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March, 2012 - Impressions of the SKW youth tournament
SKW Retirement Fund Solution Youth Soccer Tournament 2015
Biggest youth tournament ever delivers great spectacular. 60 Teams did fight for glory.
SKW says THANK YOU to all helpers, coaches, players and SPONSORS.
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The tournament drew the attantion of the press countywide

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SKW Sports-awards 2016
The SKW ladies volleyball team scooped the award for best team 2015.
SKW u/15 wins own tournament
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Major success - the annual SK Windhoek Kick-it - results
2017 SKW Kick-it
Kegelausschuss Bahnvermietung
Windhoek Karneval
Opening tournament 2018

Last weekend, the Bank Windhoek opening tournament of fistballers took place on the fields of the SFC. SKW 1 secured the A-category title while SFC won the B-category cup.

In the A category semi-finals, SKW 1 met CFC 2. Although SKW 1 had the game long under control, it was close towards the end. Nevertheless, the Green-Whites advanced into the final with a 3-point victory. In the second semi-final, CFC 1 and SKW 2 faced each other. SKW 2 came started better and used some disagreements on the part of the Blue-Whites. In the second half CFC 1 reduced their own mistakes and scored continuously. CFC 1 won the encounter with 6 points. The final saw the eternal duel between the two opponents SKW 1 and CFC 1.  Cohen 1 had difficulties from the serve against the strong defence of SKW 1. Only in the second half CFC 1 found gaps to score but SKW 1 never allowed Cohen 1 to gain the lead and finally won with 3 points ahead and won the trophy after 2015 for the first time again.

All spots in the U7 to U13 age groups of SKW Football Academy have been filled for 2018! Unfortunately no additional players can be accepted! Next intake only end of January 2019!
2018 SKW u9 Futsal champion - 16. Februry
Age group
U 7
1) Ramblers
2) DTS
3) SKW
1) SKWu9
2) DTS
3) SKW u8
1) Falcons
2) Swallows
3) SKW
1) Ramblers
2) Otjiwarongo
3) SKW
1) SFC
2) SKW
3) Ramblers
1) Swallows
2) SKW
3) SFC
SKW Tournament 2018