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16 September 2014 Attention: The News Editor


The Namibia Defense Volleyball (NDF) Club remained a force to beat in the Bank Windhoek National Volleyball league after beating the University of Namibia (Unam) Volleyball team in the ladies league during the weekend.

NDF won their game in comfortable straight sets to remain strong contenders to take the 2014 national league. The army side started at a slow pace with the students leading the first 5 points before experienced blocker, Sylvia Newaya, went to serve and bring back the army side back in the game to take the set. Meanwhile, SKW struggled to beat a rejuvenated Unam team which came in the game with nothing to lose after a 3-0 defeat by NDF. The over experienced SKW team took the first set in a fashionable and easy way, while the second set saw Unam breaking the history of taking a set against SKW, when experienced coach, Kamwi Sezuni, showed his opponent how strong and determined his team is, by introducing Nomsa Gabela and Mukuka (cookie) Chishimba.
Both players came in with good blocks, which stopped the experienced attackers of SKW. Mukuka came in with fine spikes which encouraged the SKW coach to introduce his experienced player, Elina Viejo, who stopped the students from celebrating the first set they took from SKW. In the third and fourth set, SKW showed why they are champions as the log leaders showed no mercy and defeated the students who lost steam to win the game 3-1.
The SKW coach expressed his satisfaction with his team, but said it was not convincing as his ladies were over-confident in their match against Unam. He said they will go back and work on their mistakes. On the other hand, the students coach was overwhelmed with the way his ladies played and hoped that they will still be confident and motivated to play in the next games.
In the Men’s league, the games were played in Walvis Bay. In the first game of the day, Khomas Nampol Volleyball Coub (KNVC) played against the Navy. The first set was easily won by KNVC 25:11 and it seemed as if the runner up in the log standing would have an easy walk over to win the game.
However, the Navy put all their energy in winning the next set as KNVC struggled to find a way to block the spikes of the Navy lefthander, Sakeus Nashikuku. The Navy player who was on the “diagonal position” performed very well in the reception of the services from KNVC. They eventually won the set 25:17. This woke the KNVC side, who then doubled their effort and used their best player, Rehabeam Hengari to win both sets. The national player could not be stopped with his spikes from the net and from the second line. Hengari is an extraordinary player, who can be the playmaker, but also motivate his team to play their best.
The second game of KNVC versus Eleven Warriors Volleyball Club (EWVC) was no challenge for KNVC as they won the game in straight sets 3:0.
In another encounter, EWVC also had a tough time against the Navy as the former did not give EWVC a chance to win a set. R. Ngozu from EWVC who normally plays as a setter, played an outside attacker in the second and third set, which gave the Navy a lot of problems. However, he got tired at the end of the sets and the Navy team won the game 3:0.

Below are the full results and log standing:

Ladies League

Windhoek NDF vs UNAM 3 0
SKW vs POLY 3 0
NDF vs POLY 3 0
SKW vs UNAM 3 1

Ladies Points
1 NDF 30 30 6
2 SKW 27 27 2
3 KNVC 21 22 7
4 RVC 18 21 16
5 DTS 8 10 15
6 Polytec 6 6 21
7 Unam 3 6 30
8 ONVC 1 2 27

Men’s League

Walvis Bay NAVY vs EWVC 3  0
KNVC vs NAVY 3 1
EWVC vs KNVC 0 3

Men Points
1 NDF A 24 18 3
2 KNVC 21 18 3
3 UNAM 11 16 16
4 EWVC 11 14 24
5 DTS 7 10 14
6 NAVY 7 12 19
7 NDF B 3 3 12
By Staff Reporter

WINDHOEK – The SKW women’s team remain a dominant force on the Namibia volleyball scene. The team from Olympia demonstrated this after beating the talented women in uniform, the Namibia Defence Force, 3 sets to 0. The game between the two rivals was one of the most exciting matches of the weekend, especially the first two sets.
Both teams played hard, but the Defence team could not break through the aggressive defence of SKW, lead by Elina Veijo, combined with the intelligent settings of Lorreta du Toit. Even though NDF was fighting very hard, one could see that Anna Henghono, benched due to an arm injury, was missed.

The second game in the women’s division was between the Khomas Police and DTS. DTS lost all the sets, as they could not stop the fearless spikes from Helena Iitula. The students of the Polytechnic of Namibia and UNAM also battled it out on the court with the Polytech managing to win by 3 sets to 0. Mariskia January easily found space to place the ball in UNAM’s court almost every time she touched the ball.
The game between Revivals of Katutura and Oshikoto Police from Tsumeb, unfortunately did not take place due to transport problems. The team from Tsumeb therefore forfeited the points to Revivals.
In the men’s division, the Namibia Defence Force A-team won both their games this past weekend against UNAM and Eleven Warriors.
The men in uniform started the game against UNAM very strong in the first two sets, but the students responded aggressively in the third set with Shawn Simvula’s high spikes and Elifas Gotlieb’s quick attacks that the NDF blockers Onesmus Shipiki and Lotto Negumbo found hard to stop.

The fourth set was very exciting as the expectation was that UNAM drive the game in the deciding set after leading with 21 points to 18, just 4 points short of winning the set. NDF recovered well to win the set as UNAM’s blockers failed to stop Nyambe Siyendi, the upcoming spiker from the Zambezi Region.

One of the most entertaining matches of the weekend was the game between Eleven Warriors (EWVC) and NDF B. EWVC started positively by winning the first set, but the Defence B-team recovered and won the second set in thrilling action, which saw the score going up to 26 in favour of the B-team. What kept the spectators on their feet, was the neck–to-neck action in the fourth set.

The solid block the NDF B-team demonstrated in the first three sets, was not a match for the strong spikes of Friedo Nanghanda, Moyo Shiseo, Gabriel Kalimbo and Lisias Mwandingi. Even though both teams showed courage in this set, NDF B could not resist the pressure from the Army Headquarter Team from Grootfontein, and lost the set 28:30.
The next games will be played on 2 August 2014 in Windhoek for the men’s division and Grootfontein for the women’s division.
Spectacular volleyball league action at Grootfontein

Submitted by NamibianSun101 on Tue, 2014-07-08 01:00

SKW dominated the Bank Windhoek National Volleyball League over the weekend, beating both the Khomas and Oshikoto NamPol teams by 3-0 in the women’s category.
The defending champions, SKW, therefore remain on top of the log with an unbeaten record.

The game between SKW and Khomas NamPol was the match of the day, as the policewomen dominated the second and third sets by taking the lead, but could not maintain it, as the likes of Marsher Maguil and Elina Veijo of SKW were in top form. The upcoming and talented player Helena Itula of Khomas NamPol proved to be a force to be reckoned with, while Victoria Neema tried hard to block Veijo’s attacks that kept NamPol in the lead, but could not reap the fruits at the end.

Oshikoto NamPol found all games of the day tough as their regular players, Pono Tubayunge, Martha Andreas and Adelheid Shinyemba, were unavailable. The experience of Ellen Nehale and Albertina Ananias was also not visible during the game and as a result, Oshikoto NamPol suffered a heavy defeat by SKW, losing the second and third sets by 25-6. The games attracted a large crowd from the Grootfontein community who were amazed by the skills displayed during the games. The next games will be held on July 19 at the DTS Hall in Olympia. Tough games are expected between SKW and NDF in the women’s category whereas in the men’s category NDF A will lock horns with Unam.
There will be eight games in total.