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Cymot SKW u/15 Team 2011

SKW u15 3 Ramblers u15 1 (Vilio Hifindaka, Ellen Horaseb, Willem Tjtzu)

Although having won 3:1, it was a disappointing match for the coaches with regards to the cohesion and field distribution (Raumaufteilung) of the team.
Also were the coaches not happy with changing from attacking mode to defensive mode and needs the team to improve also their ball-winning ability (Zweikampfverhalten).
It was clear that the team had for 4 months no competitive soccer games.
Udo Riedel
Dr Werner Koepp
GOOOOOOAALLL ! The 1 - 0 after a cross from Ernst Stuurmann
Ernst Stuurmann
Daniel Hassenpflug
Tangeni Ndeitunga
Marcel Riedel
Cymot SKW u/11 u/13 and u/15 - SKW MINI LEAGUE CUP
will be playing in an Mini Cup organised by SKW. "We have to play some football with the youngsters, and are waiting now since February for the Khomas Football Association which falls under the NFA (Namibian Football Association) to introduce the youth leagues. So far it has been lots of talk no action!" a committee official said to SKW News.

Teams participating are SKW, Ramblers, Swallows, NYFDP and Scorpions. Other matches are: U13 Scoprions vs U13 NYFDP, U15 SKW vs U15 Swallows,U11 Ramblers A vs U11 Swallows, U15 Scorpions vs U15 Ramblers.

U11 2x 25 min / 5min half time break 9 a side - U13 & U15 2x30 min / 5min half time break 11 a side

The SKW Academy present at the Otjiwarongo Tournament 2011.
SKW Youth Football - The Otjiwarongo Tournament  11 and 12 June.

The SKW u/9 won the Otjiwarongo Tournament 2011, while u/8,u13,and u 15 could end second. more info and pictures to follow. The Tournament kicked off Saturday at 9h00 and continued on Sunday. The following age groups did play for medals - U 7 – 5 A Side – U9 – 7 A Side – U 11 bis U 17 11 A Side – max 16 players per team.
Cymot SKW u/15 - Saturday 2 July 2011

Cymot SKW u/15 2 St Georges 

The u/15 delivered a poor display when they lost against St Georges in Windhoek at the SKW Stadium. SKW took the lead but had to hand over all three points to their opponent. SKW was weekend due to several u/15 regular starters were on duty at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. SKW pushed several u/15 players into the SKW u/17 team who are exposed in the Khomas NFA U/17 League.

SKW u/15 player Felix Lühe

Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) u/15 lost the penalty shoot out against Spartans in the semi-final
Fixtures Youth Soccer
Knockout Cup 2011
Pictures of the Tournament 2011 online NOW
Feldfire while the penalty shoot out took place between Spartans ans SKW u/15 at the SKW and DFB Fixtures Youth Soccer Knockout Cup 2011
SKW Youth Football - The SKW Youth Academy will start 1 February 2011.

For further information please contact the Cymot-SKW Youth Soccer Academy.
Klaus Otto @ 081-3666347 as from 14h00, Website e-mail
SKW u/11 u/13 u/15

All three SKW Teams didn't reach the final at the DFB Tournament the past weekend. "We will have to go back to the drawing board to investigate if it was just lady luck that saw other teams in the final and not us", a frustrated SKW u/15 coach Udo Riedel said after the penalty shoot out on Saturday. The coming weekend all teams will have another chance to show off at the annual Ramblers u/7 - u/13 and DSSW tournament u/15 and girls.
SKW u/15 - Saturday SKW A Field - Date: 30 July 2011

Cymot SKW u/15 2 Spartans u/15 2
The SKW under 15 coaches
SKW u/15 Otjiwarongo 2011

u/15 Top 4 - 2011
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Cymot SKW 6 5 0 1 19 4 15 15
2 Rebels 6 5 0 1 13 4 9 15
3 Ramblers 6 1 1 4 4 14 -10 4
4 Katsville 6 0 1 5 2 16 -14 1
Top 4 Tournament - Saturday 17 September 2011

Cymot SKW u/15 2 Katsville u/15 1 (Oliver Koepp, Wilem Tjizu)
Ramblers u/15 0 Rebels u/15 3
Cymot SKW u/15 2 Rebels u/15 3 (Carsten Horn, Wilem Tjizu
Katsville u/15 1 Ramblers u/15 1

Top 4 Tournament - Saturday 24 September 2011

Cymot SKW u/15 7 Katsville u/15 0         
Rebels u/15 3 Ramblers u/15 1
Rebels u/15 vs Katsville Katsville did not pitch
Cymot SKW u/15 3 Ramblers u/15 0 (Fabio Alves, Wilem Tjitzu and Carsten Horn)

Youth football Top 4   - 8 October 2011

Cymot SKW in City Championship u/13 and u/15. Swallows win u7 and u/11 while Ramblers took u/9

Cymot SKW u/15 4 Ramblers u/15 0 (Wilem Tjizu 2x, Felix Lühe, and Oliver Koepp -pen)
Rebels u/15 0 Cymot SKW u/15 1 (Wilem Tjizu)
Winning Team u/15 : Cymot SKW u/15

Rear left to right: Marco Zirzow,  Carsten Horn, Marcel Riedel, Felix Lühe, Damian van Wyk, Wilem Tjitzu, David David, Fabio Gomes, Haifeni Ndeitunga. middle l.t.r. Daniel Hasenpflug, Oliver Koepp, Ernst Stuurman, Ellen Harobeb, Tangeni Ndeitunga, Coach Udo Riedel, Coach Dr Werner Koepp front: Christoph Kroenke.

SKW u/15 players called up for National Team - Carsten Horn, Ernst Stuurmann, Tristan Minz and Marko Zirzow.
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