SKW Player of the season: Chepela Chepela
Blue Boys beat SKW Submitted by Helge Schutz, 05/03/2011

Blue Boys made their intentions of staying in the MTC Premiership known when they beat SKW 2-0 at the SKW Stadium in Windhoek on Saturday.

Cymot SKW NPL football / soccer - NPL : SKW 0 Ramblers 1

Ramblers on the better end in a match of two harpless teams playing kick and rush football.

"This will have consequences" the SKW officials said, after the NPL encounter which hasn't  to do anything with football. "It seems the money our player earning are laming their legs". SKW conceded a silly goal when Eslin Kamuhanga scored from the goal line in the 29minute. The ball sneaked after a deflection into the near corner of the goal leaving SKW keeper Ephraim Tjihonge without a chance.

In the 57min Larry Haroeb had an open goal just with national keeper Athiel Mbaha to beat but failed. While Ramblers were the better in the first half, SKW started attacking more in the second half but they could not round off their moves. A shot by Alfred Ndyenge went straight to Ramblers keeper Athiel Mbaha, while Simeon Tjiueza rose unopposed in the box, but his header was poor.

SKW coach Lucky Kakuva rang the changes, bringing on Penduleni Nekundi and Jolly Kamatuka for Ndyenge and Milton Chapo, but SKW could still not break through. In the final stages, defender Ivan Bloom went into a centre forward position while defensive midfielder Bernadine Mbilizi also advanced forward but they could not break through as Ramblers held on for the victory. Key players of both sides fired blanks while only some youngsters showed a bit of passion for the game of football. For once the rain stayed away, but despite the appealing conditions, neither side lived up to expectation in a dull contest of little action.

"It would be nice if we start playing again with eleven players instead of four, because with only four players its very difficult to win a league! " SKW's Rolf Beiter said.
The Sam Nujoma Stadium is most probably still shaking after Lesley Kakuva's speech after the match. The SKW management will sit on Monday to discuss the release of some players with immediate effect.

Next Friday Orlando Pirates will be waiting to entertain the Olympia boys in the Sam Nujoma Stadium at 20h00.

NPL Round 12 - 18.01.2011

Wednesday 19 January 2011
Civics 0 Orlando Pirates, 2

Friday 21 January 2011
Cymot SKW vs Black Africa, Independence Stadium 20:00 off due to waterlogged pitch

Saturday 22 January 2011
Mighty Gunners 3 Oshakati City 1, Mokati Stadium 15:00
Blue Boys 2 Ramblers 1, Tamariskia Stadium 15:00
Blue Waters 0 African Stars 1, Kuisebmund Stadium 15:00
Tigers 1 Eleven Arrows 1, Sam Nujoma Stadium 17:00
Round 11

Friday 10 December 2010
20h00 Orlando Pirates 3 Ramblers 2 - Sam Nujoma Stadium                       
Saturday 11 December 2010
15h00 Blue Boys 2 African Stars 4 - Tamariskia Stadium
15h00 Blue Waters 3 Black Africa 2 - Kuisebmund Stadium
15h00 Cymot SKW 0 Eleven Arrows 2- SKW Stadium
17h00 Civics 1 Mighty Gunners 0 Sam Nujoma Stadium
19h00 Tigers 5 Oshakati City 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium
NPL Round 9

Wednesday 17 November 2010
20h00 Tigers 0 Civics 1- Sam Nujoma Stadium (Goal: L Aseb 71m)

Friday 19 November 2010
20h00 Ramblers 1 African Stars 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium (Goal: N Narib 17m)

Saturday 20 November 2010
15h00 Blue Boys 0 Eleven Arrows 1 - Tamariskia Stadium
15h00 Cymot SKW 1 Mighty Gunners 0 - SKW Stadium (Alfred Ndyenge 57min)
17h00 Orlando Pirates 1 Black Africa 0- Sam Nujoma Stadium (42m Tinkler Kahua)
19h00 Blue Waters 2 Oshakati City 0 - Kuisebmund Stadium

NPL Round 8
Wednesday 24 November 2010
20h00 Civics 2 African Stars 1 Sam Nujoma Stadium

Civics turn on the style to beat Stars  - Civics put in a great second half display to beat African Stars 2-1 at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Wednesday night.
Stars had the better of the first half, putting Civics under constant pressure with their swift attacks from the wings through Edison Muheua and Edwin Korukuve. Brouwers Litombo also put in some strong attacks, but Stars could not make use of the chances that came their way. Civics were however a different team after the break and rattled Stars with their constant pressure and determined attacks. Brian Brendell shot narrowly wide when he intercepted a backpass, while captain Heini Isaacks was a constant danger with his pacy attacks.

Civics 2 - Costa Khaiseb 67m, Tjono Jagger 83m - African Stars 1 - Robert Nganjone 88m
Cymot SKW NPL football / soccer - Tigers 2 Cymot SKW 0

SKW join Ramblers at the top  
Submitted by Helge Schutz , 05/11/2010
African Electric
SKW Homepage
Namibia est. 1951
NPL 2010 / 2011
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Black Africa 22 14 3 5 40 19 21 45
2 Ramblers 22 10 5 7 22 15 7 35
3 Orlando Pirates 22 10 5 7 30 24 6 35
4 African Stars 22 8 9 5 23 16 7 33
5 Tigers 22 9 4 9 25 18 7 31
6 Eleven Arrows 22 9 4 9 28 22 6 31
7 Cymot SKW 22 9 4 9 23 26 -3 31
8 Blue Waters 22 8 5 9 25 26 -1 29
9 Civics 22 8 5 9 18 27 -9 29
10 Mighty Gunners 22 7 5 10 25 33 -8 26
11 Blue Boys 22 7 3 12 28 39 -11 24
12 Oshakati City 22 5 4 13 21 43 -22 19
NPL Top scorers: 2009/10
The SKW top goalscorers after Round 21 are as follows:

11 Milton Chapo – SKW
4 Guti - Edwin Korukuve
4 Gustav Image Isaak
3 Zino Buys
2 Tjono Jagger
2 Ronny Hochobeb
1 Barnes - Elias Lisaku
1 Jacky - Jaques Stephanus
1 Warren - Fernando Neidel
1 Sledge - Edmund Gowaseb
1 Sheldon du Plessies

NPL Fixture 2010
PREMIERSHIP Scorers 2009/10               

Goals        Player's Name
17    -    Jerome Louis-BA
14    -    Bradley Wermann-CIV
10    -    Alfred Shimuma-UNT
10    -    Chapo Milton-SKW
10    -    Tangeni Shipahu-TIG
9    -    Pineas Jacob-CIV
8    -    Ananias Gebhardt-RAM
7    -    Clarence Foroma-BA
7    -    Ninja Karongee-AFR
6    -    Benson Shilongo-OSH
6    -    Levis Swartbooi-ORL
6    -    Raphael Nuumbembe-OSH
6    -    Richard Kavendji-HOT
5    -    Heinrich Kazerua-AFR
5    -    Jana Tjiurikouse-BLU
5    -    Kenny Malgas-TIG
5    -    Sheya Pinehas-HOT
5    -    Willy Stephanus-BA
4    -    Alfeus Ngwezi-UNT
4    -    Edwin Korukuve-SKW
4    -    Eslin Kamuhanga-CIV
4    -    Johannes Seibeb-ORL
4    -    Muna Katupose-ELE
4    -    Mvula Thomas-BLU
4    -    Patrick Banda-ELE
4    -    Theofelus Tsowaseb-ORL
4    -    Wycliff Kambonde-BLU
3    -    Alfred Ndyenge-CIV
3    -    Ashley Jossop-CIV
3    -    Brian Bantam-BA
3    -    Edison Muheua-AFR
3    -    Gustav Isaak-SKW
3    -    Heinrich Isaacks-CIV
3    -    Henry Somseb-AFR
3    -    Kondjeni Iipinge-ORL
3    -    Marco Van Wyk-BA
3    -    Mohammed Ouseb-ORL
3    -    Romanus Shilongo-ELE
3    -    Rudi Louw-AFR
3    -    Samson John-ORL
3    -    Samuel Goagoseb-TIG
2    -    Brian Brendell-RAM
2    -    David Josef-TIG
2    -    Edward Damaseb-ORL
2    -    Ekane Ndille-ORL
2    -    Erich Haraseb-BLU
2    -    Eusobio Fredericks-RAM
2    -    Frans Mathews-OSH
2    -    George Hummel-ELE
2    -    Jesaya Pereira-UNT
2    -    John Schultz-HOT
2    -    JP Dos Santos-UNT
2    -    Leonard Stanley-HOT
2    -    Litanga Browers - AFR
2    -    Lourens Louw-BLU
2    -    Lukcy Kooper-HOT
2    -    Nailonga Hamupanda-RAM
2    -    Neidel Fernando-SKW
2    -    Nelson Akwenye-TIG
2    -    Roger Katjiteo-BA
2    -    Ronald Katjitere-AFR
2    -    Ronney Hochobeb-SKW
2    -    Rudi Jacobs-CIV
2    -    Shituula Lazarus-HOT
2    -    Steven Matjayi-UNT
2    -    Tara Katupose-ELE
2    -    Tateati Pengeyo-OSH
2    -    Tjono Jagger-BA
2    -    Tobias Mekondjo-RAM
2    -    Willem Mwedihanga-TIG
1    -    Andreas Haimbodi-OSH
1    -    Andrew Tjahikika-AFR
1    -    Angula Da Costa-BA
1    -    Bernadin Mbilizi-RAM
1    -    Charlie Aoseb-RAM
1    -    Chris Katjiukua-ELE
1    -    Dennis Ngueza-AFR
1    -    Donavan Swartz-ELE
1    -    Donelly Nell-CIV
1    -    Dylan Mieze-RAM
1    -    Edmund Gowaseb-SKW
1    -    Engelhard Kahua-ORL
1    -    Enkali Mbako-HOT
1    -    Erastus Mundjanima-BA
1    -    Erastus Ndjavera-CIV
1    -    Floris Diergaardt-CIV
1    -    Frans Uiseb-ORL
1    -    Gerson Katjatenja-AFR
1    -    Gerson Keister-ORL
1    -    Gideon Petrus-HOT
1    -    Gustav Tjituka-BA
1    -    Hans Witbooi - RAM
1    -    Harold Gariseb-BLU
1    -    Helmuth Maletzky-RAM
1    -    Henok Filipus-UNT
1    -    Jackson Nuule-OSH
1    -    Jaques Stephanus-SKW
1    -    Jason Ekandjo-BLU
1    -    John Mushongo-UNT
1    -    Jono Ndinoshino-OSH
1    -    Joseph Chanda-ELE
1    -    Karl Dausab-BA
1    -    Klaas Blom - ORL
1    -    Likuwa Paulinus-UNT
1    -    Linton Aseb-TIG
1    -    Lisaku Elias-SKW
1    -    Maritz Dylan-RAM
1    -    Maxim Nuumbembe-OSH
1    -    Nelson Angula-RAM
1    -    Nevile Nanub-HOT
1    -    Nico Beukes-BLU
1    -    Paul Dickson-ELE
1    -    Paulus Nangolo-OSH
1    -    Pius Muronga-UNT
1    -    Quinton Jacobs-AFR
1    -    Reginald Haraseb-BLU
1    -    Richard Aoseb - ORL
1    -    Ruben Ndahepele-OSH
1    -    Sheldon Du Plessis-SKW
1    -    Shimbu Kambonde - BLU
1    -    Simeon Tjiueze-RAM
1    -    Stanley Kamesiepo -ORL
1    -    Steven Goagab - ORL
1    -    Thomas Iitope-HOT
1    -    Timotheus Iipinge-BLU
1    -    Tjozongoro Iketerua-AFR
1    -    Tuyeni Tugela-CIV
1    -    Warren Neidel-SKW
1    -    Zino Buys-SKW

