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Das Faustballtraining Das Training findet jeweils Montags und Mittwochs von 18.30 Uhr bis 20.30 Uhr auf den Faustballfeldern des SKW statt.

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+/- 15 Länder (Schweiz, Österreich, Deutschland, Brasilien, Italien, Dänemark, Indien, Tschechien, Chile, Argentinien, USA, Japan, Albanien, Namibia)

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Weltmeisterschaft alle vier Jahre
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Faustball Vereine in Namibia
Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) , Cohen Faustball Club (CFC), Ramblers (alle 3 Vereine in Windhoek) und SFC (Swakopmund)

SKW Faustballabteilung
erfolgreichster Namibischer Faustball Klub
Weltpokal teilnahme 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002 und 2005 (6 mal) (Pokal der Kontinentalmeister)

Ausrichter Weltpokal 2000,2002 und 2005 (3mal).

National-A Liga Meister (Landesmeister) von 1991-2012 mit Ausnahme von 1995.

Montags     18:30 - 20:30
Mittwochs   18:30 - 20:30
Trainingsort: SKW Faustball Feld

Olaf Beiter
Mit einer starken Leistung in der Defensive trug Nationalspieler Michael Zimny zum Turniererfolg des SKW 1 bei. Die Heimmannschaft gewann ein spannendes Finale mit 3:0 Sätzen gegen des SFC.

Foto: Youngsters Dominic Witte and Luka Fink show their skills during a game of the Bank Windhoek U18 league. Both play for SKW.
Foto: Youngsters Marc-Andre Witte during a game of the Bank Windhoek U18 league. Round two played at SKW.
Christian Knobloch und Christoph Kubirske
S.Grögli - M.Baas S.Widenroth on the ball and C.Kubirske
Andrea Grögli - September 2012
Sven Wiedenroth - SKW 2
Stefan Grögli
SKW, Cohen off to good start  - Submitted on Tue, 03/19/2013

SKW and Cohen FC got off to a flying start in the Bank Windhoek Fistball Championships after both teams won all their games in the Bank Windhoek National A League and B League respectively in the first round of games at the SKW Fistball fields last Saturday.

SKW 2 produced a convincing performance in the Bank Windhoek National A league winning their three matches to take a two point lead at the top of the log, despite losing their experienced defensive all-rounder, Werner Jacobi, in the first match due to a serious knee injury.

Nevertheless the team led by spiker, Michael Baas regrouped to show an outstanding performance.

Hot on the heels of SKW 2 are Cohen Fistball Club (CFC) 1 and SKW 1. Although the two teams are equal on points, SKW 1 played one more game than CFC 1 who impressed the spectators with a good performance, especially in defence.

The inexperienced team of the Swakopmund based SFC Sport Club found the going tough in the Bank Windhoek National A League and only managed to win one set in four games. They will need to improve on their performance should they want to make a mark in this league.

Cohen FC 3 (CFC3) top the log in the Bank Windhoek National B League. The Windhoek based team underlined their status as favourites to win the league by winning their games against the other pre-season favourites, DTS and SKW 3. DTS is currently placed second behind CFC 3 while SKW 3 is in third place.

It was a disappointing day for the SFC 2 team who had surprisingly won the season opening tournament in February. With three players missing from the starting line up due to injury and work commitments, the Swakopmund team had to start off the league campaign with their second string team that had an average age of above fifty years. As a result, the coastal team now share last place on the log with Cohen FC 4.

While the senior players are preparing for the World Club Championships which will be held on 11 and 12 October 2013 in Windhoek, the national U18 coach Andi Minz will have his work cut out to prepare the U18 national team for their tour to Europe.

The Junior national team will participate in the U18 European Championships in July after which they will participate in a Fistball training camp hosted by the International Fistball Association in Austria.

To prepare them for the championships, Minz has already scheduled the next training camp for the team in early April before the next league meeting which will be held on 20 April 2013.

Fistball action resumes
Fistball action will resume on Saturday when the Bank Windhoek National Fistball League continue at the SKW Fistball fields in Windhoek. Both the National A and B Leagues will be played at the same venue and the first games are scheduled to start at 08h00.

