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SKW Women dominate the Namibian Volleyball - 3 Trophies - 11 women and a magnificent coach

The SKW Volleyball Ladies team can claim as being "unbeatable" for the past season.

Firstly they won the Namibian Volleyball League 2009. Then in September they wiped out their opponents at the NVF CUP without loosing a single set.
And finally, the cherry on the top, the Ladies have again won the Namibian Volleyball Club Championships, for the second time in a row. The SKW Ladies Team has played 21 games with 63 sets this season and has lost only 8 sets. This has been SKW Ladies best Volleyball season ever. Three (Simone von Wietersheim, Elina Veijo and Sabine Pampe) of the six Ladies were nominated for the National Team and went to Malawi in September to participate in the National Zone 6 Championships.

The Team:
Tina Demtschuk (Spiker), Simone von Wietersheim (Blocker), Rosi Röthel (Blocker), Nicole Giberson (Spiker), Elina Veijo (Spiker)
Teja Lück (Utility), Sabine Pampe (Setter), Silke Schneider (Utility/Blocker) Silvia Neuburg (Utility), Sonja Obholzer (Blocker), Frederike Frowergk (Spiker/Blocker),

Antero Epifanio (Coach)

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Back row (left to right): Tina Demtschuk (Spiker), Simone von Wietersheim (Blocker), Rosi Röthel (Blocker), Nicole Giberson (Spiker), Elina Veijo (Spiker)
Front row (left to right): Teja Lück (Utility), Sabine Pampe (Setter), Silke Schneider (Utility/Blocker).

SKW Volleyball Damen dominieren den namibischen Volleyball - 3 Pokale - 11 Damen und 1 phantastischer Trainer

Mit gutem Recht darf sich die SKW Volleyball Damen Mannschaft nach dieser Saison "die Unschlagbaren" nennen. Sie haben sich alle Siege eingeheimst und alles gewonnen was es zu gewinnen gab. Die Namibische Volleyball Liga haben sie mit bravour für sich entschieden. Im September wurde der NVF CUP gespielt, die besten vier Mannschaften waren geladen und die SKW Damen haben nicht einen Satz abgegeben! Und zu guter letzt haben sie auch noch den Pokal für die Namibischen Klubmeisterschaften im Sturm erobert, zum 2 mal in Folge. Die SKW Damen haben in der letzten Saison, 21 Spiele mit  insgesamt 63 Sätzen gespielt und davon nur 8 Sätze abgegeben. Die Volleyball Saison 2009 war die Erfolgreichste der SKW Damen Mannschaft je. Es wurden auch 6 Damen vom SKW nominiert für die Nationalmannschaft wovon 3 ( Simone von Wietersheim, Elina Veijo und Sabine Pampe) im September in Malawi bei den Nationalen Zone 6 Meisterschaften mitspielten.

Important telephone numbers:

Jens Riedel   081 251 2511

Tanja Lyhs  081 206 2126

Jens Riedel   081 251 2511

John Liao   085 572 7021

Silke Schneider 081 320 1251

Ladies coach:

Mens team:
John Liao   085 572 7021

Training times:

Tuesday 19h00 - 21h00
League Ladies and Men

Wednesday 19h00 - 21h00

Thursday  18h30 - 20h00
League, possibly Minis/ Kids          


SKW Volleyball
SKW Volleyball
SKW - VOLLEYBALL News April 2010

League Kick-off:
The National League has kicked off over the past weekend. Sadly, there is no SKW Ladies team for the 2010 season.
The Men will be participating. The NVF has only released the program for the next 2 weeks and the SKW Men will not be playing during this time.
The official program will be sent out as soon as possible.

