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Passion: Show that soccer is very close to your heart and that very little can replace it. With everything you do, do it with utmost effort and go over the top with yourself. Good should not be enough! I want, I can and I must! Team spirit:  Success is a team effort and only as teams are we strong. So: Everybody else in the team is as important as you are. Encourage yourself and do as much as you can to help others. Engage yourself and show interest in your team colleagues.

Openness and honesty: Trust can only thrive through openness and honesty! No confidence, no unity; no unity, no team spirit; no team spirit, no success.

Communication: Be open for discussions, mention your ideas and raise your objections and feelings calmly at the right point of time. You should listen to your teacher, trainer and coach or teammates if they talk to you, express criticism or praise you. Only this way you can improve yourself! Good communication is the heart of a team! Take your chances: Open your eyes, stay awake and be alert at all times - within a split-second an excellent pass might come your way to create a chance to score a goal! Take the golden and exceptional opportunity and make use of the education and training the SKW offers!

Pleasure doing things: "Also with stones put in your way you can build something beautiful" (Goethe).  So, have fun with whatever you do, think positive. Only with motivation and trust in your own achievements excellent results can be expected! Carpe diem: Time is money and expensive. Utilize yours and that of those around you wisely and judiciously. Always be on time and with full engagement whether in training or in a game, at school or with education. Carpe diem! - utilize the day!

Discipline: Stick to the relevant rules, to the benefit of the club, the team and at the end of the day for your own benefit.

Fair play: Of course we as "SKW" would like to win the league and tournaments, but never to the disadvantage of fair play. Respect the rights of others, those of the opponent and challenger; make exclusively use of your talent, strong will and team spirit to conquer your competitor.

Respect and self-esteem: Respect and appreciate behavior, opinion and attitude of teammates, referees, coaches, trainers and opponents irrespective whether you go accord with them.


WHEN: 16th April 2011

SKW U9 wins shoeless soccer tournament while under 11 ended in fifth position from eleven teams.

Soccer Academy: Young football players took their shoes off - Published: Apr 19, 2011

On Saturday, 16th April 2011 the Nammilk Ramblers Soccer Academy held the first Shoeless Soccer Tournament this year. 22 club- respectively school-teams participated in the Under 7, Under 9 and Under 11 categories.

The event was held at the Ramblers Club in Pioneerspark and saw some great talents arising on the green field. All players had to take of their shoes and socks to play barefoot in this 5-a-side tournament.

In the Under 7 category the Nammilk Ramblers A-Team became 1st place, while St. George’s and Swallows FC became 2nd and 3rd.

Seven Teams competed in the Under 9 category, where finally SKW A won the 1st price, closely followed by Nammilk Ramblers A and Swallows FC who became 2nd respectively 3rd.

The Under 11 competition saw 11 teams fighting for the victory. In an exciting penalty shoot-out the Swallows A-Team succeeded over their club mates from the B-Team.
Instead of trophies the three first teams of each age category received football material like balls, cones and whistles sponsored by Namibian Dairies. Later in the year the second Shoeless Soccer Tournament will be held for the age categories Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17.

The SKW u/9 who won the Otjiwarongo Tournament 2011, holding the cup high SKW capt Domenic Witte.
The SKW Academy present at the Otjiwarongo Tournament 2011.
SKW Youth Football - The Otjiwarongo Tournament  11 and 12 June.

The SKW u/9 won the Otjiwarongo Tournament 2011, while u/8,u13,and u 15 could end second. more info and pictures to follow. The Tournament kicked off Saturday at 9h00 and continued on Sunday. The following age groups did play for medals - U 7 – 5 A Side – U9 – 7 A Side – U 11 bis U 17 11 A Side – max 16 players per team.
Cymot SKW u/7 and Cymot SKW u/9 Beach-soccer
Lots of fun and some good skills were displayed by Cymot SKW Soccer Academy and the Ramblers Academy (u/7 -  u/9) in a small friendship beach soccer tournament held on the SKW beach soccer pitch in Windhoek - Olympia.
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Cymot SKW u/9 2011