After the first round of games, defending champions, SKW 2, are two points ahead of rivals, Cohen FC 1 and SKW 1. This weekend, the defending champions will, however, have to battle it out without inspirational captain and spiker, Michael Baas. The log leaders will have to rely on Arend von Stryk who is very strong in attacks. Although Von Stryk only started playing fistball a couple of years ago, he already has a number of international caps to his name. He will, however, need to pull out all the stops against SKW 1 if his team is to remain top of the log. Otherwise, this could open an opportunity for the other teams to narrow the gap on the log leaders. Cohen FC 2 and SFC 1 are at the bottom of the table and they will once again find the going tough against their more experienced and skilled opponents. Cohen FC 3 remains in control of the Bank Windhoek National B league. After the first round of games, the Windhoek-based team tops the log and has one game in hand on its nearest rival, DTS. Cohen will aim to improve their standing, while third placed, SKW 3, will have its work cut out should they want to take second spot from DTS. All eyes will be on the Swakopmund-based, SFC 2 team, which won the season opening tournament in February in a convincing manner, but has since failed to perform. The coastal team had to endure a number of injuries during the first round of games, which had a severe impact on their performance, leaving them last on the log with one point from four games.

The league meeting will end with a prize giving ceremony on Saturday evening, which will be hosted by Cohen FC. The DANRIC Auto player of the day will be announced along with further details on the Men’s World Club Championships, which will be played in Windhoek on 12 and 13 October 2013. The World Championship event will attract top South American and European club teams.
Fistball Second Round results

There were no surprises in the second round of the Bank Windhoek National Fistball League held on Saturday, 20 April, at the SKW Sport fields. SKW 2 still leads in the Bank Windhoek National A League, while Cohen FC 3 remains in control of the Bank Windhoek National B League. Without their inspirational captain and spiker, Michael Baas, SKW 2 was under pressure to produce a good performance to maintain their lead in the National A League. SKW coach, Stefan Grögli, strengthened the team with the attacking pair of Christoph Kubirske and Rico Kühnle-Kreitz, which proved to be a good move. The team won both their games to maintain their five point lead against Cohen FC 1. Third placed SKW 1 had mixed fortunes winning only one of their two games, which allowed Cohen FC 1 to increase their lead against the SKW team to five points.

Cohen FC 3 is still unbeaten in the Bank Windhoek National B League. The Windhoek-based team won all three matches and now tops the lead with an almost unassailable eight point lead. In second place is Cohen FC 4, who surprised friend and foe with an impressive three wins from four matches. The inclusion of former national team spiker, Wilfried Hacker, in attack, and the experienced, Horst Lisse, in defence, has made the team a serious title contender. SKW 3 managed to retain its third place, thanks to the bonus points they gathered from their games. The hapless DTS team, is now in fourth spot after losing all their games in the B League. The SFC Sport Club team in the Bank Windhoek National B League showed an improved performance from their last league performance, but still remains at the bottom of the log.

The Bank Windhoek National Fistball League will take a break during May. Fistball pundits can, however, support their teams at the Coastal Indoor Classic on 18 May 2013. The tournament is Namibia’s only Indoor Fistball tournament and is hosted by the SFC Sport Club.

Fistball moves indoors

The Namibian Fistball season will continue in Swakopmund on Saturday where the SFC Sport Club will host the Coastal Indoor Classic. The tournament is Namibia's only Indoor Fistball tournament and teams from Cohen FC, DTS, Atlantis (Walvis Bay) and SKW will be in action.  In addition U18 national coach Andreas Minz  will field two teams consisting of players of the U18 national team squad.

The U18 national team will use this opportunity to gather match practice. They will be travelling to Austria in July where Namibia will participate at the U18 European championships and an international training camp which is organized by the International Fistball Association. Minz will test a number of combination in attack and defense in an effort to build a strong team out of the ten player squad.
The two SKW teams who have dominated the tournament over the past couple of years will be in Swakopmund and are expected to perform well.