Arrivals and Departures 2010/2011:

Sckopi - Mukongo Hangara (Civics)
Alfred Ndyenge (Civics)
Ephraim Tjihonge (Civics).
Martin Kambungu (Swakopmund FC)
Ivan Bloom (Ramblers)
Jeremiah Baisako (Ramblers)
Larry Horaeb (Black Africa / Ramblers)
Garren Smith (not attached)
Fransman Diego (Ramblers)
Robbie Echelmeyer (TSV Kleinburgwedel)
'Otavi' - Simeon Tjiueza (Black Africa/Ramblers)
‘Kaka’ - Panduleni Nekundi (loan Unam FC)
18 year old Charles Wimmert (loaned to Tura Magic)

Edwin Korukuve (African Stars)
Warren - Fernando Neidel (Black Africa)
Michael Maua (Blue Boys)
Lesley Katjimikua ()
Jacky - Jaques Stephanus (Civics)
Ronny Hochobeb (Orlando Pitrates)
Sheldon du Plessies ()

on loan :
Marcelle Delie (to Young Ones FC)
Charles Wimmert (to Tura Magic)

Robbie Echelmeyer
Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) before their Pre-season match against Civics 17 September 2010.
Test Results:

18/09/2010 Ramblers 2 (5) Cymot SKW 2 (4) (SKW Goals Barnes Lisaku and Alfred Ndyenge)
17/09/2010 Civics 2 Cymot SKW 3 (SKW Goals: Gustarv Isaaks 2x and Robbie Echelmeyer)
14/09/2010 - Cymot SKW 3 UNAM 0 (Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi', Isaak 'Image' Isaak, Elias 'Barnes' Lisaku)
04/09/2010 - Cymot SKW 3 Tura Magic 1 (Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' 2x Silver Zemburuka pen)
02/09/2010 - Cymot SKW 2 Civics 2  (SKW Goals : Zino Buys and Barnes Lisaku)
31/08/2010 - Cymot SKW 1 vs Orlando Pirates 1 - 1 (SKW Goal Rene Traut)
28/08/2010 - SFC 2 Cymot SKW 1 (SKW Goal : Robby Echelmeyer)
29/08/2010 - Eleven Arrows 2 Cymot SKW 2 (SKW Goals : Robby Echelmeyer and Jeremiah Baisako )

Black Africa in controversial win by Helge Schutz

Black Africa beat SKW 2-0 at the Independence Stadium amidst controversy as two SKW players were red carded while their co-coach Rolf Beiter was also sent off the touchline by the referee Jimmy Rukanira.
BA striker Jerome Louis looked sharp from the beginning and put BA ahead midway through the first half when he shot into the left hand corner from the edge of the box.

At the other end, Black Africa keeper Arnold Subeb brought off two fine saves - first a point blank save from an Edmund Gowaseb shot, and then tipping an Alfred Ndyenge freekick over the bar. SKW keeper Ephraim Tjihonge also brought off a fine save to deny Louis, and then a spectacular diving effort from a Bradley Werman shot.
The match however swung BA’s way when referee Jimmy Rukanira gave SKW playmaker Gustav Isaack a straight red card for a foul on 63m, and then 12 minutes later sent Jeremiah Baisako off for a second yellow. Events turned comical when the assistant linesman told an SKW substitute to enter the field of play, but when he did so, Rukanira yellow carded him, while Beiter was sent off the touchline after protesting at the officials.

With only nine players left, it was a losing battle and although SKW did well to hold out BA’s attacks, Bryan Bantam scored BA’s final goal three minutes into injury time. The result, and specifically Rukanira’s handling of the match, left Beiter fuming afterwards. “We are playing here for N$1 million and then we get a referee who cannot even blow a school soccer match. He sent two of our guys off. If we want to play for big money like that, we need professional referees and not kids,” he said.

Round 1

Friday 24 September 2010
20H00 Orlando Pirates 2 Civics FC 1

Saturday 25 September 2010
Oshakati City 2 Mighty Gunners 0
Eleven Arrows vs Tigers FC - Tigers did not pitch !!!
African Stars 2 Blue Waters 2
Ramblers 3 Blue Boys 0
Black Africa 2 Cymot SKW 0
SKW Line - up :

Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger (c) - Ivan Bloom - Image Isaak - Sledge Gowaseb (45min Martin Kambungu) - Chepela Chepela (78min Jojo Kapaama) - Jeremiah Baisako - Larry Horaeb - Simeon Tjiueza (61min Barnes Lisaku) - Alfred Ndyenge

Subs: Martin Kambungu - Jojo Kapaama - Barnes Lisaku - Thomas Mutilifa - Pitzi Eichhoff - Rene Traut - Fransman Diego

20min      1 - 0 J Luis
90+3min  2 - 0 B Bantam
Der Sportklub Windhoek (SKW) hatte im Independence-Stadion nicht nur einen starken Gegner vor der Brust, sondern war zudem einer schwachen Leistung des Schiedsrichtergespanns ausgeliefert. In einer ausgeglichenen ersten Halbzeit verpasste es der SKW gegen Black Africa in Führung zu gehen, während BA mit Jerome Luis einen Torjäger in seinen Reihen hatte, der sein Team Mitte der ersten Hälfte in Führung brachte.

Nach dem Seitenwechsel überschlugen sich die Ereignisse. Zunächst zeigte der Unparteiische, Jimmy Rukanira, nach einem Foulspiel SKW-Mittelfeldspieler Gustav Isaack die Rote Karte (63.). Zwölf Minuten später schickte er mit Linksverteidiger Jeremiah Baisako einen weiteren SKW-Akteur vorzeitig unter die Dusche. Als Rukanira dem von seinem Assistenten auf das Feld geschickten SKW-Einwechselspieler Elias Lisaku für das vorzeitige Betreten des Spielfeldes die Gelbe Karte zeigte, beschwerte sich SKW-Co-Trainer Rolf Beiter und wurde von der Seitenlinie verbannt. Mit nur noch acht Feldspielern auf dem Platz stemmte sich der Sportklub gegen die Niederlage, doch in der 87. Minute sorgte Bryan Bantam für die Entscheidung zugunsten Black Africas, als er SKW-Torhüter Ephraim Tjihonge mit einem Schuss von der Strafraumgrenze zum 2:0 überwand.

SKW man of the match, Gerry Kheister, joint SKW from Orlando Pirates, against Jerome Luis in the first round encounter Black Africa vs SKW.
with courtesy of Namibiasport - Interview after the match against Black Africa
Stars held to second successive draw Submitted by Namibia Sport Magazine, 29 Sept 2010
Defending champions African Stars were held to a second successive draw as they shared the spoils against SKW on Wednesday night. Edison Muheua gave Stars the lead from the penalty spot on 31 minutes, but SKW struck back through a fine header by Alfred Ndyenge shortly after the break.

Stars did the early attacking with their new winger Edwin Korukuve especially prominent against his former team mates. He headed over the bar after only two minutes and then provided several inviting crosses from the left wing that his strikers failed to put away.

SKW had few chances with Martin Kambungu blasting a freekick high over the bar, while Larry Horaeb also shot over the top after a counterattack. Stars broke the deadlock after half an hour when Korukuve went tearing into SKW’s penalty box and SKW’s keeper Ephraim Tjihonge came rushing out and sent him flying with a needless foul. Referee Raymond Shikongo immediately pointed to the penalty spot and Edison Muheua calmly sent Tjihonge the wrong way to put the ball in the back of the net.

