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Player of the Year2010:
Thorsten Koepp

Most Advanced Player:
Erik Fischer

Top Goalscorer:
Mike Sinvula

Cymot SKW u/17 Team 2011

SKW U/17 soccer: The Khomas League kicked off the past weekend. The young SKW showing brilliant football in their first two encounters winning one and loosing one in the final minute. SKW registered a mixture of u/15 and u/17 players.

The aim is to develop good quality NPL players for the near future, while the title chase is secondary. SKW develops players (boys and girls) from the age of 6 years young. The first talents which attended the complete development program will surface in about 3 to 4 years time.

The new u/17 2011 team is very young and will hopefully be kept together for three to four years before they enter the senior level.

    11h30 Saturday : Arcadia 1 SKW u/17 4
    10h20 Sunday: Invincible 3 SKW u/17 2
SKW U/17 players (orange jersey) Wilem Tjizu (15 years - left) and Haifeni Ndeitunga in action against Invincible. Both players played solid over the weekend.
SKW U/17 players celebrating the 2 all equaliser
SKW U/17 - Haifeni Ndeitunga
SKW U/17 - Leonardo Gomes Alves congratulating Immanuel Elifas for his second goal of the day.
SKW U/17 - Ileni Mbeka
SKW U/17 - Marko Zirzow
KHOMAS YOUTH LEAGUE U17   -  Results report 7th MARCH 2011

Saturday 5 MARCH 2011
SCORPIONS 6 KAYEC FC 2                             
NAMIB COLTS 1 NICK  ELEVEN 0                            
AFRICAN STARS 1 SPARTANS FC 4                     
KFA 1 KATSVILLE 1                    
Khomas Under 17 League 2011 Kicks off

A total of eighteen games, featuring a total of  300 youngsters under the age of 17, with eighteen youth coaches at two venues in Windhoek, kicked off the KHOMAS Under 17 League at Sam Nujoma B Stadium in Dolam  and John Ya Otto Stadium in Wanaheda over the weekend of the 5 - 6 March 2011.

The League which is to be played until July 2011, features eighteen team with only two NPL teams being represented in the development league, and six Khomas Second Division team being represented, while the first Division have one representative, with the rest of the positions being occupied by various academies based in Windhoek.  

In the first games of the league at John ya Otto Stadium, Scorpions FC took on new comers KAYEC in what turned out to be a baptism of fire for KAYEC as Scorpions scored 6 goals to 2, while at Sam Nujoma, Tura Magic played to one all draw against Windhoek United.

Namib Colts found the going tough against new comers Nicky Eleven who they beat by a solitary goal in the second match at John ya Otto Stadium, while at Sam Nujoma Stadium Jugasa FC proved a hard nut to crack for Rebels FC who could only succeed a 2 - 1 victory.

Run away winners for last season African Stars started their campaign at John ya Otto stadium against another new comer to the Khomas U17 League, Spartan FC, who proved too much for the experienced African Stars FC, winning 4 - 1, while at Sam Nujoma Invincible FC were made to sweat for their 1 - 0 win against Beverly's Challengers.

In the final games of the day, at John ya Otto stadium, it was business as usual as Khomas Chiefs dispatched new comers Swallows with a whopping 6 - 0, while Khomasdal Football Academy and Katsville played to a one- all draw and an emotionally charged SKW dispatched Arcadia FC 4 - 1. More games were played on Sunday.

Sunday 6 MARCH 2011
KHOMAS CHIEFS 1 KFA 1                                


      SATURDAY 12 MARCH 2011
      Cymot SKW 1 JUGASA 2
       SUNDAY  13 MARCH 2011
      JUGASA        vs SWALLOWS
      SKW           vs NICK ELEVEN
      KFA           vs REBELS
      KAYEC         vs WHK UNITED
SKW U/17 soccer: Khomas League

Last Result:
Cymot SKW 8 Challengers 1
Cymot SKW 3 Nick Eleven 1
Cymot SKW u/17 1 African Stars 1
Cymot SKW u/17 2 KFA 4
Cymot SKW u/174 Namib Colts FC 2
Cymot SKW u/17 2 Tura Magic FC 0
Cymot SKW u/17 1 Jugasa 1 (after 3 matches FNB Cup)
Cymot SKW u/17 4 Scorpions 1
Cymot SKW u/17 3 Rebels 1
Cymot SKW u/17 5 Arcardia 0
Cymot SKW u/17 2 Invincible 1
Cymot SKW u/17 7 Windhoek United 0
Cymot SKW u/17 0 Khomas Football Academy (KFA) 2
Cymot SKW u/17 8 KAYEC 4

