
SKW Tennis Courts

Elizma: 081-240 0560 or
Norman 081-366 3561


Pro Tennis Academy's quest to develop and spread the game of tennis to all Namibians has grown from strength to strength as being witnessed over the past few years.  The tennis series that was held during the month of July was a proven fact.  The July tournament series consisted of two PTA mini-tennis tournaments and two PTA Junior tournaments which also includes the midi-court events.

The uniqueness of these PTA tournaments is that they cover all the progressional  stages of developing a complete player  in a fun and healthy competitive environment.  The other major benefit  competing in these events are that the players compete in categories according to strength and not age, e.g. beginners, intermediate and advanced groups which give them a bigger field and variety of exposure said Elizma Nortje, SKW Pro Tennis Academy Director and Head Coach.

Norman Makuwasa, PTA coach and tournament director also explained that these tournaments prepare the players to compete in the Namibia Tennis Association (NTA) national tournaments and that he is looking forward to more of these tournaments that are held week in and week out in order to raise the levels of competition and tennis at large.  A big thank you and acknowledgement  to Wimpy who sponsored these events with Wimpy-vouchers which are indirectly motivating and encouraging the players to compete and participate in these tennis tournaments.

The next PTA mini-tennis tournament will take place on the 14 Aug '10 followed by a PTA Junior tournament on the 21 Aug 2010.  To enter contact Pro Tennis Academy at: 0812400560

1)    PTA Mini Tennis tournament
Under 8 - Oliver Diggle (gold); Kayla Mouton (silver); Delvin Losper (Bronze)
Under 10 - Tadiwa Kapayapundo (gold); Ndana Mwkwasi (silver); Albert Weck (bronze)                     
2)    PTA Mini Tennis tournament
Under  10 - Delvin Losper (gold); Wynand Conradie (silver); Kayden Schnelle (bronze)

Midi Court: Oliver Hoffman (gold); Simbarshe Nyambiya (silver); Blessing Chizengeya (bronze)
Beginners: Casey Bohlke (gold); Jay-Dean Jordaan (silver); Oliver Diggle (bronze)
Intermediate/Advanced: Timothe Prada (gold); Kudzai Toto (silver); Dantago Gawanab (bronze)

Midi Court:  Monique Schulte (gold); Jodave Cioccolanti (silver); Thiery Kamune (Bronze)
Beginners:  Christiaan Du Preez (gold); Shannon De Koe (silver); Christopher Bruckner (bronze
Intermediate:  Justin Oelofse (gold); Eric Dimbazeiro (silver); Eduan Louw (bronze)
Advanced:  Godwin Husselman(winner); Timothy Prada (finalist)

PTA Mini Tennis tournament July 2010
SKW Pro Tennis Academy
Henco Serdyn retires his opponents at Retirement Fund Solutions Tournament.

Kallie’s Tennis School held a tournament over the weekend (26-06-2010) at SKW. A great thanks to Retirement fund Solutions who made this successful tournament possible (50 total entries).

Henco is back with his powerful serves with great placement. Some of his serves went like bullets going through the fence even hitting the spectators. Throughout his matches he did not drop a set and this gave him an advantage in the final. Michael Muller who was also a finalist however was not as fresh because he had to work extremely hard to reach the final playing tough matches in the quarter finals against Justinus Van der Westhuizen, a player who is going to beat the best soon. And in the semi final he played against Eric Ver Burg “the lion” who’s power almost matches Henco`s , but Eric lost in the 3rd set against Michael because his consistency was the determining factor.

The Namibian Student team also entered the tournament and this served as good preparation for the CUCSA Games which will be taking place in Botswana where all SADC countries will participate. 

The various divisions were namely, the Advance Group, Advance Girls; Intermediate Group and the Full Court Group. The winner of the Advance Men’s group received N$ 500.00

The results were as follows:

Advance men’s group: The gold medal went to Henco Serdyn who won against Michael Muller in the finals 6-1 6-1. The bronze medal went to Eric Verburg.

Advance Girls: The gold medal went to Nicola Henning ,the runners up position went to Ndapewa Nakatana and the bronze medal went to Melissa Kuphe

Intermediate group: The gold medal went to Ruvan Van Staden, the Silver medallist was Dantago Gawanab and the bronze medal went to Ruan Van Staden 

Full Court Group : The gold medal went to Dajana Von Schirp, the Runners Up was Albert De Lange and third place went to Claudia Schmid 

Henco Serdyn in full flight at Retirement Fund Solutions Tournament. (26-06-2010) at SKW
Highly Competitive Pro Tennis Academy Tournament - 1 April 2011

Pro Tennis Academy’s quest to bring the game of tennis to another level came to the test with their recently hosted Junior Tournament at the SKW tennis club in Windhoek. This very successful tournament was special in the sense that all 3 categories of Pro Tennis Academy’s developmental stages participated on the same day. It was mini-tennis, mid-court and full court players competing for the honors. The tournament was characterized by extremely close matches where one point made the difference between gold, silver or bronze position in all three of the sections. Hosting all three categories on the same day worked out perfectly for players and parents all to see how players progress from one stage to the other until they play on full court. The full court section players took this tournament as a warm-up tournament leading up to a Namibian national tournament which will be held in Swakopmund this coming weekend. Pro Tennis Academy will have a couple of its juniors participating in the National event , but also players that will be facing the challenge of participate for the first time in a NTA national event. by Christa Fourie

