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THE SKW STARS of the YEAR 2011

SKW celebrated their annual youth football awards Friday, 14 October 2011.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Sean van Rensburg
Most improved player -  Mark van Doorn
Most ambitious player - Julian und Kai Dedig

Player of the Year - Oliver Baas
Most improved player - 
Most ambitious player - haben die Coaches drauf verzichtet

Player of the Year: Nikolai Pfeiffer
Fortgeschrittenster Spieler: Mirko Kriess
Torschütze: none
Player of the year: Donovan Boois
Most  improved player: Marcel Bader     
Top scorer of the seson: Romarlinn Brandt

Player of the Year: Carsten Horn
Top Goal scorer: Wilem Tjitzu
Most Improved Player: Tangeni Ndeitunga

Player of the Year: Marko Zirzow
Most Advanced Player: none
Top Goalscorer: L. Gomes Alves

Player of the Year: Sophie Seydel
Topscorer of the season: Sanni Mietinnen
Most improved player: Janice Lohmann

Dear Parents, Players and Supporters of our Youth Soccer Academy,

We hereby invite you to our Year End Function on Friday, 9 November 2012.

As from 14h30, we will host an internal Fun soccer tournament within the respective age groups. On the Beach Football (Soccer) Pitch

After the tournament, at 18h00, we will all meet at the SKW Kisok, where the awards for the year 2012 will get announced. The prize giving will start at 18h30 and should end approximately at 20h00. The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the "Player of the Year 2012".

We, the committee and trainers of the SKW Youth Soccer Academy, look forward to welcome all soccer players at the internal soccer contest, and then of course to see all parents, siblings, friends and guests at the prize giving.
SKW youth AWARDS 2012
Preisträger des Jahres 2009


u/7 :
Most dedicated Player - Henner Pade
Most improved Player - Mikyle van Wyk
Player of the Year - Andriko Boehringer

Most dedicated Player - Nicolai Palmhert
Most improved Player - Oliver Hoffmann
Player of the Year - Mirco Kriess

Top Goal Scorer - Tjito Tjiouro (10 goals)
Most Improved - Sven Grünert
Player of the Year - Richard Rothauge

Top scorer - Carsten Horn (30 goals)
Most improved Player - Ihiha Katjivena
Player of the Year - Carsten Horn

Top Goal Scorer - Pawanga Kaimu (14 goals)
Most improved Player - Tarakuje Dedig
Player of the Year - Thilo Wilckens 

Top Goal scorer - Moisel Ikanga (8 goals)
Most improved player - Howard Delie
Player of the Year - André Fug

Goalscorer u/15 - Heidi Kebbel (6 goals)
Goalscorer u/17 - Taleen Kazandjian
Most improved - Hannah von Rhein
Player of the Year - Heidi Kebbel


u/8: Nikolai Pfeifer
u/9: Jasmin Baas
u/11: Lorenzo Kisting
u/13: Jörn Traeger
Ladies: Tatjana Juling
u/15: Howard Deli
u/17: Andre Fug
Namibia Sport Magazine
Allgemeine Zeitung

Player of the year Jari Bertolini
Most improved player Lennart Schulze
Most ambitious player Tangeni James

Player of the Year – Patrick Beggs
Most improved player – Mikyle van Wyk
Most ambitious player, haben die Coaches drauf verzichtet

Player of the Year Marcel Bader
Fortgeschrittenster Spieler: Nikolai Pfeiffer
Torschuetze: Yannick Bohn

Player of the year Tangeni Ndeitunga
Most  improved Player Olaf Beiter        
Top scorer  Ellen Harobeb

Player of the Year: L. Gomes Alves
Top Goal scorer: Leonardo Gomes Alves
Most Improved Player: Tristan Minz

Player of the Year: Thorsten Koepp
Most Advanced Player: Erik Fischer
Top Goalscorer:Mike Sinvula

Player of the Year Tatjana Juling
Topscorer Heidi Kebbel
Most improved Player Corinna Gruenewald

Youth Awards - 9 November 2012

SKW Youth Soccer Academy - SKW had their annual Year End Function on Friday, 9 November 2012. After an internal Fun soccer tournament within the respective age groups the awards for the year 2012 will got announced. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the "Player of the Year 2012" within the respective age groups.

SKW youth awards and season close off Friday the 9. November 2012

2012 nominations:

Player of the year:    
Pedro Ferreira
Kiko Ferreira

Most improved player:
Ashton Dercksen
Maike Dedig
Keanu Weber-Trianus

Player of the season:
Brooklyn Willemse
Sean Van Rensburg
Keagan Kleyenstueber

Most improved:
Tristan Feldmann
Lolo Kake
Brooklyn Willemse

Player of the Year:
Kiama De Waagt
Andriko Boehringer
Ernst Durant

most improved / best up coming player
Olli Baas
Robbie Winchers
Henry Roeber

Player of the Year:
Clarence Ndariesb
Luke Beggs
Marcel Bader
Ulrich Jimmy

most improved / best up coming player
Lleyton Goliath
Ndatyatangi Shilunga
Nikolai Pfeiffer
Kirko Kriess

Player of the Year:
Daniel Hassenpflug
Tangeni Ndeitunga
Hiha Katjivena

Most improved / best up comming player
Christoph Kröncke
Olaf Beiter
Heedee Walenga

Player of the Year:
Kaisa Mietinnen
Beate Sobotta
Jasmin Baas

most improved / best up coming player
Shaneece Kittler
Jessica Riedel
Jasmin Baas

Player of the Year:
Tristan Minz
Ileni Mhaka
Uaseuko "Eto" Katjiukua

most improved / best up coming player
Tristan Minz
Quran van Wyk
Jörn Traeger

Most Ambitious Players of the Season:
u/7 - Fabian Biederlack (left)
u/9 - Sean van Rensburg (right)
and the two coaches Kucki Fischer and Vannesa Diemer

The SKW Youth STARS Of The Season 2012

  u/7    Kiko Ferreira
  u/9    Keagan Kleyenstueber
u/11    Kiama De Waagt
u/13    Ndariesb Clarence
u/15    Tangeni Ndeitunga
Girls   Kaisa Miettinen
u/17     Ileni Mhaka

Top scorers 2012:

  u/9    Keagan Kleinstüber
u/11    Diego Ferreira
u/13    Ben Namib
u/15    Daniel Hassenpflug
u/17    Leonardo Alves

Most Improved or Best Upcoming Player Of The Season

  u/7    Ashton Dercksen
  u/9    Brooklin Willemse
u/11    Olli Baas
u/13    Goliath Lleyton
u/15    Christoph Kröncke
Girls    Jessica Riedel
u/17     Tristan Minz

from left to right back: Kaisa Mietinnen, Ileni Mhaka, Tangeni Ndeitunga, Clarence Ndariesb, Kiama De Waagt front: Kiko Ferreira and Keagan Kleyenstueber

Werner Bader (left) gets a small thank you for all his support during the 2012 season. Rolf Beiter u/13 coach (right)
Some of the SKW youth coaches: from left to right Rolf Beiter, Deon van Rensburg, Klaus Lühe, Kurt Fischer, Ingo Ahrens, Vannesa Diemer, Wilfried Sentefol and Martin Brosda.
Bild links nach rechts: u/13 Lleyton Goliath - u/11 Oliver Baas - Girls Jessica Riedel - u/17 Tristan Minz - u/9  Brooklin Willemse - u/7  Ashton Dercksen