Stars’ lead did not last too long as SKW struck back three minutes after the break. Pitzi Eichhoff sent in a cross from the left wing and Alfred Ndyenge beat Max Mbaeva with a powerful header. Stars came back strongly in the final quarter but Tjihonge made up for his earlier blunder with a string of fine saves. He pulled off a point blank save from a Ninja Karongee shot on 60m and then punched a Korukuve cross away under pressure from Stars substitute striker John Novengi. In the final stages, Muheua shot over the top after a fine buildup involving Korukuve and Dennis Ngueza, while Tjihonge tipped a Heinrich Kazerua shot for a corner.
Cymot SKW 1 African Stars 1 (1-0 penalty Muheua 1 - 1 Alfred Ndyenge) -  Chepela Chepela SKW man of match

Barnes Lisaku (injured), Image Isaak (red card) and Jeremiah Baisako (yellow/red) were all out for last nights clash against league champion African Stars.

SKW squad :
Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger (c) - Ivan Bloom - Martin Kambungu - Chepela Chepela - Jojo Kapaama (71min Sledge Gowaseb) - Larry Horaeb - Alfred Ndyenge - Pitzi Eichhoff (62min Thomas Mutilifa) - ‘Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi (71min Rene Traut) - Fransman Diego - Simeon Tjiueza.
Alfred Ndyenge
Round 2

Cymot SKW 1 African Stars 1 Independence Stadium
Tigers 1 Black Africa 0
Mighty Gunners 1 Eleven Arrows 0
Blue Boys 2 Orlando Pirates 2
Blue Waters 0 Ramblers 1
Civics 1 Oshakati City 1

Round 3

Wednesday  06 October 2010
20h00 Ramblers vs Cymot SKW Sam Nujoma Stadium

Friday 8 October 2010
20h00 African Stars vs Tigers - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Saturday 9 October 2010
15h00 Eleven Arrows vs Oshakati City - Kuisebmund Stadium
15h00 Black Africa vs Mighty Gunners - Independence Stadium
17h00 Orlando Pirates vs Blue Waters - Sam Nujoma Stadium
15h00 Blue Boys vs Civics - Tamariskia Stadium

Gustarv Isaaks
Ramblers, SKW draw - Ramblers coach Christi Guruseb " We were lucky to escape with one point"

Log leaders Ramblers and SKW played out to a goalless draw at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Wednesday night. SKW just didn't had the luck to score while Ramblers keeper Athiel Mbaha saved his team on several occasions.

Both teams were missing some of their top young players who had travelled with the National U23 team to Botswana for a Olympic qualifier on Saturday.

Ramblers keeper Mbaha brought off a fine save early on from a close range header by Alfred Ndyenge. Towards the end of the first half, SKW winger Pitzi Eichhoff had a volley tipped for a corner. Ramblers had a great chance shortly after the restart when Eusebio Fredericks pounced onto a poor backpass but SKW defender Ivan Bloom recovered well to block his shot.

SKW 's Martin Kambungu (man of the match) had a fine match controlling the midfield of the guests. In the 80 minute Ramblers were lucky to come of the hook when SKW didn't stab in a loose ball which was heeled into the box by Ralph Ellinger after a superb corner from Pitzi Eichhoff.

SKW’s German striker Robbie Echelmeyer finally made his debut, coming on for Panduleni Nekundi on 65 min. Echelmeyer picked up a injury falling on his hip one minute later and was in discomfort for the rest of the match.

SKW winger Eichhoff injured his knee in the final minutes and had to be carried off the field. When Eichhoff will resume training is doubtful as his knee has to be checked by the medics first to confirm how serious the injury is. The SKW coaching trio Lesley Kakuva, Rolf Beiter and Dino Ballotti agreed that they had lost two points.

SKW coach Kakuva: " The team gets better by the week. Our team has got quite a few new arrivals, but if we get our rhythm, it will be difficult to stop us, we took points away from African Stars and the current log leader which others first have to do". The next match for the green and white men will be Friday 15/10/2010 at the Independence Stadium against Orlando Pirates.

NPL Round 3 - Round 2 - Results

Ramblers 0 Cymot SKW 0

Friday 8 October 2010
African Stars 0 Tigers 2 (Kenny Malgas 68min, Nelson Akwenye 87min)

Saturday 9 October 2010
Eleven Arrows 5 Oshakati City 1
Black Africa 6 Mighty Gunners 1
Orlando Pirates 1 Blue Waters 2
Blue Boys 0 Civics 1

SKW squad :

Starting Line -up: Ephraim Tjihonge - Barnes Lisaku - Jeremiah Baisako - Gerry Kheister (36min Simeon Tjiueza) - Ralph Ellinger (c) - Ivan Bloom - Martin Kambungu - Chepela Chepela - Alfred Ndyenge - Pitzi Eichhoff (89min Jojo Kapaama) - ‘Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi (Robbie Echelmeyer 65min).
Reserves: Fransman Diego -  'Sckopi' Mukongo Hangara - Sledge Gowaseb.
Coaches: Lesley Kakuva, Rolf Beiter and Dino Ballotti.
Ivan Bloom SKW (green shirt) and Floris Diergaart. Photo Helge Schutz
Namibia Sport Interview with SKW Coach Lesley Kakuva
SKW shoot up the log - Submitted by H.Schutz

Man of the match SKW's Zambian midfielder Chepela Chepela

NPL Round 4

Wednesday 13 October 2010
20h00 Tigers 0 Ramblers 1

Friday 15 October 2010
20h00 Cymot SKW 2 Orlando Pirates 0
Saturday 16 October 2010
15h00 Mighty Gunners 0 African Stars 1
15h00 Oshakati City 1 Black Africa 0
15h00 Blue Waters 2 Blue Boys 1
17h00 Civics 2 Eleven Arrows 1

SKW Goals Larry Horaeb 50min (right) , Milton Chapo 57min (left Picture)
SKW shot seven places up the log after a convincing 2-0 win against Orlando Pirates on Friday night. Their Zimbabwean, who had his first apearance in the 2010/2011 season, midfielder Milton Chapo had a great match, creating the first goal with a fine run into the box and then scoring the second himself.

In a fast paced match, both sides created chances from the start. SKW’s young midfielder Larry Horaeb had a shot tipped for a corner early on, while at the other end, Ephraim Tjihonge saved from Harold Haimbodi and Teophelus Tsowaseb in the opening 15 minutes. SKW wingback Jeremia Baisako had a shot tipped for a corner while Harold Haimbodi forced a save by Tjihonge. Gustav Isaack and Milton Chapo made their presence felt as they created some chances from central midfield for SKW, while Tjihonge just saved in time from Tsowaseb after a good buildup by Stanley Kamesiepo.

SKW took the lead shortly after the break when Milton Chapo went on a great run into Pirates’ penalty area and found an unmarked Larry Horaeb, who scored from close range. Seven minutes later the roles were reversed as Horaeb turned provider with a corner kick and Chapo rose high to send a powerful header into the back of the net. Pirates keeper Helmuth Maletsky saved bravely at the feet of Gustav Isaack and in the closing stages, Simeon Thiueza headed over the bar from a Barnes Lisaku cross.

Ramblers opened up a three-point lead at the top of the MTC Premiership on completion of Round 4 on Saturday.

Blue Waters, Civics and Oshakati City all picked up victories on Saturday and are now all on seven points - three points off the pace. Blue Waters beat Blue Boys 2-1 in Walvis Bay with Wycliffe Kambonde scoring a brace, while Oshakati City beat Black Africa 1-0 in Oshakati through a goal by Raphael Nuumbembe.

At the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura, Civics beat Eleven Arrows 2-1 after a second half penalty. Civics took the lead midway through the first half after a great 30m strike by Brian Brendell, but Muna Katupose equalised for Arrows from close range. Arrows conceded a penalty for a handball in the box, which Costa Khaiseb converted on 67 minutes.

SKW also moved up the log after beating Orlando Piraytes 2-0 on Friday. Their Zimbabwean midfielder Milton Chapo had a great match, creating Larry Horaeb’s first goal with a fine run into the box, and then heading in the second goal from a corner.

African Stars recorded their first win of the season when they beat Mighty Gunners 1-0 at the Uukwangula Stadium, with Ikuaterua Tjozongoro scoring the winning goal. The result sees them moving three places up the log to eighth position.

SKW's Milton Chapo who scored in his first match against Pirates
Larry Horaeb
Milton Chapo
NPL Round 5

Friday 22 October 2010
Orlando Pirates 2 Tigers FC 1
(Gebhardt 26min 0-1 E Kahua 70min 1-1 M Pienaar 83min 2-1)

Saturday 23 October 2010

18h00 Black Africa 1 Eleven Arrows 0(Marko van Wyk 78min)
17h00 African Stars 2 Oshakati City 0 (Tjozongoro 13min, Edwin Korukove 18min)
16h00 Ramblers 2 Mighty Gunners 1 (E Martin, S Urikhob, H Ochurub)
15h00 Blue Boys 0 Cymot SKW 2 (Alfred Ndyenge, Gustarv Isaacks)
15h00 Blue Waters 1 Civics 0 (Henry Somaeb)
SKW moves up slowly by surely

In very bad weather conditions SKW managed as first NPL to put Blue Boys under pressure from beginning of the match. 450 to 500 spectators found the way into the cold and windisch Tamariski Stadium. It took 15minutes for both teams to get used to the very strong and famous southwester wind. Cymot SKW Captain Alfred Ndjenge (Ralph Ellinger out due to illness) did choose to play first with the wind, which resulted that SKW could pressure Blue Boys far into their own half. It was Ndjenge who wasted the first chance in the 4th minute but made sure after a corner kick from 'Image'  Gustarv Isaak to score the deserved 1-0 (31min). In the 36min right defender Barnes Lisaku crossed a swinger from the right onto SKW No 10 Isaak who scored from short distance. In the second half Blue Boys tried to hit long ball down the field with out success. Ivan Bloom had to be replaced after a collision with his team mate Gerry Kheister. Bloom had to be taken to Hospital to get stitches.

The coaching team of SKW did choose the youngster Gustarv Isaak man of the match , while Chepela Chepela, Baisako and Martin Kambungo also had a good match for the in orange playing green and white Olympia boys.