New SKW Volleyball Committee:
Chairperson:  Sabine Pampe  081 203 1773
Secretary:   Tanja Lyhs  081 206 2126
Treasurer / Social Vball: Jens Riedel   081 251 2511
Communication:   Silke Schneider  081 320 1251
Sponsors / Mens team: John Liao   085 572 7021

Training 2010:
Once again, the SKW hall has to be cleared in March and April for the WIKA. Currently, most of the team members are training at DTS. We also have the DHPS hall available on Wednesdays – mainly for social Volleyball. The hall is open from 17h30 – 19h30, official training will start at 18h00.

From May, we will be back in our SKW hall. The training times will still be discussed and made available at a later stage.
Anyone is welcome at training!

Training times:
Tuesday  19h00 - 21h00 Ladies and Men
Wednesday  19h00 - 21h00 Men
Thursday  18h30 - 20h00 Minis/ Kids

News May 2010

News of Committee meeting:

There is a strong possibility that Ulrich Heinstein will be the new coach of the SKW Men. He was a setter for the Namibian National Team previously. We welcome him to the SKW and wish him and the SKW Men lots of success in the 2010 season.

Unfortunately, the Ladies don't have a team for 2010. The Ladies spiker Elina Veijo will help out at Revivals Club for this year but will re-join SKW again as soon as a team is available.

There are plans currently being made to re-establish the SKW Youth Volleyball (Minis). The NVF has offered us a coach as long as we provide a second coach from SKW, we are looking for volunteers. Please inform Bine if you are interested or would like further information.

Next meeting 1 June 2010


03 JULY  
News 2010

News of Committee meeting:

League results for the Men's Team:

29 May    SKW vs KNVC    3:2
5 June    SKW vs KRNVC    3:1
9 June    SKW vs UNAM    0:3
13 July    SKW vs RHVC    3:0 (25:22; 25:12; 25:14)
17 July    SKW vs EWVC A    3:0 (25:21; 25:15; 26:24)
17 July    SKW vs NDF B    3:0 (25:15; 25:18; 25:17)
24 July    SKW vs DTS        3:1 (21:25; 25:20; 25:12; 25:17)
30 July    SKW vs NDF A    2:3
14 Aug    SKW vs EWVC B    3:0 (EWVC B did not pitch up)
Second round
14 Aug     SKW vs RHVC    3:0 (25:11; 25:13; 25:18)
21 Aug    SKW vs EWVC A    3:0 (25:21; 25:16; 25:18)
21 Aug    SKW vs DTS        3:0 (25:11; 25:15; 25:22)
18 Sep    SKW vs UNAM    1:3 (20:25; 20:25; 25:22; 23:25)
18 Sep    SKW vs EWVC B     3:0 (25:0; 25:0; 25:0)
22 Sep    SKW vs NDF B     3:0 (25:12; 25:7; 25:14)
25 Sep    SKW vs KRNVC     3:0 (25:17; 25:18; 25:14)
29 Sep    SKW vs NDF A    2:3 (24:26; 25:20; 25:27; 25:21; 8:15)
2 Oct    SKW vs KNVC    1:3 (30:32; 25:22; 25:19; 27:25)

News from the Committee meeting:
PWC has cancelled the ICAN Tournament until further notice


DATES            VENUE                TIME
09 OCTOBER        DTS              07h30
13 NOVEMBER     DTS              07h30

CONTACT: Tel. 081-2448070, Heiko Kesselmann

Training times:
Tuesday     19h00 - 21h00    League Ladies and Men
Wednesday     19h00 - 21h00    Social
Thursday     18h30 - 20h00    League, possibly Minis/ Kids

Upcoming events:
18 Sep 2010
22 Sep 2010
25 Sep 2010
02 Oct 2010

SKW Volleyball Newsletter - December 2010
SKW men and NDF women lead NVF Cup

The past weekend witnessed some spectacular volleyball as the best teams in the country battled it out in the first round of the NVF Cup, which will be played over three weekends. The first game was between SKW and UNAM, which ended 3-0 in favour of SKW. UNAM won two games against SKW in the national league so it was needed for SKW to re-establish themselves as the dominant team. This was a highly  anticipated game with good attendance and high-energy performances. The young guns of UNAM were good competition but had to succumb to the more consistent play of SKW.