The games are scheduled to start at 9h00 and will end at 18h00 with the prize giving taking place directly after all games have finished. - Christian Knobloch

Rico Kühnle-Kreitz playing for SKW in the Bank Windhoek National A league will join the U18 national squad team which will be playing at the Indoor Fistball competition due to be held on Saturday.
Surprise winner at Fistball Indoor competition

There was a surprise winner at the Coastal Indoor Classic, Namibias only indoor Fistball tournament on Saturday. The U18 National team unexpectedly took home the trophy at the event held at the SFC Sport complex in Swakopmund. In total nine teams from around the country participated in the tournament including teams from Atlantis SC in Walvis Bay, the SFC Sport Club, SKW, DTS, Cohen FC and two teams of the U18 national squad.

In a tightly contested final the reigning tournament champions and favourites for the event SKW took on the U18 national. Both teams had dominated their respective pools during the preliminary round and where deserved finalists.  With veteran Spiker Michael Baas at the helm the SKW took an early three point lead but the U18 national team kept their calm. U18 Spiker Rico Kühnle -Kreitz managed to capitalise on the weakness in the SKW defence. His team was within one point of SKW at half time managing to turn the tables in the first minutes of the half to take a three point lead. SKW showed a lot of courage and fought back to equalize just minutes before the end of the game. With pressure mounting on both teams the U18 national team managed to keep a cool head hitting some vital points to win the game by 27:25.

The coach of the U18 national team Andi Minz was very satisfied by the performance of his players. "The day went better than I expected and I am particularly pleased with the strong team spirit amongst the youngsters," Minz said after the game. This is a vital step in the preparation for the U18 European Championships at which Minz and his charges will be representing Namibia. As the only Fistball playing nation in Africa Namibia has been invited to participate at the event which will be held on 13 and 14 July in Vöcklabruck.  After the event the Namibian squad will be attending an international practice camp at which they will be exposed to a number of top Fistball coaches from around Europe.

The Namibian Fistball season will continue with the Bank Windhoek National Fistball league on 8 June 2013. The third round of the league competition will be held on the Fistball fields at the SKW in Windhoek.
Liebe Faustballfreunde

Der SKW Faustball ladet euch herzlich zur 3. Liga-runde am 8. Juni 2013 ein. Die Spiele werden auf dem SKW Faustball Feld ausgetragen.

Es gilt ganz klar für SKW 2 in der Nationalliga A den Vorsprung in der Tabelle weiter auszubauen. Die Mannschaft um Michael Baas (SKW 1) muss sich diese Liga-runde darum bemühen wieder den CFC von dem zweiten Tabellenplatz zu verdrängen um sich langsam in Position für die Playoffs im Oktober 2013 zu rücken.

In der Nationalliga B trennen sich die Mannschaften auf Platz 2 bis 4 nur mit einem Spielpunkt. Auch die Mannschaft des Sport Klub Windhoeks ist darunter, und möchte ganz klar nach dieser Liga-runde auf dem zweiten Tabellenplatz stehen. Das Ziel gilt auch hier ganz klar für den SKW, nachdem sie in der vergangenen Saison knapp die Meisterschaft verfehlt haben, um in dieser Saison sich den Pott zu holen.
So langsam spricht man beim SKW Faustball vor, während und nach den Trainingseinheiten nur noch von einem: Ja, es ist wieder Faustball Weltcup Zeit und das Fieber unter den Spielern steigt so wie auch die Spannung.

In knapp 4 Monaten ist es dann soweit und der Faustball Weltcup 2013 (11 & 12 Oktober 2013) wird auf dem SKW Gelaende ausgetragen! Aus diesen Grund heisst es für die nominierten Kader Spieler noch einen Gang nach oben zu schalten und an die Grenzen zu gehen um den Coaches des SKW zu zeigen das sie in die Start 5 beim Weltcup gehoeren. Leider muss der SKW ohne Abwehr Spieler Werner Jacobi sich weiter fuer den Weltcup vorbereiten da er sich bei der letzten Ligarunde am Knie verletzt hatte und bis zum Saison Start 2014 ausfällt. Als positiv gilt das sich 4 Youngsters (Heiko Schmid, Marc-Andre Witte, Dieter Kebbel und Rico Kühne-Kreitz) vom SKW, die auch im Kader fuer den diesjaehrigen Weltcup stehen, für U18 National Mannschaft qualifiziert haben und vom 12-14 Juli 2013 bei der U18 Faustball Europa Meisterschaft in Vöcklabruck teilnehmen. Den Spielplan findet man unter:

Hierdurch erhoffen sich die Verantwortlichen der SKW Faustball Abteilung das sich der eine oder andere Youngster noch paar Tipps holt und den finalen Schliff bekommt bevor es dann in die Schluss Phase der Vorbereitung zum Faustball Weltcup 2013 geht.