Capt Alfred Ndyenge, Chepela Chepela, Gerry Kheister, Barnes - Elias Lisaku, Jeremiah Baisako, Martin Kambungu, Milton Zivanayi Chapo

Ivan Bloom

NPL Round 6

Friday 29 October 2010
20h00 Civics 0 Black Africa 1
Saturday 30 October 2010
15h00 Mighty Gunners Orlando Pirates 1
15h00 Oshakati City Ramblers 1
16H00 Eleven Arrows 0 African Stars 0 
17h00 Cymot SKW 2 Blue Waters 1
17h00 Tigers Blue Boys 2
Cymot SKW 2 Blue Waters 1 (1-1)                   Man of match Ivan Bloom

SKW beat Blue Waters 2-1 at home to move into third position on the log on 11 points.

SKW took the lead after 13 minutes through a cracking volley by Milton Chapo from about 30m out. Blue Waters pulled a goal back just before halftime when Gottlieb Nakuta headed in from a corner, but SKW restored their lead only three minutes after the restart when Ivan Bloom headed in from a Gustav Isaacks corner.

SKW Line-up: Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Gustav Image Isaak - Chepela Chepela (69 min Jojo Kaapama) - Martin Kambungu - Larry Horaeb (60min Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi') - Milton Zivanayi Chapo - Alfred Ndyenge (89min Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi)

Reserves: Diego Fransman - Jojo Kaapama - Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi - Robbie Echelmeyer - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' - Sledge - Edmund Gowaseb

Coaching Team: Lesley Kakuva Rolf Beiter Dino Ballotti

1 - 0 12 min Milton Chapo
1 - 1 45 min Gottlieb Nakuta
2 - 1 48 min Ivan Bloom

Milton Chapo narrowly misses a header. Chapo scored his second goal for SKW.
NPL Round 7

Wednesday 03 November 2010
African Stars 0 Black Africa 0

Friday 05 November 2010
20h00 Cymot SKW 2 Civics 0 - Independence Stadium
Alfred Ndyenge 8min Larry Horaeb 18min

Saturday 06 November 2010
17h00 Ramblers Eleven Arrows 0
17h00 Orlando Pirates 2 Oshakati City 
15h00 Blue Boys 3 Mighty Gunners 0
15h00 Blue Waters 0 Tigers 1
SKW joined Ramblers at the top of the log on 14 points after beating Civics 2-0 on Friday night.

Early goals by Alfred Ndyenge and Larry Horaeb gave SKW a comfortable lead and although Civics came back strongly, they didnt threaten much and SKW held on for the victory. SKW took the lead after only 8 minutes when Jeremia Baisako broke down the left wing and sent a long cross into the box that Ndyenge headed in unopposed at the far post. SKW kept on attacking and went 2-0 up 10 minutes later through a fine goal by Larry Horaeb. He received a long pass in space on the left and broke through a tackle into the box to put the ball past an outrushing Esau Tjiuoro into the right hand corner of the net.

Civics’ coach Ali Akan soon replaced defender Bobby Kaapama with star striker Heini Isaacks who started on the bench due to a bout of flu, and Isaacks soon made his presence felt with some deft touches and dribbles. Civics started creating some chances with Costa Khaiseb, Ennes Gaoab and Andre Awasman all in the mix and just before half time a 30m cracker by Isaacks whistled past the upright. Isaacks started the second half where he left off and twice came close to scoring, hitting the sidenetting from close range. SKW keeper Ephraim Tjihonge saved well from a Awasman shot, but despite their possession, Civics seldom troubled SKW’s defence. SKW substitute Panduleni Nekundi put in some strong runs and forced a good save from Tjiuoro while Alfred Ndyenge shot narrowly over the bar from close range. With just a minute remaining, Heini Isaacks put Civics’ substitute striker Jacky Stephanus clear but Tjihonge brought off a good save.
SKW coach Lucky Kakuva being interviewed after their 2-0 victory against Civics on Namibiasport - November 06, 2010.

Cymot SKW 2 Civics 0 (2-0)                   Man of match Ephraim Tjihonge and Chepela Chepela

SKW move to top the log.

SKW Line-up: Ephraim Tjihonge - Barnes Lisaku - Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Gustav Image Isaak (70min Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi') - Chepela Chepela - Martin Kambungu (60min Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi) - Larry Horaeb  - Milton Zivanayi Chapo - Alfred Ndyenge (89min Robbie Echelmeyer)

Reserves: Diego Fransman - Jojo Kaapama - Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi - Robbie Echelmeyer - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' - Sledge - Edmund Gowaseb

Coaching Team: Lesley Kakuva Rolf Beiter Dino Ballotti

1 - 0 8 min Alfred Ndyenge
2 - 0 18 min  Larry Horaeb

Round 8

Friday 12 November 2010

20h00 Black Africa 1 Ramblers 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium -
Goal: Brian Bantam 42 min

Saturday 13 November 2010

15h00 Mighty Gunners 3 Blue Waters 0 - Paresis Show Ground
15h00 Oshakati City 0 Blue Boys 0 - Uukwangula Stadium
17h00 Tigers 2 Cymot SKW 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Sunday 14 November 2010
13h00 Eleven Arrows 2 Orlando Pirates 1 - Kuisebmund Stadium
SKW loose after great fight, Tigers 2 chances 2 goals while SKW waists numerous opportunities

Two individual mistakes in the second half by the SKW defence was enough for Tigers to secure victory. At tea break the team were equal on zero all, when SKW started attack after attack in the second half but didn't utilise in front of goal. Alfred Ndyenge alone could of scored a hattrick, while SKW's counterparts used the only two chances they had ice cold. Both opportunities came from a sloppy defending which left Ephraim Tjonge no chance. "Off course we are not happy but some times you have these games. We had a good fight with Tigers, the ball always fell in favour of our opponents you get these matches we will look forward", the SKW coaching team said.
Tigers 2 Cymot SKW 0 (0 - 0) - SKW Man of match Larry Horaeb

SKW Line-up: Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Gustav Image Isaak (78min Robbie Echelmeyer) - Chepela Chepela - Martin Kambungu (63min Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi) - Larry Horaeb(86min Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi')  - Milton Zivanayi Chapo - Alfred Ndyenge

Reserves: Diego Fransman - Jojo Kaapama - Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi - Robbie Echelmeyer - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' - Sledge - Edmund Gowaseb

Coaching Team: Lesley Kakuva Rolf Beiter


1 - 0 59 min: defensive error after Isaaks pas didn't reach left defender Baisako
2 - 0 70 min: miscommunication between Bloom, Ellinger and keeper Tjihonge

Cautions: Tigers received 4 yellow cards while SKW received two (Chapo and Bloom)
Chepela Chepela once again one of SKW's strongest men on the pitch. The Zambian midfielder plays currently a rock solid season in SKW's midfield and was named twice man of match this season.
Tigers moved up to fourth position on the MTC Premiership log with a 2-0 victory against SKW at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday.

Second half goals by Junior Gebhardt and Pineas Jacob gave Tigers the victory which sees them moving up to 12 points, five points behind the log leaders Ramblers. SKW, meanwhile, remain third on 14 points, three points off the pace.

In an evenly balanced match chances were few and far between in the first half. SKW came close with a freekick by Jeremia Baisako but Tigers keeper Charles Uirab brought off a fine diving save, while, at the other end, Samuel Goagoseb shot narrowly wide after being put clear by Pineas Jacob. Tigers finally broke the deadlock 14 minutes after the break when Jacob broke in from the right wing and passed to Junior Gebhardt who controlled well to score from inside the box. Ten minutes later Jacob made it 2-0 when he capitalised on a SKW defensive error, running onto a long clearance by Uirab to shoot the ball past Ephraim Tjihonge from inside the box.

SKW also had a few chances but Uirab was in inspired form and brought off some fine saves in Tigers’ goals. He brought off a diving save from an Alfred Ndyenge header and another from a Milton Chapo cracker. It was the second successive victory for Tigers’ new coach Ronnie Kanalelo who said they controlled the game from the start. “We were lacking a bit in urgency in the first half and could not get into our rhythm, but at the same time, we did not give any chances to SKW. At halftime I made a tactical change by taking Kenny Malgas off and pushing Pineas Jacob up front and bringing Nelson Akwenye into an attacking midfield role behind Jacob. This had the desired effect as we created more chances and took control of the game,” he said. Kanalelo said that Tigers were definitely in the running for the league title, but that they would just take it one match at a time.

“We are still chasing the pack up front, but it’s a small margin and we are only five points behind the leaders. Our aim is to win the league, but we will take it one game at a time. We must keep our feet on the ground and not become big headed now,” he said. A victory would have put SKW level with Ramblers at the top of the log, but their co-coach Rolf Beiter had no regrets after the match.

“It was a good match and although we lost, I was happy with our performance and the standard of play. Maybe it’s better that we chase the leaders and don’t go to the top of the log yet - congratulations to Tigers,” he said.

NPL Round 9

Wednesday 17 November 2010
20h00 Tigers 0 Civics 1- Sam Nujoma Stadium (Goal: L Aseb 71m)

Friday 19 November 2010
20h00 Ramblers 1 African Stars 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium (Goal: N Narib 17m)

Saturday 20 November 2010
15h00 Blue Boys 0 Eleven Arrows 1 - Tamariskia Stadium
15h00 Cymot SKW 1 Mighty Gunners 0 - SKW Stadium (Alfred Ndyenge 57min)
17h00 Orlando Pirates 1 Black Africa 0- Sam Nujoma Stadium (42m Tinkler Kahua)
19h00 Blue Waters 2 Oshakati City 0 - Kuisebmund Stadium

NPL Round 8
Wednesday 24 November 2010
20h00 Civics vs African Stars - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Cymot SKW 1 Mighty Gunners 0 - SKW Stadium (Alfred Ndyenge penalty 57min after Larry Horaeb was fouled)
Cymot SKW 1 Mighty Gunners 0 - SKW Stadium
Alfred Ndyenge penalty 57min after Larry Horaeb was fouled
SKW squad : man of match once again Chepela Chepela

Line - up: Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Larry Horaeb (81min Barnes Lisaku) - Milton Zivanayi Chapo (85min Edmund Gowaseb) - Gustav Image Isaak - Chepela Chepela - Alfred Ndyenge - Kaka’ Panduleni Nekundi (63min Simeon Tjiueza)
Reserves: Diego Fransman - Barnes Lisaku - Thomas Mutilifa - Jojo Kaapama - Sledge - Edmund Gowaseb - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' - Martin Kambungu.