Due to the school holidays the coaches had to struggle with 9 men to play these league matches !!!
Cymot SKW u/17 1 Challengers 2
Katsville FA 3 Cymot SKW u/17 0

Cymot SKW u/17 1 - Nick Eleven 0
Cymot SKW u/17 1 Khomas Chiefs 1 - abandoned !! *Chiefs fielding averaged players
Cymot SKW u/17 3 Rebels 2
Cymot SKW u/17 3 African Stars 1
Cymot SKW u/17 6 Swallows 0
Cymot SKW u/17 2 Tura Magic 1
Cymot SKW u/17 1 Namib Colts 1
SKW U17 3 Scorpions 0
SKW U17 3 Spartans 2
SKW u/17 1 JUGASA 2
SKW u/17 4 Arcadia 1
SKW u/17 2 Invincible 3

Cymot SKW u/17 17/04/2011

Samstag 11h30
Khomas Chiefs 1 Cymot SKW u/17 1 - abandoned !!

Sonntag 12h40
Nick Eleven 0 Cymot SKW u/17 1 - Sam Nujoma B-Field

Cymot SKW u/17 player Jörn Traeger in chase of the ball. The left defender struggled the first 15 minutes but showed a solid performance onwards. Also his defender colleges Tristan Minz and Tilo Wilckens played solid in defence while Ileni Mbaka and Wilem Tjizu dominated the midfield. SKW lacked a bit composure in the attack were Leonardo Gomez didn't find his usual form.
SKW u/17 17/04/2011

Sunday - 15 May 2011
11h30 Cymot SKW u/17 vs KFA - Sam Nujoma B

19 May 2011 time Tbc
WHK United vs Cymot SKW u/17 - Sam Nujoma B
The outstanding league matches for the first round is herewith confirmed and will be played as follows.

12 May 2011 - Cymot SKW u/17 8 KAYEC 4
Picture: SKW u/15 player Wilem Tjizu celebrating his second goal

Man Of Match yesterday, Leonardo Alves Gomez 4 (goals) and u/15 player Wilem Tjizu with two goals in Cymot SKW u/17 8 KAYEC 4 victory. Tjizu after scoring his second, being congratulated by captain Leonardo Alves (No9) who also showed a solid performance. Marko Zirzow in goals once more undermined his national ambitions by having stunning saves during the match. Zirzow also only is still 15 years young and already without doubt a regular starter in the u/17 squad of Sport  Klub Windhoek. The other two goals were scored by Marcel Morris.

Picture: SKW's Marko Zirzow (goalkeeper) - infront green jersey SKW's Tristan Minz.
Picture right : SKW's Alcino Ndjavera in action

Cymot SKW 0 Khomas Football Academy (KFA) 2

Cymot SKW new blood went down to log leader Khomas Football Academy (KFA).  The Cymot boys were better during the first half and conceded early in the second. Although SKW had several chances to equalise it was the log leader who put things beyond doubt in injury time. Final score KFA 2 SKW 0, while Marko Zirzow and Marcel Morris were SKW's best.   

SKW hammers Windhoek United while Leonardo Gomez Alves scores 5 goals

19 May 2011 - Cymot SKW u/17 7 WHK United 0

22 May 2011 - Cymot SKW u/17 2 Invincible 1 Leonardo Gomez Alves Marcel Mais scores for SKW

SKW outplayed their counterparts by showing entertaining football last Sunday but seemingly forgetting to score. The opponents made it easy for SKW as they were playing tactically unwise and therefore the SKW forward’s had an easy approach via the sides/flanks. SKW u/15 player Carsten Horn, who had some fitness deficit after a three week long injury break, was brought back into the starting line-up and rewarded his coach Martin Brosda with a solid performance. Invincible Football Club took the lead by a goalkeeper error in the second minute but SKW replied via a penalty from Leonardo Gomez Alves. Towards the end of the first half Wilem Tjizu had a 20m cracker which hit the crossbar. Shortly after restart Horn missed a sitter while Gomez Alves missed a second penalty a few minutes later. Invincible started to loose their temper and discipline and tried with very hard tackles to break SKW's rhythm, receiving various yellow- and a red card. Again it was a clear penalty which decided the match. Marcel Mais made no mistake in converting the spot kick. After the match SKW players were singing and celebrating while some opposing players showed their frustration in foul language and aggression.