Für Verpflegung über den ganzen Tag sorgt der SKW, von Frühstück, Mittagessen, bis zum Abendessen. Abends laden wir euch dann zur Party ein die bei uns im SKW Kiosk statt finden wird.
Wir freuen uns schon auf euch und ums Zahlreiche erscheinen...

Mit sportlichen Grüßen

Round 3 : In the Bank Windhoek Fistball National A League, championship favourites, SKW 1, who is placed third on the log, managed to win their games against first placed SKW 2 and Cohen FC 1, thereby closing the gap on the two leading teams. They are now back in contention for first place.  However, the going proved to be tough as SKW 1 did not manage a straight set win against either of the other teams. In the game against Cohen FC1, the team won by 4:2 sets, while the game against SKW 2, lasted all seven sets ending, with 4:3 sets in favour of SKW 1.

The next Fistball tournament will be held on 6 July 2013 at the Cohen Fistball Club in Windhoek. This tournament is not part of the league competition and will feature a team from Stellenbosch as well as the U18 national team, who will depart to Austria shortly after this tournament.

Current standings after 9 games
National league A
1. SKW 2: 25 points
2. CFC 1: 21 points
3. SKW 1: 20 points
4. CFC 2: 5 points
5. SFC 1: 4 points

National league B
1. CFC 3: 25 points
2. DTS: 17 points
3. SKW 3: 15 points
4. CFC 4: 12 points
5. SFC 2: 10 points


There were no major surprises in the Bank Windhoek National Fistball League, as SKW 2 and Cohen FC 3 held onto their top spots in the A and B league respectively, in last weekend's games in Swakopmund at the SFC Sport grounds.

SKW2 comfortably defended their position at the top of the A league, thereby ensuring an automatic qualification for the championship final on 14 September 2013 in Windhoek.  They had no trouble defeating their Windhoek-based rivals, Cohen FC 1, beating them by 4:1 sets. They also defeated SFC and Cohen FC 2 in straights sets, winning the matches, 4:0 each.

Cohen FC 2, who was placed second at the start of the day, eventually had to settle for third place after losing the match against SKW 1. In a tightly contested game, SKW 1 proved too strong for Cohen FC 1, who had to play without some of their most experienced regulars. Home team, SFC 1, had a good day and managed to move up the log, leaving Cohen FC 2 in last place, after successfully defeating them.  They managed to take a bonus point from their match against SKW 1 to secure fourth place on the log.

The championship playoffs will take place on 14 September 2013. The first placed teams in the respective leagues have qualified for the final while on the day the second and third placed teams will be playing a semi-final to determine the second finalist. This will be the last event on the Namibian Fistball calendar before the start of the Inter-Continental Club World Championship which will be hosted by the International Fistball Association at SKW in Windhoek.

SKW stellt Mannschaft vor - Weltcup geht in zwei Wochen los

Zwei Wochen vor dem Start des Faustball Weltcup in Windhoek hat der SKW die Mannschaft bekanntgegeben die an dem Turnier teilnehmen wird. Der Weltcup ist die Vereinsweltmeisterschaft der International Fistball Association und findet am 11 und 12 Oktober in Windhoek statt.

Der SKW stellt als letztjähriger Gewinner der Bank Windhoek Faustballmeisterschaft den namibischen Teilnehmer an dem Turnier. Spieler-Trainer Stefan Grögli steht mit dem angekündigten Kader ein gutter Mix aus erfahrenen und jungen Spielern zur Verfügung. Im Angriff steht mit Michael Baas ein Veteran  mit sechs Weltcup teilnahmen und  mehr als sechzig Länderspielen für Namibia zur Verfügung. In der Abwehr stehen mit Sven Wiedenroth, Christoph Kubirske und Michael Zimny ebenfalls bekannte Gesichter. Grögli hat mit Rico Kühnle-Kreitz und Marc Andre Witte auch zwei U18 Spieler in den Kader berufen. Beide Spieler waren Teil der namibischen U18 Nationalmanschaft die Nambia bei der Europameisterschaft in Österreich vertreten hat.