Coaching Team: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter - Dino Ballotti
Chepela Chepela once again one of SKW's strongest men on the pitch. The Zambian midfielder here in last weeks encounter was again nominated man of match.
Round 10

Friday 3 December 2010
Civics 0 Ramblers 0

Saturday  4 December 2010
15h00 Mighty Gunners 1 Tigers 1 Paresis Show Ground Stadium
15h00 Oshakati City 0 Cymot SKW 1 Uukwangula Stadium
16h00 Black Africa 4 Blue Boys 2 Independence Stadium
16h00 Eleven Arrows 1 Blue Waters 0 Kuisebmund Stadium
19h00 African Stars 2 Orlando Pirates 1Sam Nujoma Stadium
SKW, Black Africa close in on Ramblers -  Submitted by Helge Schutz on Sat, 04/12/2010

SKW and Black Africa closed the gap on log leaders Ramblers after both recorded victories in the MTC Premiership on Saturday.

In Oshakati, SKW beat Oshakati City 1-0 after an injury time goal by Panduleni Nekundi. The match seemed to be heading for a draw when SKW won a corner two minutes into injury time and substitute Nekundi headed home from Elias Lisaku’s corner. The victory saw SKW moving up to 20 points from 10 matches and they are now only one point behind Ramblers.

Black Africa moved up to 19 points after beating Blue Boys 4-2 at Windhoek’s Independence Stadium. Blue Boys gave a good account of themselves and opened the scoring through a great goal by Jordan Haimbili, but BA took the lead after goals by Clarence Foroma and Marco van Wyk. Just before halftime Blue Boys drew level at 2-2 after a great freekick by Llewellyn Otto. Black Africa however stepped up the tempo in the second half and two goals by Jerome Louis sealed their victory. For the first he ran on to a long clearance, cut inside a defender and slammed the ball home from 25m, and for the second he headed powerfully into the net from a corner.

African Stars meanwhile gave a fine performance against Orlando Pirates at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, with Heinrich Kazerua scoring both the goals in their 2-1 victory. He put Stars ahead with a cracking 25m shot on 38 minutes, but Ronaldo Tsowaseb equalised just before halftime with a great freekick from the edge of the box. Stars stepped up the tempo after the break, with Kazerua, Edwin Korukuve and Edison Muheua all putting in strong attacks, before Kazerua scored the winner on 78m when he broke through the defence and chipped the ball over Pirates’ keeper Heribert Kapeng into an empty net. The victory saw Stars joining three other teams on 13 points in mid-table, while Pirates remain fourth on 14 points.

In Otjiwarongo, Mighty Gunners and Tigers shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw. J E van der Westhuizen scored for Gunners, while Pineas Jacob replied for Tigers.

In the coastal derby at the Kuisebmund Stadium in Walvis Bay, Eleven Arrows beat Blue Waters 1-0, with Chris Katjiukua scoring the winner from a freekick in the first half. The result leaves both teams on 13 points.

On Friday night, log leaders Ramblers were held to a goalless draw by Civics in a tactical match of few chances.

Tiofilus "Martin" Kambungo of SKW (left) and Veno Namwolo Eleven Arrows fighting for the ball.
Photo Helge Schutz
Weekend of shocks - Submitted by Helge Schutz, 11/12/2010

In a weekend of shocks, the three leading teams in the MTC Premiership all lost, while the rest of the pack closed in on them. With the league now having reached the halfway stage the log is incredibly tight with only five points separating the top nine teams.

After log leaders Ramblers lost 3-2 to Orlando Pirates on Friday, the trend continued on Saturday as second placed SKW and third placed Black Africa also lost their matches.

SKW gave a poor performance at home against Eleven Arrows, who were more committed and deserved their victory. The visitors took the lead after only 8m when SKW keeper Ephraim Tjihonge spilled a cross and Veno Namolo slammed the loose ball into the net. Arrows secured their victory on 75m when Patrick Banda put Edom Dominic through into the box and although his first shot was parried away, Dominic followed up to put the rebound into the net. SKW ended in disarray as Ivan Bloom had to be forced off the field by team mates after receiving a red card for a foul, while Alfred Ndyenge also had to leave the field after picking up a second yellow card.

At the Sam Nujoma Stadium, Civics beat Mighty Gunners 1-0 through a 70th minute goal by Brian Brendell who volleyed home a great cross by Treasure Kauapirura. Civics could have scored at least three more goals, with Tjono Jagger being the main culprit as he missed two sitters with only the goalie to beat.

In the late game at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, Tigers turned on the style in the second half to thrash Oshakati City 5-1. Kenny Malgas gaver Tigers an early lead when he volleyed home a Pineas Jacob cross on 8m, but Oshakati equalised just before halftime through David Joseph. Tigers however stepped up a gear in the second half and immediately regained the lead when Junior Gebhardt scored from a counterattack. From then on it was all Tigers as Pineas Jacob made it 3-1 with a great volley, while Seven Nangolo scored their fourth goal after receiving the ball unmarked in the box. Malgas sealed Tigers’ win with his second goal on 90m when he ran onto a throughball and chipped the ball over Oshakati City’s keeper into an empty net.

Black Africa’s chances of going to the top of the log were dealt a blow by Blue Waters who won their encounter 3-2 in Walvis Bay. Blue Waters raced into a 3-0 lead by halftime through two goals by Knowledge Iipinge, one from the penalty spot, and another by Hendrik Somaeb. Black Africa launched a strong second half comeback with Marco van Wyk scoring two goals but Blue Waters managed to hold out for the victory.

In Swakopmund, Ninja Karongee scored a hattrick for African Stars as they beat Blue Boys 4-2. Stars held a narrow 1-0 lead for most of the game until a late flurry of goals by both teams in the final minutes.

The side’s striking force has been momentarily weakened with main striker Alfred Ndyenge currently on a three-week trial in Turkey.

Round 13

African Stars 0 Cymot SKW 0

Friday 28 January 2011
20h00 Black Africa 1 Tigers 0

Saturday 29 January 2011
15h00 Oshakati City 0 Civics 2
16h00 Eleven Arrows 1 Mighty Gunners 1
Ramblers vs Blue Waters -  postponed indefinitely
Orlando Pirates vs Blue Boys - postponed indefinitely
SKW chances 6 African Stars 1 score 0 - 0 

In a wet affair at the Sam Nujoma Stadium SKW controlled the match from the start. SKW joined Ramblers at the top of the log on 21 points after playing to a goalless draw against African Stars on Wednesday night. In wet and slippery conditions it was time and again the green and white outfit who forgot the seal the game by not scoring. SKW’s new signing from Ramblers, defensive midfielder Bernadine Mbilizi gave a solid performance in defence, as did Ralph Ellinger and Martin Kambungu. Simeon Tjiueza nicked named 'Otavi' was chosen SKW player of the match. Stars’ attacks seldom breached the SKW’s defence. Both teams played a solid 4-4-2 system, while Stars tried a 4-5-1(4-3-2-1) system in the first half which didn't seem to work out when they changed back to a 4-4-2 in the second half.

On a sad note was that shortly after the restart, the match had to be stopped for several minutes after bottles were thrown on the pitch and violence flared up amongst some Stars supporters and members of the security force.
SKW Squad against African Stars:

Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister- Ralph Ellinger - Martin Kambungu - Jeremiah Baisako - Larry Horaeb - Bernadine Mbilizi - Milton Chappo - Gustav Isaak - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' - ‘Kaka’ - Panduleni Nekundi

Reserves: Jolly Kamatuka - Jojo Kaapama - Mukongo 'Sckopi' Hangara - Diego Fransman

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter - Dino Ballotti - Harry Januarie
Bernadine Mbilizi - SKW’s new signing from Ramblers, defensive midfielder Bernadine Mbilizi gave a solid performance in the midfield Photo Helge Schutz
Wermann pounces to give BA dramatic victory - Submitted by Helge Schutz, 02/02/2011

A goal in the dying minutes of the game by Bradley Wermann gave Black Africa a thrilling 2-1 victory against SKW on Wednesday night. It was the second successive match that Black Africa had scored the winner in the final minutes of the game and the victory saw them moving four points clear at the top of the log.

It was a cruel blow for SKW who seemed to have done enough for a draw, but a lapse of concentration at the end led to their downfall.  In an entertaining match of attacking soccer by both sides, Bradley Wermann gave BA an early lead when he volleyed home a centre by Jerome Louis after only three minutes. With Wermann, Bryan Bantam, Willie Stephanus and Rudi Louw putting together some slick moves in midfield, more chances came BA’s way and SKW’s defence was put under severe pressure. Especially Wermann caught the eye with some great skills, and twice came close to increasing his tally. SKW’s defence however held out and they equalised in spectacular fashion on 38m when a scorching long range shot by Gerry Keister hit the roof of the net.