1. Carolina Machado
2. Divan Scott
3. Mauritz du Preez

1. Dino Scott
2. Undji Honga
3. Delvin Losper

1. Oliver Diggle
2. Simbarashe Nyambiya
3. Blessing Chizengeya

1. Jonathan Langford
2. Fifi Tjitemisa
3. Christiaan du Preez

1. Erik Imbuzeiro
2. Justin Oelofse
3. Michiel van Zyl

Olaf Beiter boys u/14 2011
SKW Tennis Courts

Kallie's Tennis School  - Tournament: Parent and Child Doubles Tournament 2011

When: Saturday, 9 April 2011
Time: 8 am
Venue: SKW Tennis Courts + Other Venues

Closing date for entries: Wednesday 6 April 2011
Entry Fees: N$ 75.00 /person

Contact persons: Kallie (081 -2868031) Barvely (081-2510025) Charlton (081-2583333)

Target groups: Advance Group, Intermediate Group, Full Court group & Mini-Tennis group
Please note: Both partners must wear the same outfit
Every team must have a team name
You may play with other family members if your parents cannot play.


Despite the fear of rain, Pro Tennis Academy hosted yet another successful Junior Tennis Tournament over the weekend.


First: Mauritz du Preez  
Second: Kayden Schnelle  
Third: Carolina Machado  

First: Delvin Losper  
Second: Undji Honga  
Third: Marianka Swanepoel  

First: Oliver Diggle  
Second: Wynand Conradie  
Third: Ngenyasha Zvinoera  

First: Justin Oelofse  
Second: Francois Rautenbach  
Third: Benjamin Calitz

Print NTA Program 2011

(Overall ranking)

1 Steenkamp, M
2 Slabbert, B
3 Diggle, O
4 Hinda, V
5 Baas, O
6 Calitz, B
7 Theron, K
8 Barnard, G
9 Krone, N
10 Conradie, W
11 Rotcher, A
12 Palmert, B
13 Zvindera, N
14 Ndilula, L
15 Holtzhausen, N
16 Kienitz, D
17 Van Zyl, JW
18 Marais, W
(Overall ranking)

1 Hinda, N
2 Gawanab, D
3 Burger, P
4 Schwieger, P
5 Theron, L
6 Zaahl, A J
7 Hartz, P
8 Knoetze, R
9 Stears, R
10 Finkeldey, M
11 Mostert, PD
12 Krone, Naude
13 Ronni, S
14 Krone, NC
15 Minders, L
16 Norval, A
17 Smith, J
18 Von Lieres, M
19 Lepen, O
20 Lowe, C
21 Holtzhausen, DJ
22 Meyer, M
23 Pretorius, Z
24 Naylor, W
25 Brinkmann, L
26 De Putter, F
27 Reddig, Z
28 Palmhert, N
29 van Staden, R
30 Kries, M
31 Schreiber, DC
(Overall ranking)
1 Jacobs, K
2 Toto, K
3 Theron, PD
4 Hinda, V
5 Van Staden, R
6 Rautenbach, F
7 Kock, JC
8 Brain, K
9 Poggenpoel, N
10 Beiter, O
11 Meyer, F
12 Antonov, M
13 Kuhn, F
14 Langford, J
15 Naylor, M
16 Edmunds, D
17 Gamito, A
18 Neweka, W
19 Gawanab, D
20 Jansen, A
21 Tjituka, G
22 Marine, D
23 Steenkamp, C
24 Thiart, T
25 Rietmeuller, L
26 Seymons, L
27 Imbuzeiro, E
28 Sentefol, M
29 Jordaan, AJ
30 Job, R
31 Toto, T
32 Olivier, C
33 Louw, L
34 Du Preez, C
35 Siko, J
36 Jagiello, M
37 Hartz, P
38 Witte, M
39 Van Zyl, F
40 De Barros, F
(Overall ranking)

1 Knoetze, C
2 Fietz, S
3 Schulz, P
4 Buttner, M
5 Smit, A
6 Jensen, S
7 Pearson, F
8 Muheua, C
9 Bruckner, F
10 Gustaffsonn, J
11 Kulikowski, L
12 Weder, E
13 Edmunds, D
14 Ellis, P
15 Hinda, V
16 De Lange, A
17 Palmertz, J
18 Rohloff, M
19 Louw, E
20 Kurtz, R
21 Kries, K
22 Hunibeb, I
23 Hoff, M
24 Thomas, C
25 Koepp, O
26 Tattersall, J
27 Klingelhoefer, D
28 Blaaw, E
29 Puren, Q
30 Eggert, M
31 Noel, F
32 Theron, PD
33 Grensing, T
34 Riedel, M
35 Lingerfelder, H
36 Otto, K
37 Herberger, M
38 Naobeb, D
39 Delange, A
40 Tjiposa, R
41 Breittschneider, KU
42 Meintjies, V
43 Dominic
44 Schreiber, D
45 Riethmueller, LR
46 Stoffel, G
47 Van Staden, R
48 Greef, WJ
49 De Klerk, HN
50 Van den Berg, B
(Overall ranking)

