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2012 SKW Youth Tournament

SKW Youth Guidelines

Passion: Show that soccer is very close to your heart and that very little can replace it. With everything you do, do it with utmost effort and go over the top with yourself. Good should not be enough! I want, I can and I must!
Team spirit:  Success is a team effort and only as teams are we strong. So: Everybody else in the team is as important as you are. Encourage yourself and do as much as you can to help others. Engage yourself and show interest in your team colleagues.
Openness and honesty: Trust can only thrive through openness and honesty! No confidence, no unity; no unity, no team spirit; no team spirit, no success.

Communication: Be open for discussions, mention your ideas and raise your objections and feelings calmly at the right point of time. You should listen to your teacher, trainer and coach or teammates if they talk to you, express criticism or praise you. Only this way you can improve yourself! Good communication is the heart of a team!
Take your chances: Open your eyes, stay awake and be alert at all times - within a split-second an excellent pass might come your way to create a chance to score a goal! Take the golden and exceptional opportunity and make use of the education and training the SKW offers!

Pleasure doing things: "Also with stones put in your way you can build something beautiful" (Goethe).  So, have fun with whatever you do, think positive. Only with motivation and trust in your own achievements excellent results can be expected!
Carpe diem: Time is money and expensive. Utilize yours and that of those around you wisely and judiciously. Always be on time and with full engagement whether in training or in a game, at school or with education. Carpe diem! - utilize the day! 
Discipline: Stick to the relevant rules, to the benefit of the club, the team and at the end of the day for your own benefit.
Fair play: Of course we as "SKW" would like to win the league and tournaments, but never to the disadvantage of fair play. Respect the rights of others, those of the opponent and challenger; make exclusively use of your talent, strong will and team spirit to conquer your competitor.

Respect and self-esteem: Respect and appreciate behavior, opinion and attitude of teammates, referees, coaches, trainers and opponents irrespective whether you go accord with them
31 March 2012, 1 April and 2 April - SKW Youth Tournament
SKW Retirement Fund Solution Youth Soccer Tournament 2012
Mr. Tilman Friedrich of Retirement Fund Solution and SKW Youth coordinator Klaus Otto (right) .

PRESS RELEASE - SKW Youth Tournament biggest ever

Annual Cymot SKW Youth Tournament biggest ever – Retirement Fund Solutions injects 16000 Namibia Dollar

Retirement Fund Solution will once again sponsor the biggest youth soccer tournament in Namibia this weekend. The company has been on board since 2008 when the tournament was played for the first time. The tournament has become so popular over the years, that SKW had to ask their Olympia neighbours DTS for their football field to be able to give all the players and teams enough playing time.

The tournament starts on Friday afternoon, March 30 and will continue through to Sunday, April 1.

The Under 7 and Under 9 Bambinis will as usual play on the SKW Fistball fields while the Under 11, 13, 15 and 17’s, as well as the girls, will entertain the crowds on SKW’s three soccer fields.
It will be the first time that the new NFA youth soccer structures will be implemented. The new NFA youth structures are the same as played in the major footballing countries and will affect mainly the Under 11 and Under 13 age groups.
This year’s tournament will fall together with the WIKA Kehraus which starts at 11h11 on Saturday at the SKW main hall. The major SKW event weekend will be rounded off with the Namibia Premier League match between Cymot SKW and Orlando Pirates which is scheduled for 15h00 Sunday.
It will be a weekend of records as 60 teams have entered and 1 000 players will be in action. Teams from as far as Rosh Pinah, first division outfit SFC (Swakopmund FC) and second league outfit OFC (Ojiwarongo FC) will be in action while the only two local NPL clubs, Ramblers and Cymot SKW, with youth structures will be joined by newcomers DTS and several Windhoek youth academies.  
The fixtures can be obtained via SKW’s internet page or the SKW Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Jugend kickt beim SKW

Großturnier lockt 1000 Nachwuchsfußballer in die Hauptstadt

Windhoek – Der Sportklub Windhoek (SKW) richtet an diesem Wochenende zum fünften Mal ein nationales Jugend-Fußballturnier aus. Mehr als 1000 Nachwuchsspieler von den unter Siebenjährigen bis zur U17 werden im Süden der Hauptstadt aktiv sein. Insgesamt 60 Teams, darunter auch Mannschaften aus Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo und Rosh Pinah, haben sich für das Großevent angemeldet. Das Unternehmen „Retirement Fund Solutions”, seit 2008 Hauptsponsor, stellt in diesem Jahr 16000 N$ zur Verfügung. Aufgrund des großen Teilnehmerfeldes werden die Partien teilweise auf dem Gelände des benachbarten Deutschen Turn- und Sportvereins (DTS) ausgetragen.

Los geht es dort am morgigen Freitag um 14 Uhr, wenn sich die U17-Kicker des Ramblers FC mit den „Pro Kids” messen. Eine halbe Stunde später rollt auch beim SKW der Ball: Um 14.30 Uhr trifft das Mädchenteam der „Delta Senior Secondary School“ (DSSW) auf die Auswahl der St.-George’s-Privatschule. Am Samstag und Sonntag startet der Spielbetrieb jeweils um 8 Uhr. Die letzten Begegnungen am Samstag sind für 19.30 Uhr angesetzt. Das abschließende Finale steigt am Sonntag um 13 Uhr. Die Spielpläne sind auf der SKW-Internetseite ( veröffentlicht. Weitere Informationen erteilen Rolf Beiter (Mobil: 081-1274766) und Martin Brosda (Mobil: 081-6511694).  Von AZ - online

The Winner's

u/7  : Otjiwarongo FC
u/9  : Swakopmund FC
u/11: Celtic
u/13: Ramblers
u/15: Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
u/17: Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
Girls: Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)
SKW u/15 player Olaf Beiter hands over the gold medal to Ramblers u/13 Captain Tuafeni
SKW u/15 won in the under 15 section
u/11 winners Celtic from the coast
Rekordbeteiligung bei SKW-Jugendturnier

Sportklub Windhoek organisiert größtes Fußball-Event seiner Vereinsgeschichte – Elf Vereine und vier Schulen zu Gast

Der Sportklub Windhoek (SKW) hat auf seiner Anlage im Süden der Hauptstadt zum achten Mal ein nationales Jugend-Fußballturnier ausgetragen. Rund 800 begeisterte Nachwuchskicker und mehr als 1000 Zuschauer sorgten für ein buntes und unterhaltsames Großevent.
Republikein 5.04.2012 - Jeugtoernooi grootste nóg

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