SKW attacked more in the second half with Simeon Tjiueza, Alfred Ndyenge, Kaka Nekundi and Milton Chapo coming to the fore, while young midfielder Jolly Kamatuka created numerous chances with his strong runs down the right flank. Panduleni Nekundi and Simeon Tjiueza both had shots saved by Black Africa keeper John Mabuku, while Chapo missed a golden chance on 59m when he shot over the bar with an open goal gaping. BA were dangerous on the counterattack with Wermann and Jerome Louis both having shots saved by SKW keeper Ephraim Tjihonge. The match seemed to be heading for a draw but BA kept up the pressure and pounced onto a defensive to score the winner with a minute remaining. Jolly Kamatuka was dispossessed in midfield and Wermann was put clear on goal as he beat Tjihonge from close range.
The goal set off wild celebrations amongst Black Africa’s players and fans alike, and with a four point advantage at the top of the log they have now suddenly emerged from the pack as the favourites to win the title.

Jolly Kamatuka came for thr poor performing Gustarv Isaak 10min before half time, and had a great debut to the NPL. After a superb diplay the youngster made a silly mistake just before the end of the match which did cost SKW a point.
SKW Squad against Black Africa: man of match Ephraim Tjihonge

Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister- Ralph Ellinger - Martin Kambungu - Jeremiah Baisako - Larry Horaeb (14min out - injury) - Bernadine Mbilizi - Milton Chappo - Gustav Isaak (33min out) - ‘Kaka’ - Panduleni Nekundi (67min in)

Reserves: Jolly Kamatuka (33min in) - Jojo Kaapama - Mukongo 'Sckopi' Hangara - Harry Januarie - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi' (14min in) - Ruben Ndhaipela (67min in)

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter - Dino Ballotti - Jochen Traut
Big scores in Leo NFA Cup

Ramblers, Blue Boys and Eleven Arrows recorded big victories in the Leo NFA Cup Round of 32 but SKW were knocked out on penalties by Blue Waters. The standard of play however was below par as all the teams struggled in the wet and slippery conditions at Windhoek’s Sam Nujoma Stadium and Otjiwarongo’s Mokati Stadium.

Leo NFA Cup
Sunday 06042011
Y Rangers 1 (4) Oshikango Utd 1 (2)
Pescanova 10 Friends 4
Rundu Chiefs 3 Unam 1
Hotspurs 8 Nampol 0
Black Africa 13 Black Buffaloes 0
African Stars 1 Tigers 0
Golden Bees 1 Mighty Gunners 1, 5-4 on penalties.

Stars beat Tigers after late goal

A last minute goal by Ronald Ketjijere gave defending champions African Stars a 1-0 victory against Tigers in their Leo NFA Cup encounter on Sunday afternoon. Golden Bees of the Northern Stream caused an upset when they beat Premier League outfit Mighty Gunners 5-4 on penalties, after the teams were level at 1-1 at full time.

Leo NFA Cup
Blue Boys 8 Shaluza Chiefs 1
Young Eleven 6 King Pele Santos 0
Oshakati City 4 Namib Colts 2
Blue Waters beat SKW on penalties

Leo NFA Cup
Ramblers 10 Black Africa Warriors 0
Eleven Arrows 7 Volcano 0
Civics 2 Unam Ogongo 0
Bingo 3 Eleven Brothers 1
Pirates 3 United Stars 0

SKW became the first Premier League team to be knocked out of the competition when they lost 3-1 to Blue Waters on a penalty shootout. Blue Waters missed a golden opportunity to win the match in regulation time as Knowledge Iipinge had a penalty saved by Ephraim Tjihonge and at the end of 90 minutes the score was 0-0. SKW however crumbled in the ensuing penalty shootout, with Alfred Ndyenge, Gerry Keister and Jolly Kamatuka all missing their spot kicks, to give Blue Waters a 3-1 victory.

Rolf Beiter interviewed by Namibia Sports Magazine editor on Sat, 02/05/2011
Round 14

Thursday 10 February 2011
20h00 Cymot SKW 0  Ramblers 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Friday 11 February 2011
20h00 Tigers 0  African Stars 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Saturday 12 February 2011
15h00 Mighty Gunners 2 Black Africa - 1 Paresis  Show Stadium
15h00 Oshakati City 1 Eleven Arrows 0 - Uukwangula Stadium
15h00 Blue Waters 0 Orlando Pirates 0 - Kuisebmund Stadium
15h00 Civics 5 Blue Boys - 2 Sam Nujoma Stadium
SKW Squad against Ramblers:

Ephraim Tjihonge - Gerry Kheister- Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Larry Horaeb (73min Gustav Isaak) - Bernadine Mbilizi - Milton Chappo (45min Panduleni Nekundi) - Simeon Tjiueza 'Otavi'  -  Alfred Ndyenge (Jolly Kamatuka 61min)

Reserves: Jolly Kamatuka - Jojo Kaapama - Martin Kambungu - Harry Januarie - Panduleni Nekundi  Gustav Isaak

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter - Dino Ballotti - Jochen Traut

Simeon Tjiueza nicknamed 'Otavi' also showed a poor performance last night
MTC Premiership Top Goal scorers Round 14

6 Jordan Haimbili - Blue Boys
Harold Ochurub - Mighty Gunners

5 Costa Khaiseb - Civics
Engelhard Kahua - Orlando Pirates

4 Alfred Ndyenge - SKW

MTC Premiership Round 15

Wednesday 16 February 2011
20h00 Ramblers 0 Tigers 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium (L Shatimuene 52min)

Friday 18 February 2011
20h00 Orlando Pirates 1 Cymot SKW 2 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Saturday 19 February 2011
15h00 Eleven Arrows 3 Civics 0 - Kuisebmund Stadium
15h00 Black Africa 5 vs Oshakati City 2 - Independence Stadium
19h00 African Stars 1 Mighty Gunners 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium
15h00 Blue Boys 2 Blue Waters 1 - Tamariskia Stadium
SKW beat Pirates - Submitted by Helge Schutz, 18/02/2011

SKW broke a poor run of form with a 2-1 victory over Orlando Pirates on Friday night. SKW’s woes looked set to continue when Jeremia Baisako scored an own goal after only 5m, but SKW drew level through another own goal by Michael Pienaar from a corner on 17m. Alfred Ndyenge scored the winning goal on 29m when he headed in from a long throw in.

Both SKW’s goals came from set pieces, underlining Pirates’ vulnerability against the high ball. Pirates took the lead after only 5m when Steven Goagab sent in a cross from the right, and Jeremia Baisako, under pressure from Pirates’ attackers, volleyed the ball into his own net. Baisako however redeemed himself when he sent a pinpoint freekick into Pirates’ box 12m later, which was headed on by Ralph Ellinger to Michael Pienaar who headed the ball into his own net. Alfred Ndyenge gave SKW the lead when he met a long thrown in by Martin Kambungu at the near post and headed the ball into the far corner of the net.
SKW nearly increase their lead on 40m when an Ellinger header was cleared off the line, while Ronaldo Tsowaseb missed a golden chance for Pirates when he was just too late to connect a Engelhard Kahua cross.

Pirates upped the tempo in the second half and Tsowaseb once again came close early on, but his shot was cleared off the line by Ivan Bloom. SKW keeper Ephraim Tjihonge did well to save a long range effort by Johannes Seibeb, while Bloom once again came to the rescue on 75m when he cleared a Seibeb shot off the line. The match saw the long awaited return of Johannes Seibeb who had been at the centre of a tug of war between Pirates and African Stars since the start of the season. Former favourite Riaan Cloete also made his home debut for Pirates after returning from Angolan club Primero de Agosto.

Rolf Beiter interviewed by Namibia Sports Magazine on, 18/05/2011
MTC Premiership Round 16

Friday 4 March 2011
20h00 Tigers 0 Orlando Pirates 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium 

Saturday 5 March 2011

15h00 Mighty Gunners 0 Ramblers 2 - Paresis Show/G Stadium
15h00 Oshakati City 2 African Stars 0- Uukwangula Stadium
15h00 Eleven Arrows 1 Black Africa 3 - Kuisebmund Stadium
16h00 Cymot SKW 0 Blue Boys 2 - SKW Stadium
19H00 Civics 0 Blue Waters 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium
Ochurub wins golden boot title , 24/05/2011

Harold Ochurub of Mighty Gunners, netted in just 12 goals in the 2010/11 season to get the “golden boot” title in the MTC Premiership that recently concluded.

Ochurub scored a hattrick in his team’s 4-2 win against SKW to bring his total to 12 in Round 20 of the league. Gunners escaped relegation and finished 10th with 26 points. Tied in second place are Ananias Gebhardt of Tigers and Jordan Haimbili of relegated side Blue Boys who both have 10 goals each. Marco van Wyk from the recently crowned Premiership champions, Black Africa, has nine goals and is fourth. Pineas Jacob of Tigers and Blue Waters’ Hendrick Somaeb are tied on fifth with seven goals each. Last year’s winner of the Top Goalscorers award and the N$10 000 cheque that came with it, Jerome Louis, is tied on seventh with Bradley Wermann from Black Africa and they both have six goals each.

Behind them is a group of seven players who all scored five goals in the season namely, Alfred Ndyenge (SKW), Engelhard Kahua (Orlando Pirates), Eslin Kamuhanga (Ramblers), Theophilus Tsowaseb (Orlando Pirates), Wycliffe Kambonde (Blue Waters), Costa Khaiseb (Civics) and Bolle Haraseb (Blue Waters).

Harold Ochurub (MG)       12
Ananias Gebhardt (TG)    10
Jordan Haimbili (BW)         10
Marco van Wyk (BA)           9
Pineas Jacob (TG)               7
Hendrick Somaeb (BW)       7
Bradley Werman (BA)         6
Jerome Louis (BA)               6
Alfred Ndyenge (SKW)        5
Engelhard Kahua (OP)         5
Eslin Kamuhanga (RM)         5
Theophilus Tsowaseb (OP) 5
Wycliffe Kambonde (BW)    5
Costa Khaiseb (Civ)             5
Bolle Haraseb (BW)             5
Kenny Malgas (TG)             4
Linton Aseb (BB)                4
Muna Katupose                  4
Ninja Karongee (AS)          4

Frans Matheus scored both goals for the Swakopmund based outfit. Matheus scored the first goal early on through a spectacular header that came as a result of a corner kick from Llewelyn Otto. The second goal came in the ninth minute after Matheus latched onto a pass from Lindon Aseb. Both goals were a result of some lax SKW defending after they left the goalkeeper, Efraim Tjihonge to deal with the Blue Boys strikers on his own.