Thursday,25 May 2011 SKW will play Khomas Chiefs at 15h00 on the SKW B Field.
Cymot SKW u17 player Thilo Wilckens No:4
2 June 2011 - Cymot SKW u/17 5 Arcardia 0
Cymot SKW u17 player Eric Fischer
Cymot SKW u17 player Alcino Ndjavera
FNB Namibia Legacy Festival launched - Submitted by editor on Sun, 06/05/2011

First National Bank Namibia on Friday launched the FNB Namibia Legacy Under 17 Football Festival which will be held at the Khomasdal Stadium in Windhoek from June 16 to 18.

The Football Festival forms part of a larger FNB Africa initiative that will also involve teams from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A total of eight teams will participate in Under 17 boys and girls matches, with each team being linked to a Premier League club. The participating clubs are African Stars, Black Africa, Oshakati City, Eleven Arrows, Ramblers, SKW, Tigers and Orlando Pirates.

After the tournament an Under 17 boys and U17 girls squad will be selected, which will be trained and prepared for the FNB Lucas Radebe International Legacy Festival at the FNB Stadium in Soweto, South Africa from October 3 to 9.

“This project is the result of the 2010 FIFA World Cup being hosted in Africa and FNB’s wish to leave a legacy behind now that the hype of the World Cup has subsided,” FNB Namibia’s Head Strategic Marketing and Communication, Dixon Norval said.

“Through this initiative we do not only wish to promote the existing and longstanding Premier League soccer teams as part of our ongoing sponsorship, but also to promote soccer development amongst younger players, which we hope will ensure that youngsters are encouraged and motivated to play this great game in and outside the borders of Namibia. It also supports the FIFA requirement that NPL clubs must have proper youth development plans,” Norval added.

Former Black Africa star player Lolo Goraseb will be FNB’s ambassador for the programme in Namibia, while several NPL coaches will act as scouts to select the FNB Namibian Invitational boys and girls squads. They include Bobby Samaria of African Stars, Ali Akan of Civics and Congo Hindjou of Eleven Arrows.

Norval added that Zambian soccer legend Kalusha Bwalya will be in Windhoek to support the Football Festival.

The eight participating NPL clubs will be responsible to put their youth development teams together and if they do not have teams available, they will adopt schools.

At the launch, the draw was made for the matches, while schools were also allocated to the participating teams. Black Africa will adopt Eldorado Secondary School, Tigers will adopt Jan Jonker Afrikaner, Orlando Pirates will adopt St Paul’s College, African Stars will adopt Windhoek High School, Oshakati City will adopt St Georges Diocesan School, Ramblers will adopt Delta Secondary School and Eleven Arrows will adopt Concordia College.

The draw for the first round matches on June 16 is as follows:

Ramblers v Black Africa
Tigers v Orlando Pirates
African Stars v SKW
Oshakati City v Eleven Arrows

SKW U/17 soccer team 2011. 2 June 2011
back from left to right:
Mc Key Mbala, Ngumeritiga Muvangua, Romeo Ngutjinazu, Alcino Ndjavera, Marcel Morris, Leonardo Alves Gomes, Coach Martin Brosda
front v.l.t.r.:
Hafeni Ndeitunga, Ileni Mhako, Erik Fischer, Marko Zirzow, Thilo Wilckens, Tristan Minz

SKW vs Scorpions 4:1                                                                                                             4 June 2011

Once more SKW controlled a match and were leading by two goals to zero at half time. Goal by Ngumeritiga Muvangua trough a header after a corner kick and striker Leonardo Alves. In the second half SK even stepped up the tempo. Marcel Morris rounded of a superb combination between Gomes-Alves and him self. Gomes Alves scored the fourth after a fine solo run. Short before the end Scorpions could pull one goal back, final score 4 - 1.

SKW vs Rebels 3:1

Right after kick-off Leonardo Alves scored the leader. From the start it was the Olympia boys who controlled the match. Coach Martin Brosda had to witnessed that the opponent started to play more and more unfair to break the rhythm of the green and whites. The match started to loose quality due to some heavy Rebels tackles. Marcel Morris made it 2:0 after a fine combination. In the second half SKW had to fight also a bit with their physics, it was the third game on this specific weekend. As a result was the Rebels could pull one back, score 2-1. While SKW tried to the avoid equaliser most of the second half it was once again Marcel Morris who rounded off a perfect counter attack short before the final whistle.