The Ladies teams started off with a match between NDF and DTS with a 3-0 win in favour of NDF. DTS had only six players with the result that NDF ladies made a clean sweep. The official opening was held on Saturday with the first game of the day between Khomas Nampol Volleyball Club and NDF A. These are both strong teams and an epic battle was expected; however it was an easy victory for NAMPOL, who had earlier won the national league title. The score was 3-0 in favour of KNVC. In a women’s match, the national league champions Khomas Nampol Volleyball Club came up against Rehoboth Volleybnall Club and had to pull out all the stops to win the match 3-1.

The last match for the day was between SKW and Eleven Warrioes Volleyball Club from Grootfontein, which saw a score of 3-1 in favour of SKW. The games continue over the next two weekends with the finals taking place on Saturday 30th October.
SKW Volleyball - League Log Table
Team  Played  Wins Losses Points Ratio Points
1 KNVC 18 16 2 1.26 32
2 SKW 18 13 5 1.36 26
3 NDF A 18 13 5 1.11 26
4 UNAM 18 12 6 1.24 24
5 EWVC A 18 10 8 1.18 20
6 DTS 18 10 8 0.99 20
7 KRNVC 18 6 12 0.99 12
8 NDF B 18 5 13 0.94 10
9 RHVC 18 4 14 0.93 8
10 EWVC B 18 1 17 0.17 2

NDF wins NVF Cup - 03/11/2010 Volleyball

The Namibian Defense Force A team won the Namibia Volleyball Federation Cup 2010 after the finals of the tournament took place at the Unam Hall on Saturday.

The heated competition that was played over the past three weekends saw the best teams in the country battling it out for the coveted NVF Cup. The NDF A team proved to be a force to be reckoned with as they managed to win the cup this year, taking it from SKW, who won the tournament last year. The NAMPOL team came third.

On the ladies’ side the NDF team won the gold medal, followed by the NAMPOL team in second place, while Revival Volleyball Club from Rehoboth came third.

From the onset of the games it was evident that the NDF team was set for victory. They provided fierce competition to their rivals and eventually came out at the top.

“The Namibia Volleyball Federation has been working very hard to establish volleyball as a sport in Namibia and through competition of this nature exposure is being given to the game and new talent is also been discovered. The NVF is keen to see more teams becoming involved in the sport and encourages new teams to come on board across the country,” the NVF said in a statement.

Club Champs: The annual Club Champs took place from 16-21 November, followed by the NVF Year-end function. All teams that have played in the league 2009 were allowed to register. Once again the winner qualified for the Southern African Club championships.

The log as follows:
1.    NDF
2.    KNVC
3.    SKW
1.    KNVC
2.    NDF
3.    RVC

Individual awards:
Best Spiker: Theopolina Shikule (KNVC)
Best Blocker: Helena Angula (RVC)
Best Setter: Ndina Kasheeta (NDF)
Most Improved Player: Sarah Malakia (RVC)
Sportswoman of the Year: Elina Veijo (RVC)

Best Spiker: Andreas Engombe (NDF)
Best Blocker: Paul  Amutenya (KNVC)
Best Setter: Donald Doeseb (SKW)
Most Improved Player: Shawn Sinvula (UNAM)
Sportsman of the Year: Joseph Amakali (KNVC)

Best Coach: Edward Thomas (NDF)
Best Referee: Fillemon Amupadhi
The Clubs 2010:

SKW (Sport Klub Windhoek)
KNVC (Khomas Nampol Volleyball Club)
KRNVC (Karas Nampol Volleyball Club)
UNAM (University of Namibia Club)
RHVC (Rehoboth Volleyball Club)
EWVC B (Eleven Warriors B team)
EWVC A ( Eleven Warriors A team)
NDF B (Namibia Defence Force B team)
DTS (Deutscher Turn- und Sportverein)
NDF A (Namibia Defence Force A team)

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