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2011 SKW Youth Tournament

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SKW Retirement Fund Solution Youth Soccer Tournament 2011

Youth football tournaments 2011

01. and 02. October 2011: SFC
5-7 August 2011 SKW Youth Tournament
July 2011: combined: Ramblers und DOSW
July DFB Tournament 2011
June Otjiwarongo

5-7 August 2011 SKW Youth Tournament
The tournament will kick - off Friday at 14h30 with the Girls.
The tournament will be played over three days.
The u/7 and u/9 boys and girls will play on Saturday and Sunday only.

Information available : Martin Brosda  081 651 1694   
Fixture / Spielplan under 7

Fixture / Spielplan under 9

Fixture / Spielplan under 11 and 13

Fixture / Spielplan under 15 and 17 and Girls

SKW Retirement Fund Solution Youth Soccer Tournament 2011
Mr. Tilman Friedrich of Retirement Fund Solution and (right) SKW Youth coordinator Klaus Otto.

Annual SKW Youth Tourney to kick off this weekend (5-7 August 2011)

A total of 48 teams will be in action in the age groups u/7,9,11,13,15,17 boys and girls. The tournament got a financial injection of N$ 15000-00 from Retirement Solution Funds to overcome some costs.

The SKW tournament will start played over three days and starts at 14h30 with the girls on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be kicked off at 8hoo. The final whistle will be blown on Sunday at 14h00. To have the winners doing their celebration round the price giving will be held directly after each final. For the first time a team from the far south Rosh Pinah (u/13) has entered the competition. From the coast it will be Swakopmund FC while Otjiwarongo FC will represent the north. Trying to keep the cups in Windhoek will be the teams of Rebels, NYFDP, KFA, Spartans, Ramblers and SKW. The tournament is one of the biggest annual youth football events and will be played for the 4th time, first tourney played 2008. Due to heavily rains in March and waterlogged pitches the tournament had to be postponed to August 2011.  On all three day there will be refreshments sold. Please come and support the youth !!!
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Results of the SKW Retirement Fund Solution Youth Soccer Tournament 2011

u/7 (played round robin)
1.    Ramblers
2.    Otjiwarongo
3.    Swallows
4.    SKW c
5.    SKW b
6.    SKW a
7.    Ramblers b

u/9 (played round robin)
1.    Ramblers
2.    Otjiwarongo
3.    SKW
4.    SFC
5.    Swallows
6.    SKW 2

u/11 (Group and ko)
Finale : Ramblers 0 KFA Rosh Pinah 1
3rd 4th shoot out SFC wins against Otjiwarongo

u/13 (Group and ko)
Finale : Cymot SKW 2 KFA 1
3rd 4th shoot SFC win against NYFPD

u/15 (Group and ko)
Finale Rebels 0 SFC 2
3rd 4th shoot out SKW wins against Spartans

u/17 (played round robin)
1.    Otjiwarongo
2.    Cymot SKW
3.    SFC
4.    Rebels

Girls: (played round robin)
1. SKW
2. Emma Hogenhout

SKW u/13 win Gold - at the SKW Tourney 2011.

Youth soccer tourney attracts 650 players - by NEW ERA

WINDHOEK – A total of 44 teams and over 650 young footballers players were in action at the annual Cymot Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) Youth Soccer Tournament in Windhoek, last weekend.

The youngsters competed in various age groups starting from Under-7 up to Under 17 in the boys and girls sections. The youth tourney received a financial injection of N$15 000-00 from Retirement Solution Funds. The competition was played over three days from Friday to Sunday and for the very first time, a team from the far south Rosh Pinah (U/13) entered the competition while Swakopmund FC represented the coast with Otjiwarongo FC the only entry from the north. The 4th edition of the annual tournament is one of the biggest annual youth football events on the Namibian sports calendar since its inception in 2008.

In the Under-7 age group section, matches were played on a round robin basis and the opening match saw Ramblers coming out tops followed by Otjiwarongo and Swallows. Rammies also had the better of the proceedings in the Under-9 age group leaving Otjiwarongo and hosts SKW to pick up the pieces for 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

However, Ramblers had to play second fiddle to KFA Rosh Pinah in the final of the Under-11 age group, going down 1-0 while SFC triumphed against Otjiwarongo in u/13 age group.
Final: Cymot SKW 2 KFA 1.

SFC won against NYFPD u/15 age group. Final: Rebels 0 SFC 2. SKW beat Spartans

u/17 (round robin) 1.Otjiwarongo2.Cymot SKW3. SFC

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