1 Duvenhage, Z
2 Bezuidenhout, R
3 Joone, C
4 Rooi, W
5 Jansen v V, J
6 Van Zyl, M
7 Coetzee, R
8 Rossouw, M
9 Louw, E
10 Koepp, T
11 Eggert, A
12 Schulz, P
13 Matuzee, K
14 Muhamedrahimov,
15 Jacobs, T
16 Mautschke, A
17 Lohmann, G
18 Balzar, A
19 Muller, DF
20 Naigungo, SN
21 Kulikowski, L
22 Gustaffsson, AR
23 Louw, A
24 Hoff, JE
25 Matthee, PJ
(Overall ranking)

1 Steenkamp, HA
2 Gawanas, D
3 Ronni, B
4 Calitz, E
5 Lepen, W
6 H. Kienitz
7 Steenkamp, AJ
8 Moolman, GC
(Overall ranking)

1 Dreyer, L
2 Schultz, S
3 Potgieter, RE
4 Rau, N
5 Spannenberg, C
6 Burger, N
7 Murora, D
8 Jagielo, K
9 Kutz, P
(Overall ranking)

1 Buttner, T
2 Winterbach, L
3 Amaambo, S
4 Kutz, P
5 Jacobs, S
6 Ipinge, I
7 van Bloemenstein,
8 Riedel , J
9 Kambangula, N
10 Mutanga, J
11 Strauss, T
12 Schulte, M
13 Tambangula, N
14 Samaria, D
15 Titus, L
16 Rau, N
17 Ndiluli, G
18 De Villiers, D
19 Nel, CK
20 Krone, M
21 Moolman, L
22 Matthee, C
23 Gossow, M
24 Diergaard, M
(Overall ranking)

1 Schuckmann, J
2 Khupe, M
3 Hartz, M
4 Shikongo, P
5 Pearson, G
6 De Waal, A
7 Fischer, N
8 Riedel, J
9 Marais, A
10 Nel, C
11 Traubenbach, C
12 Iihuhwa, H
13 Gertze, V
14 Schuckmann, G
15 Homan, R
16 Henning, N
17 Eliazer, E
18 Lohmann, J
19 Mutanga, JU
20 Human, AA
21 Human, AD
22 Bruce, M
23 Neethling, C
24 Malewski, TJ
(Overall ranking)

1 Schuckmann,
2 Zimmy, D
3 Davids, N
4 Olivier, T
5 Marais, A
6 Homan, R
7 Gressmann, K
8 Theron, L
9 Bardenhorst,
10 Tjitemisa, F
11 Shikongo, P
12 Schuckmann,
13 Hartz, M
14 Khupe, M
15 Mukufa, FN
16 Moolman, C
17 Aribes, MJ
18 Maletsky, S
19 Knouwds, E
NTA rankings as at 15 September 2011 - Namibia Tennis Association
PTA TENNIS TOURNAMENT - When: Saturday, 6 August 2011 Time: 08:00 

Venue: SKW Tennis Courts 

Closing date for entries: 4 August 2011; 18:00

No late entries will be accepted. Entry Fees: N$100.00 

Target groups: Full-court (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), & Midi-court 
Please note:  PTA tournament rules will be strictly applied.  
Information Norman (081-366 3561) or Elizma (085-240 0560).  

Tournament: Kallie Tennis Tournament NATIONAL SENIOR TENNIS TOURNAMENT

When: Friday,Saturday & Sunday, 5 to 7 August 2011
Time: Friday 14 00 Saturday 8 00 Sunday 8 00
Venue: CTC Tennis Courts and other Tennis Courts

Contact person: Kallie (081-2868031)
Target groups: Male & Female all ages welcome
Please note: Mini Tennis begins on Saturday morning at 08h00. ( Singles start Friday 14h00)


When: Saturday, 20 August 2011

Time: 08:00
Venue: SKW Tennis Courts 
Contact persons: Norman (081-366 3561) or Elizma (085-240 0560)
Fax: 088-618223
Target groups: Mini-court & Midi-court players;
and Open Doubles (juniors & seniors): Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players

SKW - Pro Tennis Academy Tennis Tournament

When: Saturday, 17 September 2011
Time: 08:00
Venue: SKW Tennis Courts
Closing date for entries: Thursday, 14/09/2011; 18:00 - No late entries will be accepted.
Entry Fees: N$80.00 per player
Contact Person: Norman: 081-366 3561
Fax: 088-618 223
Format of play: Mini-tennis; no serves – only bounce and hit;
Players start points alternatively
Target groups: Mini tennis court players (not for full court players)

PTA TENNIS TOURNAMENT - (Sponsored by Kia Motors)

When: Saturday, 17 September 2011
Time: 08:00
Venue: SKW Tennis Courts
Closing date for entries: 15 September 2011; 18:00 - No late entries will be accepted.
Entry Fees: N$100.00
Target groups: Full-court (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)