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Cymot SKW u/17 Team 2013

Youth soccer - RSA / Delta DSSW Tournament 12/13/14 July 2013 - SKW u/17 takes GOLD
And when the green and white boys lifted the trophy – the famous “IMAWIDA” song did the round......

SKW u/17 Team at the DSSW Tournament 2013 :

Keepers: Marco Zirzow

Defenders: Tangeni Ndeitunga - Marcel Riedel - Kuaakuje Tjiuoro - Felix Luehe - Friedhelm Günzel - David David.

Midfield: Ellen Harobeb - Uaseuko (Eto) Katjiukua - Ashley Karupa - Ferdinand Amutenya - Geomic Ndjiharine.

Strikers: Willem Tjizu - Daniel Hassenpflug - Sigmar Kuhn - Quan van Wyk.

Coaches: Stephen Aochamub and Rolf Beiter
SKW u/17 Team at the Otjiwarongo Tournament 2013 :

Keepers: Marco Zirzow and Christoph Kroenke.

Defenders: Tangeni Ndeitunga - Marcel Riedel - Fabio Gomes - Kuaakuje Tjiuoro - Felix Luehe - Katjikumba Mberirua.

Midfield: Ellen Harobeb - Uaseuko (Eto) Katjiukua - Ashley Karupa - Ferdinand Amutenya - Carsten Horn - Geomic Ndjiharine.

Strikers: Hiha Katjivena - Willem Tjizu - Daniel Hassenpflug.

Coaches: Stephen Aochamub and Rolf Beiter
League play off's Quarter Final under 17 match two:

African Stars 1 SKW u/17 2 (Agg 2-3)
picture: SKW u/17 player Daniel Hassenpflug scored the winner by a 28m piler in 73minute. SKW advances to the Semi-Final on Sunday 28 July 2013. 8h00 Kick off vs Ramblers
SKW u/17 in League Semi - Finals / SKW u/15 in League Quarters
Daniel Hassenflug
SKW Youth football FIXTURES: u/17 Sunday 12h25 Khomas Chiefs 1 Cymot SKW 1
SKW Youth u/17
SKWu/17 vs Ramblers 1-1
NFA Khomas U17 Log

Pos Team Played Pts

1 Tura Magic 5 15
2 SKW 5 11
3 Ramblers 4 10
4 Prokids 4 9
5 Namib Colts 5 9
6 Windhoek United 4 9
7 Khomas Chiefs 5 7
8 African Stars 5 6
9 JCV SA 5 6
10 Katsville 5 5
11 Scorpions 4 1
12 Simbas 5 1
13 Brave Gladiators 2 0
14 Challengers 4 0
NFA Khomas U17 Youth League Desk

The League fixture’s for round 6-7:


Round 6 Saturday 08June 4, 2013
Prokids vs Windhoek United 08H00 - S.N.S. A Field
Scorpions vs Simbas 08H00 - S.N.S.B Field
SKW 0 Tura Magic 1 09H30 (played11h20 B Field) - S.N.S A Field
Namib Colts vs African Stars 09H30 - S.N.S B Field
Ramblers vs Katsville 11H00 - S.N.S A Field
JCV SA vs Khomas Chiefs 12H25 - S.N.S B Field

Round 3-6-7 Sunday 2013
Challengers vs Brave Gladiators 08H00 - S.N.S A Field
Khomas Chiefs vs Ramblers 08H00 - S.N.S B Field
Windhoek United vs African Stars 09H30 - S.N.S A Field
Namib Colts vs Scorpions 09H30 - S.N.S B Field
SKW vs Simbas 11H00 (not played 1h20 late !!!)  - S.N.S A Field
Prokids vs Tura Magic 11H00 - S.N.S B Field
Katville vs JCV SA 12H30 - S.N.S A Field

NB: S.N.S A = Sam Nujoma Stadium Field A
S.N.S B = Sam Nujoma Stadium Field B
This Fixtures will be change at any time.
June 21 & 22

SKW U17 call off

JCV SA 2-3 SKW u/17 (Ellen Harobeb - Geromic Ndjiharine - Uaseuko (Eto) Katjiukua)

SKW u/17 line up :

Keeper: Marco Zirzow.
Defenders: David David (40min Ferdinand Amutenya) - Fabio Gomes (35min Eto Katjiukua) - Felix Luehe - Friedhelm Günzel
Midfield: - Ashley Karupa - Daniel Hassenpflug - Geomic Ndjiharine - Quran van Wyk.
Strikers: Hiha Katjivena - Ellen Harobeb (55min Willem Tjizu). Coaches: Stephen Aochamub and Rolf Beiter

Due to injuries and illness the coaches had to improvise to put a team together. The first 20 minutes SKW pushed forward on a to small NFA soccer pitch a quickly went 2-0 ahead. SKW lost their rhythm and conceded two silly goals but could manage to take all three points 10 minutes before the end when Felix Lühe's free kick found Eto Katjiukua who made it 3-2.

NFA Khomas U/ 17 Youth League - Saturday, 20 April 2013

09h30 SKW FC 7 Scorpions 1 - Sam Nujoma Stadium - B Field

Man of match: Wilem Tjizu
Good performances: Tangeni Ndeitunga, Marcel Riedel and Daniel Hassenplug
Scorers: Wilem Tjizu 3x - Daniel Hassenflug 2x - Quan van Wyk - Carsten Horn.

Line-up: Christoph Kröncke - Felix Lühe - Tangeni Ndeitunga - Katji Mberirua (45min David) - Marcel Riedel - Carsten Horn (c) - Ashley Karupa - Daniel Hassenplug (75min Hiha Katjivena) - Ellan Haroeb - Wilem Tjizu - Quan van Wyk (80min Sigmar Kuhn).
Reserves: David - Hiha Katjivena - Ferdinand Amutenya - Uaseuko "Eto" Katjiukua - Sigmar Kuhn.

Coaches: Stephen Aochamub - Rolf Beiter

SKW u/17 Team List 2013

Name Surname
Ferdinand Amutenya
David David
Fabio Gomes
Friedhelm Guenzel
Ellen Harobeb
Daniel Hassenpflug
Carsten Horn
Ashley Karupa
Uaseuko (Eto) Katjiukua
Hiha Katjivena
Christoph Kroenke
Sigmar Kuhn
Felix Luehe
Katjikumba Mberirua
Tristan Minz
Tangeni Ndeitunga
Geomic Ndjiharine
Marcel Riedel
Kuaakuje Tjiuoro
Willem Tjizu
Quran van Wyk
Damian van Wyk (Grobler)
Marco Zirzow

Quater Final Play-off - match one:

A very inconsistent performance from the SKW u/17. Draw, one all after Tangeni Ndeitunga converted a penalty and also AStars converted theirs. Only the first twenty minutes showed what the team is capable of. Re-match tomorrow Sunday at 14h at Sam Nujoma Stadium. (Agg 1-1)