Cymot SKW u/15 Team 2009

The under 15 coaches

Friedolf Sturm
Dr Werner Koepp
Udo Riedel
14 March 2009 - Cymot SKW 0 Spartans F.C. 0

The u/15 side had to play without their DHPS team mates as they had school on that Saturday. Coach Udo Riedel : "We had to improvise a lot but at the end it was a good result for us allthough we dropped two points, but one is better than nothing. Outstanding player was our goalkeeper Andy Balzer who saved some crucial balls.
30 May 2009 - U15 KFA vs Cymot SKW 4 - 0

Weakened by the fact that some players did not practice up to 6 weeks (4 weeks holiday & 2 weeks exam prior to the holidays) and only having one practice session before the game and furthermore that some players rather honoured other commitments like going to the farm etc resulted in the heavy defeat of the U15 side.

Already before the match it was clear that we would not be able to match KFA on terms of fitness, fines and technical ability and therefore the game plan was to play a very disciplined tactical game, closing down the space and do not allow any room to KFA where they could run or play into. This worked very well in the first half and only one chance was allowed to KFA, whereas SKW created 3 to 4 half chances themselves.

Unfortunately were the team not in a position to keep up the discipline, mainly due to fitness but also partly due to lack of tactical discipline and conceded 4 goals in the second half.

Team: Goal: Andy Balzar
Defence: Sven Fietz – Sven Olaf Sturm – Leonardo Alvez – Mbeu Rukoro
Midfield: Romeo Ngutsinazo – Erik Fischer (C) - Tara Dedig – Ileni Mhaka
Forward: Pawang Kaimu – Uno Hindja

Subs: Jan v Krosigk – Tim Kinahan – Nguri Murangi

SKW Player of the Match: Leonardo Alvez ( Also the only player who did attend all practice sessions during the holiday)

Match Results
Date Home Team Away Team For Against
14/03/2009 Cymot SKW Spartans FC 0 0
14/03/2009 KFA NYFDP A (Rebels) 2 1
14/03/2009 Ramblers NYFDP B 2 1
23/03/2009 SOS KFA 0 12
23/03/2009 Spartans FC Scorpions 8 4
04/04/2009 Cymot SKW NYFDP A (Rebels) 2 1
04/04/2009 Ramblers KFA 0 1
04/04/2009 Spartans FC SOS 14 0
29/05/2009 NYFDP B SOS 2 0
29/05/2009 Scorpions KFA 0 6
29/05/2009 Spartans FC NYFDP A (Rebels) 2 4
30/05/2009 KFA Cymot SKW 4 0
30/05/2009 NYFDP A (Rebels) Scorpions 3 0
30/05/2009 NYFDP B Spartans FC 2 2
CYMOT SKW u/15 win Streethouse Tournament 2009

and came 2nd in SFC Tourney by loosing the final on penalies!!!

under 15 League Final Log 2009  
1    KFA               14 Pts
2    Spartans         13 Pts
3    SKW                8 Pts
4    Scorpions         0 Pts

Player of the Year: Tarakuje Dedig, Erik Fischer, Thilo Wilckens, Leonardo Gomes Alves

Most improved Player:  Tarakuje Dedig,  Ileni Mhaka, Romeo Ngutjinazo  Alcino Ndjavera Tim Kinahan

Top Goal SKW Scores 2009: 
1. Pawanga Kaimu: 14 goals
2. Tarakuje Dedig:  12 goals
3. Leonardo Gomes Alves: 10 goals

most improved Player SKW u/15
Tarakuje Dedig
SKW u/15 Player of the Year: Thilo Wilckens

on the picture left Thilo Wilckens and Dr Werner Koepp. in the background Coach Udo Riedel 
SFC Youth tourney
3 and 4th October - Swakopmund

Pictures of the weekend
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