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The Winners: Streethouse Tournament 2009

Under 9: Swallows
Under 11: SKW
Under 13: Khomas Football Academy (KFA)
Under 15: SKW
Under 17: Spartans

u /  9 did not play
u / 11 winner
u / 13 runner - up
u / 15 winner
Streethouse Youth Tournament 2009 -  19. September 2009  SKW HOME PAGE
CYMOT SKW u/11 and u/15 win Streethouse Tournament 2009
CYMOT SKW u/13 win Championship 2009

Player of the Season 2009

U  9 - Clemencia Endjala (Swallows)
U 11 - Donnovan Boois (SKW)
U 13 - John English (KFA)
U 15 - Brandon Goagoseb (KFA)
U 17- Batista Gomes (Spartans)

Nominations for Player of the Season 2009

U 9
Clemencia Endjala (Swallows)           

U 11
Donnovan Boois (SKW)
Showen Scholtz (KFA)
Ronaldo Zaahl (KFA)

U 13
Kimon Solomon (KFA)    
John English (KFA)
Romario Romeo Eiseb (Swallows)
Sebastiaan Beukes (Scorpions) 
Carsten Horn (SKW)      
Jerome Jagger (Ramblers)
Rowan Engelbrecht (Ramblers)
Marko Zirzow (SKW)
Ja-Leel De Klerk (NYFDP B)

U 15
Erik Fischer (SKW)
Brandon Goagoseb (KFA)
Levert Feris (Spartans)

U 17
Immanuel Heita (KFA)
Miguel Cassule (KFA)   
Mathews Coetzee (Spartans)
Batista Gomes (Spartans)

under 9 League Final Log 2009
1 Ramblers A  13 Pts 17 Goals scored
2 Swallows     13 Pts  7 Goals scored
3 Ramblers B   3 Pts       
4 Mario            0 Pts

under 11 League Final Log 2009
1    KFA        15 Pts
2    SKW        13 Pts
3    Ramblers  6 Pts
4    Mario        1 Pts

under 13 League Final Log 2009    
1    SKW              32 Pts
2    NYFDP B        25 Pts
3    Ramblers A     15 Pts 
4    Ramblers B     14 Pts
5    Swallows        13 Pts
6    KFA               12 Pts
7    Scorpions         4 Pts
8    Mario               3 Pts
under 15 League Final Log 2009  
1    KFA               14 Pts
2    Spartans         13 Pts
3    SKW                8 Pts
4    Scorpions         0 Pts
under 17 League Final Log 2009  
1    KFA                5 Pts
2    Spartans         2 Pts

TOP GOAL SCORER 2009           

U 9    Jeremy Botha (Ramblers A 6 Goals in 6 Games)
U 11    Olaf Beiter (SKW 6 Goals in 6 Games)
U 13    Carsten Horn (SKW 15 Goals in 10 games)
U 15    Brandon Goagoseb (KFA 16 Goals in 11 Games)
U 17    Breylon Beukes (Spartans 7 Goals in 7 Games)

CYMOT SKW u/15 win Streethouse Tournament 2009

CYMOT SKW u/11 win Streethouse Tournament 2009
CYMOT SKW u/13 win Championship 2009

Player of the Season 2009
U 11 - Donnovan Boois (SKW)
Streehouse League came to an end with the Streethouse World Cup Tournament last weekend with a prize giving at the Khomasdal Stadium.

Over two weekends the kids participated in the World Cup Tournament, each team representing a different country. On Saturday, 19 September 2009, the finals were played, viewed by soccer enthusiastic parents and friends. When the moment of the prizegiving arrived, it was delighted to see the pure joy on the faces of the kids when their team or teammates got a small reward for the past season. The Streethouse Soccer World Cup Tournament  was organised by a chosen commitee of all participating football clubs and academies. The committee consisted of Mr Kenny Grotzinger (chairman) Brent Eiseb (vice chairperson), Uta Ahrens, Eric Wilmot and Gary Grotzinger. Over and above the Tournament Prizegiving, the Streethouse Leage also came to an end this weekend, and this prizegiving took place prior to the close-off of the tournament.  Kids from all walks of life got rewards for various achievements obtained during the league period.

It seems that this project in youth soccer development is on the right track.  To carry football into the next stage there will be discussions between the Streethouse commitee Mr Kenny Grotzinger and Klaus Stärk of the NFA in the coming days.