FNB Tournament U17

1. Round

SKW vs African Stars 1:0
In the first match SKW struggled to get rhythm and were released when striker Marcel Morris avoided a penalty shoot out.

2. Round

SKW vs Oshakati City 4:2
On Saturday SKW showed off with good combination play and won by four goals to two after a solid performance. Goals from Marcel Morris who scored two, Leonardo Gomes and Willem Tjizu secured SKW a place in the semi final.

SKW u/17

FNB Namibia Legacy Festival launched - 16/06/2011 - FNB Legacy Tournament kicks off

FNB Namibia officially opened the FNB Legacy U17 development tournament on Thursday afternoon with Deputy Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Honourable Pohamba Shifeta. FNB Legacy U17 Results - Boys U17: Black Africa 1 Ramblers 0, Orlando Pirates 1 Tigers 3, SKW 1 African Stars 0, Eleven Arrows 3 Oshakati 1, Black Africa 3 Pirates 1, Ramblers 5 Tigers 0.

The tournament started at the Khomasdal field on Thursday and will continue on Saturday, 18 June in Windhoek. Eight Under 17 boys’ soccer clubs have been invited of which six are from Windhoek with one from the coast and one from the north. Each club will be represented by a girl’s team. From this tournament an U17 development team will be selected which will then play in the FNB Lucas Radebe Festival in Soweto, South Africa from 3-9 October 2011.

FNB U17 Legacy Tourney
Boys Final
Eleven Arrows 1 (5) Ramblers 1 (4)

FNB U17 Legacy Tourney
Boys Semifinals
Ramblers 2 Black Africa 0
Eleven Arrows 2 SKW 0

SKW u/17 vs JUGSA 1 - 1

Eleven Arrows gewinnen U17-Turnier in Khomasdal - Vom 21.06.2011 Quelle AZ online

Bereits am vergangenen Donnerstag hatten Namibias Fußball-Ikone Lolo Goraseb und Sambias Sportler des Jahrhunderts, Kalusha Bwalya, das FNB-Legacy-Turnier eröffnet. Am Samstag stand schließlich der Sieger fest. Sein Name: Eleven Arrows Football Club.

Die U17-Auswahl des NFA-Pokalsiegers musste im Finale allerdings zittern: Erst im Elfmeterschießen besiegten die Arrows die Windhoeker Ramblers mit 5:4, nachdem nach neunzig Minuten kein Sieger ermittelt werden konnte (1:1). Im Halbfinale hatten sich die Arrows zuvor mit 2:0 gegen die U17-Auswahl des Sportklub Windhoek (SKW) durchgesetzt, während die Ramblers ebenfalls mit 2:0 über Black Africa triumphierten. Bei den Mädchen holte das Team aus Oshakati einen 1:0-Finalsieg – ebenfalls gegen die Ramblers.

Eins der spannendsten Spiele des Turniers stand im Viertelfinale am Samstagmorgen an: Die SKW-Mannschaft von Trainer Martin Brosda traf auf das aus dem Norden angereiste Team von Oshakati City. Nachdem Willem Tjizu für die 1:0-Führung für den SKW gesorgt hatte, stand es zur Pause 1:1. Kurz nach Wiederanpfiff sorgte Marcel Morris für das 2:1, erzielte mit einem Elfmeter später zudem einen weiteren Treffer. Nach dem 2:3-Anschluss musste der SKW jedoch noch gehörig zittern, ehe Leonardo Gomes seine Mitspieler schließlich mit dem 4:2 erlöste.

Ziel des Turniers sei es, so Lolo Goraseb, das Vermächtnis der ersten auf afrikanischem Boden ausgetragenen Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft zu bewahren: „Fußball hat mit dem Ende der WM nicht aufgehört“, sagte der ehemalige Brave-Warriors-Star. Auch Sambias Sportler des Jahrhunderts, Kalusha Bwalya, schlug in dieselbe Kerbe. Es freue ihn, dass mit dem „Legacy“-Turnierprogramm (zu deutsch: „Vermächtnis“) der FNB auch nach der WM noch vom Fußball profitiert werden könne.

Die „Legacy“-Reihe verbindet Turniere in verschiedenen Ländern des südlichen Afrika dadurch, dass bei jedem Turnier eine nationale Auswahlmannschaft gebildet wird, die ihr jeweiliges Heimatland zwischen dem 3. und 9. Oktober beim Lucas-Radebe-Fußballfestival in Soweto vertritt. Sieben SKW-Spieler (Erik Fischer,Leonardo Gomes,Mckey Mbala, Tristan Minz, Ngumeritiga Muvangua, Thilo Wilckens und Marko Zirzow) wurden für Namibias Auswahl nominiert.

