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Namibia land of the brave
Freedom fight we have won
Glory to their bravery
Whose blood waters our freedom
We give our love and loyalty
Together in unity
Contrasting beautiful Namibia
Namibia our country
Beloved land of savannahs
Hold high the banner of liberty

Namibia our country
Namibia motherland
We love thee.
The SKW Youth Soccer Academy 2014 more info click here .....
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March, 2012 - Impressions of the SKW youth tournament
SKW Retirement Fund Solution Youth Soccer Tournament 2014
Biggest youth tournament ever delivers great spectacular. 60 Teams did fight for glory.
SKW says THANK YOU to all helpers, coaches, players and SPONSORS.
Otjiwarongo Tournament 16 und 17 Juni 2012 Tournament Page
All results refer to Tournament Page.
Pictures can be viewed via the
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Youth soccer - Ramblers / Delta DSSW Tournament 13/14/15 July 2012

Cymot SKW 4 x Semi 2 x Final 2 x Gold !!!!
Namibia est. 1951

Sport Klub Windhoek
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Football / Soccer
Faustball : SKW NAMIBIA Meister 2013
The tournament drew the attantion of the press countywide

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Soccer: SKW NAMIBIAN Champoin 2013
SKW crowned volleyball champions 2013
LEAGUE FINAL OF NFA KHOMAS U/15 - 10h00 Soccer House
Sunday,03 August 2014
SKW u/15 2 Ramblers u/15 3
Saturday, 02 August 2014 - SKW u/17 3 Namib Colts 0 - (Ellan Harobeb 2x, Olaf Beiter)
Sunday,03 August 2014 - Swallows 0 SKW u/17 2 - (Olaf Beiter & Ellan Harobeb)
U/15 League Final 2014:
In a very entertaining match league topper SKW u/15 conceded a unnecessary goal to give away the season to runners-up Ramblers. The League was decided eventually in a play off of the first eight teams. The final score SKW u/15 2 Ramblers u/15 3. SKW showed great sportsmanship in letting the winners running through a tunnel while applauding when the game was ended. Spectators, players referees had to enter the NFA venue through a hole in the fence - because the officially announced venue was simply locked!!! SKW's Ben Namib was named player of the series.
SKW U/17 in League FINAL 2014
After beating JCV on Saturday, 09 August 2014 by goals of George Hummel, Ferdinand Amuntenya and David Kasese it was a real fight on Sunday 09 August 2014 to overcome Namib Colts. Final score SKW u/17 3 Namib Colts 2.

SKW u/17 in FINAL Prokids 2 vs SKW u/17 0 - SKW first in League second in play off's!
SKW are 2014 Khomas Under 13 Champions
Doppelter Triumph der SKW-Teams

Faustball: Sportklub Windhoek trumpft beim Meisterschaftsfinale ganz groß auf
Großer Jubel beim Sportklub Windhoek: Beim Finale der Faustball-Meisterschaft räumen die Teams des deutschen Klubs aus Olympia beide Titel ab. Im Endspiel der Nationalliga A kommt es dabei zu einem packenden Bruder-Duell, in Nationalliga B überrascht der SKW mit taktischen Kniffen.

Der Sportklub Windhoek bleibt der Dominator des Faustball-Sports in Namibia.
MEISTER 2014 Kegelfans - Platz 1. mit 15116 Holz
Die Kegelfans“ - Strahlende Sieger des Damen - und Herren Penny Pinchers Mannschaftspokal.

v.l.n.r. hintere Reihe:  Liz Putzier, Klaus Fischer,Ralf Wenn, Meni Fischer, Ernst Ahrens, Kuddel Schimmel, Kai Ahrens, Inge Schimmel, Charlotte Fischer

v.l.n.r: vordere Reihe: Gisi Bruni, Uschi Ahrens, Bertha Hlasek, Michael Bartlewski

Weit mehr Besucher als 2013: Über 1500 Besucher kamen am ersten Tag, 400 mehr als 2013. Samstag feierten über 3000 bei bestem Wetter auf dem SKW Gelände.
Faustball: Sportklub Windhoek trumpft beim Meisterschaftsfinale ganz groß auf
SKW Youth Awards 2014
12. November 18h00
Kleiner Saal / small hall
Windhoek Oktoberfest 2014 beim SKW
Die besten Kicker des SKW geehrt
SKW zeichnet Topspieler seiner Fußball-Akademie aus
Player's of the year 2014 : Pieter-Stefan Stassen (u/7) - Sebastian Schubert (u/9) - Luca Kalka (u/11) - Nicolas Kivimäki (u/13) - Reginald Andrew (u/15) - Dieter Kebbel (u/17) - Mike Sinvula (u/23)