After the two goals SKW’s technical bench decided to make some early changes by substituting defender Ivan Bloom with the attacking midfielder from DRC Bernadine Mbilizi. The change however failed to bare any fruit, as SKW remained on the back foot for the remainder of the first half. The second half was characterised by SKW going on the attack, but the great defense from Blue Boys together with their new goalkeeper from Zimbabwe, Jealous Mutelo’s saves proved to be too much for the Imawida strikers. SKW continued to press Blue Boys' defense until the final minute but failed to get a goal.

SKW coach, Luckey Kakuva blamed his team’s poor showing on the players underestimating their opponents. “Considering the quality of the two teams, we had to beat Blue Boys, but our players approached the game with the attitude of underestimating Blue Boys and that’s why the first half was so bad and that’s when we conceded two early goals,” Kakuva said. “It is very disappointing from the perspective of SKW but that is how it goes in football.”

MTC Premiership Round 17  

Friday 11 March 2011
20h00 Black Africa 3 Civics 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Saturday 12 March 2011
15h00 Ramblers vs Oshakati City - rained out
20h00 African Stars 1 Eleven Arrows 0
17h00 Orlando Pirates vs Mighty Gunners  - rained out
15h00 Blue Boys 0 Tigers 1 - Tamariskia Stadium
15h00 Blue Waters 3 Cymot SKW 1 - Kuisebmund Stadium

Coach Lesley Kakuva disappointed of his team:

Kakuva: “The team is just not showing the same eagerness as what they do during practice. In the matches there is simply no fire. Both SKW coaches (Lesley Kakuva and Rolf Beiter) do not want to identify themselves with the team at the moment. But we have got five matches left and we have to look forward and play with the same squad - nothing else can be done.

Ruben Ndhaipela headed home the first goal after only 11 minutes. SKW then conceded two quick goals in succession before halftime (39 and 45 minute) and a penalty during the second half, after a clumsy tackle from Jeremiah Baisako. The Windhoek based outfit started off in superb manner but lost total control of the match after 35 minutes. What both teams showed after the first half did not have much to do with the beautiful game of football. Blue Waters played physically hard and just kicked up long balls while SKW didn't have answerers to reply. The only two playesr who rose to the occasion were Martin Kambungu and Ralph Ellinger while SKW’s striking force excused themselves as from the 35 minute and never had been seen since ! The team is given off a few days to think about the situation. Civics will entertain the green and whites on 30 March 2011.

Ruben Ndhaipela headed home the first goal after 11 minutes. 
Meanwhile the outstanding round 13 matches were scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

NPL Round 13 - Saturday, 19 March - Sam Nujoma Stadium
17h00: Ramblers vs Blue Waters
19h00: Orlando Pirates vs Blue Boys
Drama on and off the pitch at Sam Nujoma Stadium - Submitted by Namibia Sport Magazine, 20/03/2011

Ramblers spurned a chance to close the gap on Black Africa when they lost 1-0 to Blue Waters in a day of drama at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday.

The results were however overshadowed by events off the field as Laurentius Humphries, the head of Humphries Security Company that provided security at Namibian football matches, collapsed at the stadium after an asthma attack. He was rushed to hospital but was later declared dead.

In more drama, the late match between Orlando Pirates and Blue Boys was disrupted midway through the second half when Blue Boys’ players walked off the field alleging that the referee was drunk. At that stage Pirates were leading 3-0 after a hattrick by Johannes Seibeb, but the NPL will now have to decide if the result will stand or not.

Blue Waters midfielder Reggie Haraseb scored their winning goal against Ramblers, shortly before halftime, when he followed up a rebound to score from close range. The result was a blow for Ramblers’ title ambitions as they remain seven points behind Black Africa with a match in hand. Ramblers’ coach Christie Guruseb rued their missed chances. “We dominated possession and missed a lot of chances, while Blue Waters caught us on the counterattack. But we don’t want to put extra pressure on the players. There are still a few games left and we will just take it one game at a time, so we don’t want to press the panic button at this stage,” he said.

In the match between Orlando Pirates and Blue Boys, Pirates took an early lead when Johannes Seibeb converted a penalty after Klaas Blom was fouled in the box. Seibeb scored two more goals in the second half to complete his hattrick, but the match was disrupted when Blue Boys’ players walked off the field alleging that the referee was drunk. According to Pirates’ coach Woody Jacobs the incident happened after Blue Boys’ medic went on the field to treat a player. He went back to their bench and alleged that the referee was drunk. After that their players walked off the field, and the match was called off. The referee was taken for an alcohol test but it was negative. Jacobs said deplored their action, saying it was reminiscent of ‘bush football’ and did not belong in the modern game. “They brought the game into disrepute. I am very disappointed. How can you just disrupt a game like that, when you are losing. The days of bush football are long gone,” he said. According to Jacobs, the incident took place after about 75m, which means that the result will stand if the NPL find that nothing untoward happened. If Pirates are awarded the points, they will join second placed Ramblers on 27 points.


NPL Round 13 -
Saturday, 19 March
Sam Nujoma Stadium

Ramblers 0
Blue Waters 1

Orlando Pirates 3
Blue Boys 0

NPL Round 17 - Saturday, 26 March - Sam Nujoma Stadium

16h00: Ramblers 3 Oshakati City 0
18h00: Pirates 3 Mighty Gunners 1

SKW, Civics draw  - 30/03/2011

SKW and Civics drew 0-0 in an uneventful Premier League match on Wednesday night.

Chances were few and far between as the teams weighed up evenly from the start. Gustav Isaack created some chances for SKW, with Alfred Ndyenge firing blanks, while Milton Chapo had another nightmare match. SKW scored from a Gerry Keister freekick that crossed the line which only the referee and linesman didn't see. The ball curled into the near corner. Once again the officials were very poor.

The second half was interrupted with numerous injury stoppages with Civics keeper Esau Tjiuoro receiving extensive treatment, while his opposite number Ephraim Tjihonge also went down injured. Gerry Keister was named SKW man of the match with Ralph Ellinger and Gustarv Isaak on the places. Once again very poor was SKW's offence. Players not rising to the occasion at all the past weeks are Jeremiah Baisako, Milton Chappo and Alfred Ndyenge. Also youngster Larry Horaeb (national u/23 player) plays way below his form, while Panduleni Nekundi who replaced Ndyenge also diden't add value to the match.

The result sees Civics and SKW moving up to fifth and sixth places respectively, with both team on 25 points.

SKW Squad against Civics
Ephraim Tjihonge -  Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Martin Kambungu - Chepela Chepela -
Larry Horaeb - Gustav Isaak - Milton Chappo (Simeon Tjiueza) - Alfred Ndyenge (70min Panduleni Nekundi)

Reserves: Simeon Tjiueza - Jolly Kamatuka - Bernadine Mbilizi - Jojo Kaapama - Harry Januarie - Panduleni Nekundi

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter - Jochen Traut
Panduleni Nekundi (SKW) who replaced Ndyenge also diden't add value to the match. Right Gella Kandjimi Civics
Submitted by Helge Schutz, 30/03/2011.
Round 18

Wednesday  30 March 2011
20h00 Civics 0 Cymot SKW 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Friday 1 April 2011
20h00 Black Africa 1 African Stars 1- Sam Nujoma Stadium

Saturday 2 April 2011
15h00 Mighty Gunners 1 Blue Boys 1 - Mokati Stadium
15h00 Oshakati City 1 Orlando Pirates 1 - Uukwangula Stadium
15h00 Eleven Arrows 1 Ramblers 1 - Kuisebmund Stadium
17h00 Tigers 3 vs Blue Waters 3 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Draws all around
There wasn’t any change on the log as all the matches in Round 18 of the MTC Premiership ended in draws over the weekend.

Black Africa remained at the top of the log after a pulsating 1-1 draw against African Stars on Friday night.
On Saturday, Ramblers kept in touch with Black Africa after holding Eleven Arrows to a 1-1 draw in Walvis Bay.
Blue Waters seemed to be heading for victory against Tigers when they took a 3-1 lead early in the second half, but Tigers staged a fine comeback and a brace by Junior Gebhardt saw them drawing level at 3-3.

The relegation battle remains intense as all three the bottom clubs picked up a point. Oshakati City held Orlando Pirates to a 1-1 draw in the north. In Otjiwarongo, Mighty Gunners and Blue Boys drew 0-0. On Wednesday, Civics and SKW also drew 0-0 to complete a round of draws.

SKW wins after a great fight with 10 man.

SKW Squad against Tigers

Ephraim Tjihonge -  Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Ivan Bloom - Jeremiah Baisako - Martin Kambungu - Chepela Chepela - Larry Horaeb (78min Ruben Ndhaipela) - Gustav Isaak (68min Joslin Kamatuka) - Jojo Kaapama - Simeon Tjiueza (81min Panduleni Nekundi)

Reserves: Simeon Tjiueza - Jolly Kamatuka - Bernadine Mbilizi - Ruben Ndhaipela  - Harry Januarie - Panduleni Nekundi

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter
NPL Round 19

Wednesday 13 April 2011
20h00 African Stars 4 Civics FC 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Friday 15 April 2011
20h00 Cymot SKW 2 Tigers 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium

Saturday 16 April 2011
15h00 Ramblers 0 Black Africa 2 - Ramblers Stadium
19h00 Orlando Pirates 1 Eleven Arrows 2 - Sam Nujoma Stadium
15h00 Blue Boys 3 Oshakati City 1 -  Tamariskia Stadium
15h00 Blue Waters 2 Mighty Gunners 3 -  Kuisebmund Stadium
Tigers had one decent chance when Ivan Bloom, SKW's central defender, couldn't clear the ball and Tiger's striker Pineas Jacob punished this mistake. The goal came shortly after the restart of  the second half (48min). Towards the end of the match ten man SKW started to pressurise the Tigers defence even more which paid off in the 81 minute when Tigers conceded an own goal (scorer captain Willem Mwedihanga) due to the strong pressure. Tigers keeper Charles Uirab was off his line and watched helplessly as the sailed high over his head and into an empty net.