Der fünfzehnjährige SKW-Mittelfeldspieler Carsten Horn (links) im Zweikampf mit einem Spieler aus Oshakati. Horn spielt nicht nur für die U17, sondern ist auch Kapitän der SKW-U15-Auswahl.
Cymot SKW u/17

Saturday 25 June 2011
11h20 Cymot SKW FC 2 Tura Magic FC 0 (2x Immanuel Elifas)

Sunday 26 June 2011
9h20 Namib Colts FC 2 Cymot SKW FC 4 - Sam Nujoma A (Leonardo Alves Gomes 2x, Marcel Morris and Erik Fischer)

SKW u/15 and u/17 player Wilem Tjizu
SKW vs Eleven Arrows 0:2
Just one hour later suddenly SKW had to play again notified only minutes before. The young SKW side had looked tired and had no chance against a MUCH older opponent. It was more football to come for the SKW boys. The league organizers didn't allow Martin Broda's side to postpone their league match and so SKW had to play another full match which was drawn. The score : League U17 SKW vs Jugasa 1:1. Carsten Horn was the scorer for the green and white outfit from Olympia.

SKW u/17 player Erik Fisher
Cymot SKW u/17 2 Tura Magic 0 - Saturday 25 June 2011

Two goals from midfielder Immanuel Elifas who showed of a five star performance sunk Tura Magic in the Sam Nujoma Stadium. SKW could have scored more goals, but their strikers misfired recklessly. Tactically and football wise SKW outclassed their opponents. While Thilo Wilckens and Ngumeritiga Muvangua marshaled the SKW defence in superb manner Elifas pulled the strings in midfield together with Ileni Mhako. Lots of pressure came over the right midfield when Carsten Horn combined brilliant with the striking force Marcel Morris and Leonardo Alves Gomes, splitting the defence of Tura Magic time and again. 

The SKW squad on the day: Marko Zirzow, Romeo Ngutjinazu  Thilo Wilckens, Tristan Minz Ngumeritiga Muvangua, Wilem Tjizu (2nd half Alcino Ndjavera), Ileni Mhako, Immanuel Elifas, Carsten Horn (2nd half Hafeni Ndeitunga), Marcel Morris, Leonardo Alves Gomes, Coaches Martin Brosda and Harry Januarie.

SKW u/15 player Tristan Minz
SKW midfielder Wilem Tjizu had to be substituted when he was injured after a clumsy tackle .
SKW goal keeper and assistant coach Harry Januarie - Sport: SKW sütrmt in der u17 Liga richtung Tabellenspitze
KFA win top of the log clash - 2 July 2011

KFA 4 Cymot SKW u/17 2

The top of the log clash was won by log leader Khomas Football Academy (KFA). SKW started of the match in superb manner and were quickly leading by two goals to zero. KFA came back strongly when their physical abilities were just better on the day. SKW exposed three u/15 players in the starting line up and went into halftime leading by two goals to one. After the break KFA's No ten player turned on the heat and demolished the young SKW boys in scoring further three goals to KFA a deserved victory.

u/17 Sunday 3 July 2011
African Stars 1 Cymot SKW u/17 1 - Sam Nujoma A Stadium
Cymot SKW u/17- Saturday 9h10-10h15 Sam Nujoma - Date: 29-31 July 2011

YDF KHOMAS U/17 Fixtures - KFA beats Rebels by two goals to one in the final on Sunday.

Scorpions u/17 1 Cymot SKW u/17 2
Namib Colts 2 Cymot SKW u/17 2 (SKW win on penalties 1-3)
Semi Final : Rebels u/17 5 Cymot SKW u/17 
Cymot SKW U/17 ends fourth - SKWs Gomez Topscorer

The Khomas/YDF U/17 league was concluded on Sunday afternoon with Khomasdal Football Academy FC  cronwewe champions. Spartans FC finished second and Invincible FC third. Cymot SKW u/17 ended fourth. The league consisted of twenty teams.

FNB u/17 Legacy boys and girls teams selected:

A team of boys and girls to represent FNB Namibia in South Africa at the Lukas Radebe Festival from 2 to 8 October 2011.

The FNB u/17 SKW players are:

Girls : Beate Sobota, Janice Lohmann, Sanni Miettinen, Hanna von Rhein.
Boys: Thilo Wilckens and Erik Fischer.
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