Last Tuesday the SKW management terminated the contract of player Alfred Ndyenge with immediate effect due to poor performance. The contract was terminated in accordance with a provision in the agreement between club and player that deals with the non-performance of players. The SKW management has got the club’s prerogative to terminate a contract if the players violate that agreement in any way.

The action immediately paid of when new first choice striker Simeon Tjiueza nicknamed 'Otavi' showed a five star performance to secure victory for the Cymot boys. Down to 10 man SKW delivered a great fight for the points. Stanley Kapaama got his marching orders from a poor referee when he conceded his second yellow card in the 23rd minute. Tjiueza who was also nominated Man of the Match scored a brilliant right footer after 17 minutes. Even with 10 man the Olympia boys had several chances to extend their lead but Tigers could hold on.

Picture: Helge Schutz
Interview with Helge Schutz of Namibiasport on Apr 19, 2011 - SKW coach Lucky Kakuva talks about their 2-1 victory against Tigers
Eleven Arrows beat Tigers 2-1 at the Kuisebmond Stadium on Friday, in their NPL Round 1 match which was postponed from the beginning of the season.
NPL Round 20

Wednesday 27 April 2011
Civics 0 Tigers 3 - Sam Nojuma Stadium

Thursday 28 April 2011
Eleven Arrows 2 Blue Boys 3 - Kuisebmund Stadium

Friday 29 April 2011
20h00 African Stars 0 Ramblers 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium  

Saturday 30 April 2011
15h00 Mighty Gunners 4 Cymot SKW 2 - Paresis Stadium
15h00 Oshakati City 2 Blue Waters 1 - Uukwangula Stadium
18h00 Black Africa 2 Orlando Pirates 1- Sam Nujoma Stadium

Black Africa are the league champs - Submitted by Helge Schutz 30/04/2011

Black Africa won the Namibia Premier League title after a dramatic 2-1 victory against Orlando Pirates on Saturday evening. BA trailed 1-0 at halftime after a penalty by Pirates midfielder Johannes Seibeb on 37m, but staged a great comeback to win the match amidst dramatic scenes. Warren Neidel equalised on 65m but Pirates immediately struck back through a goal by Klaas Blom, only to see it disallowed for offside.

The winning goal finally came after 84m after constant BA pressure as Wermann followed up a loose ball to slam the ball into the left hand corner of the net. And so, after 12 years, Black Africa have finally won the league title again, much to the delight of their red and black clad fans, who celebrated joyously at the final whistle.

While Black Africa has now won the league, the relegation battle is poised at a knife edge as all the bottom clubs picked up points on Saturday. Oshakati City beat Blue Waters 3-1 at the Uukwangula Stadium in the north, while Mighty Gunners beat SKW 4-2 in Otjiwarongo. Oshakati City remain at the bottom of the log on 19 points and now seem certain to be relegated, while Mighty Gunners are second last on 23 points.

Second round signings: 
Eric Auseb from Orlando Pirates
Bernadine Mbilizi, Congolese midfielder
Oshakati City striker Ruben Ndhaipela
two promising youngsters Joslin Kamatuka (Young Ones)
and Diego Descande (Kingston FC).

Released March 2011:
Alfred Ndyenge and Eric Auseb due to non performance
NPL Round 21

Saturday - 14 May 2011

15h00 Ramblers 1 Civics - 1 Ramblers Stadium
15h00 Orlando Pirates 0 African Stars 0 - Sam Nujoma Stadium
15h00 Blue Boys 1 Black Africa 2 - Tamariskia Stadium
15h00 Blue Waters 2 Eleven Arrows 1 - Kuisebmund Stadium
15h00 Cymot SKW 4 Oshakati City 2 - SKW Stadium
15h00 Tigers 0 Mighty Gunners 1 - Independence Stadium

Cymot SKW aim for third spot

SKW went ahead in the 8 minute through a Gustarv Isaak free kick which found Larry Haroeb who headed the ball onto the Oshakati goal. The rebound was pushed over the line by striker Simeon Tjuezea. City could equalise trough a penalty in the 26 minute. Just a minute after the tea break it was Gustarv Isaak who was at the receiving end of a Penduleni Nekundi cross and made no mistake. Once again City could draw things level in the 62 minute. It was just to much for Oshakati when substitute striker Nekundi scored a brace to make the score 4 - 2. The result did end Oshakati City’s 15-year presence in the Namibia Premier League. Oshakati City’s head of operations, George Hauwanga said the team now intends on making a quick return to the premier league. “It’s now back to the drawing board,” he said. “We plan to keep most of the players and bounce back.”
SKW Squad against Oshakati City

Ephraim Tjihonge -  Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Scopi Hangara - Ruben Ndhaipela - Martin Kambungu - Larry Horaeb - Gustav Isaak - Jojo Kaapama - Simeon Tjiueza - Mukongo Hangara - Diego Descande.
Reserves: Ivan Bloom - Jolly Kamatuka - Bernadine Mbilizi - Harry Januarie - Panduleni Nekundi

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter
Civics still under threat of relegation - Oshakati goes down

The battle to avoid relegation intensified in the MTC Premiership with former champions Civics failing to get the three points needed after drawing 1-1 to Ramblers in Windhoek on Saturday.
Civics went in to the match ninth on the log but after the weekend’s action are tenth, with 26 points, after only managing to get one point and are still at risk of relegating to first division football next season.
Their opponents, Ramblers have cemented their second place finish in the 2010/11 season with 35 points, four ahead of third placed SKW who beat Oshakati City 4-2 to jump four places from seventh. Oshakati City are now assured of relegation as they stand with just 19 points at the bottom.

Cymot SKW 4 Oshakati City 2
scored twice SKW striker Penduleni Nekundi "Kaka"

Round 22 - Saturday 21 May 2011

15h00 Mighty Gunners 0 Civics 1- Paresis Stadium
15h00 Oshakati City 1 Tigers -2 Uukwangula Stadium
15h00 Eleven Arrows 2 Cymot SKW 0- Kuisebmund Stadium
15h00 Black Africa 1 Blue Waters 1- Independence Stadium
15h00 African Stars 2 Blue Boys 0- Sam Nujoma Stadium
15h00 Ramblers 0 Orlando Pirates 1- Ramblers Stadium

Oshakati City and Blue Boys relegated
United Stars promoted to NPL after beating Rundu Chiefs 1-0.
Hotspurs promoted to NPL after beating Young Ones 1-0.
Round 22 - Saturday 21 May 2011 - Blue Boys relegated - Submitted by Namibia Sport, 21/05/2011

Blue Boys joined Oshakati City as the second team to be relegated when they lost 2-0 to African Stars on Saturday.

Going into the match, Blue Boys had to beat Stars to ensure their Premier league survival, but they went 1-0 down to a goal by Edwin Korukuve just before halftime.
In the second half, a Blue Boys own goal sealed their fate as Stars won the match 2-0.

Civics, who were also in danger of relegation, made sure of their survival with a 1-0 victory against Mighty Gunners in Otjiwarongo. Civics midfielder Lucky Maselesele scored the winning goal in the first half of a hard fought encounter.

Oshakati City, who had already been relegated, lost 2-1 at home to Tigers. Ananias Gebhardt and Pineas Jacob scored for Tigers while Andrew Haimbodi replied for Oshakati City.

Ramblers hosted Orlando Pirates in a battle for second place and although Pirates won the match it was not enough as Ramblers just beat them to second spot on goal difference.
Johannes Seibeb scored the winning goal from the penalty spot after only 5m, and although they had several more chances in the second half, Ramblers managed to keep them at bay. Ramblers now finish second to win the N$300 000 cheque while Pirates finished third to win N$200 000.

In Walvis Bay Eleven Arrows beat SKW 2-0 through goals by Patrick Banda and Dumisa Jantze.

At the Windhoek Independence Stadium the league champions Black Africa drew 1-1 against Blue Waters. Bryan Bantam gave Black Africa the lead midway through the first half, but Blue Waters equalised through Bolle Haraseb to grab a share of the spoils.

SKW Squad against Eleven Arrows

Ephraim Tjihonge -  Gerry Kheister - Ralph Ellinger - Scopi Hangara - Ruben Ndhaipela - Martin Kambungu - Larry Horaeb - Gustav Isaak - Jojo Kaapama - Simeon Tjiueza - Mukongo Hangara - Diego Descande.
Ivan Bloom - Jolly Kamatuka - Bernadine Mbilizi - Harry Januarie - Panduleni Nekundi - Chepela Chepela - Milton Chappo.

Officials: Lesley Kakuva - Rolf Beiter
Eleven Arrows 2 SKW 0, goals 60 + 62 minute (Patrick Banda and Dumisa Jantze). First half SKW had the better chances but waisted. Larry Haroeb missed an emty goal. Arrows controled the second half of the match.

SKW Player of the season: Chepela Chepela (left) together with the other awarded players Larry Haroeb and Harry Januarie. Ephraim Tjionge is currently in trainings camp with the Namibian national team while golden boot winner Alfred Ndyenge was released from the club.
SKW Player of the season: Chepela Chepela

Golden Boot: Alfred Ndyenge
The Most Improved player: Larry Haroeb
Most enthusiastic player award:  Ephraim Tjionge
The sportiest player of the season: Harry Januarie
The most enthusiastic club official went to chairman Jochen Traut