Der namibische Meister bekommt es am 11. und 12. Oktober 2013 mit Ginastica Novo Hamburgo und dem TSV Pfungstadt zu tun. Die Brasilianer aus Novo Hamburgo reisen als Titelverteidiger an. Mit Cyril Schreiber haben sie zu dem einen Spieler im Angriff mit Weltniveau. Schreiber ist schweizer Nationalspieler und konnte bei den World Games die in Cali, Kolumbien stattfanden mit seinem Team in das Endspiel einziehen.  Der dritte Teilnehmer ist der TSV Pfungstadt aus Deutschland. Die Mannschaft dominierte im letzten Jahr den Faustballsport in Europa. Mit Spiker Patrick Thomas haben sie einen hochkarätigen Spieler an Bord der mit seinen erst 21 Jahren schon fast alle großen Titel in der Faustballwelt gewonnen hat. Mit der deutschen Nationalmannschaft ist Thomas 2011 Faustballweltmeister geworden und zu Mitte des Jahres  Sieger bei den World Games.

Für den SKW bietet das Turnier laut, Trainer Grögli, in erster Linie die Gelegenheit  wieder international zu Spielen. Gegen die internationalen Topstars hat die namibische Mannschaft kaum die Möglichkeit auf einen Sieg. Ein Satzgewinn gilt für die Windhoeker schon als Erfolg. Mit  dem Anpfiff des ersten Spiels am Freitag den 11 Oktober wird sich zeigen ob die Vorbereitung  der Lokalmatadoren dazu reicht.
Hinten v.l.n.r Arend von Stryk, Sven Wiedenroth, Rico Kühnle-Kreitz, Michael Baas; Vorne v.l.n.r Marc-Andre Witte, Stefan Grögli, Christoph Kubirske, Michael Zimny, Christian Knobloch
Foto: Claudia Haase

Sport Klub Windhoek (Gründungsdatum: 2.März 1951)

Sportarten: Faustball, Fussball, Volleyball, Tennis, Tischtennis, Rhythmische Gymnastik, Trampolin, Bogenschiessen, Kegeln, AH Fussball, Jugendfussball

Titel: Erfolgreichster Faustball Klub Namibias. Weltpokalteilnahmen: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 (Pokal der Kontinentalmeister);

Ausrichter Weltpokal 2000,2002 und 2005 (3mal).

National-A Liga Meister (Landesmeister) von 1991-2012 mit Ausnahme von 1995.

Mitgliederanzahl:  900


Faustball Kontaktperson: Michael Baas (Trainer)+ 264 81 2725738


Championship favourites, SKW1 and Cohen FC3, took the honours in the Bank Windhoek National Fistball leagues. The championship finals took place on Saturday at the DTS sportsgrounds in Windhoek.

SKW 1 retained the Bank Windhoek National A league title with a 5:1 win against their club mates, SKW2. Fielding a strong defensive lineup, consisting of Michael Zimny, Sven Wiedenroth and Stefan Grögli, SKW 1 were the clear favourites going into the match. They had a hard time against their less favoured opponents. Lead by national team captain, Christoph Kubirske, the SKW 2 team kept things close in the first set only losing by 11:9 points, before leveling the score at 1:1 sets. SKW 1 then found their rhythm and took the next four sets to finish first in the Bank Windhoek championship. Third place went to Cohen FC 1 who had an intense play-off for third and fourth place against SFC1. The game ended with 4:3 sets.   

The Bank Windhoek National B league trophy remained firmly in the hands of Cohen FC 3 for the fourth consecutive year, by beating SKW 3 in a one sided final by 5:0 sets. Although SKW had strengthened their attack with the inclusion of Shaun Smith, they were no match against the experienced Cohen FC 3 team. Smith had earlier helped SKW 3 into the final with his strong serves by winning the qualifying game for the final by 4:2 against DTS. The league season ended well for SFC 2. After spending most of the season at the bottom of the table, the Swakopmund team won third place by beating DTS in the third and fourth place play off by 4:1 sets.

The DANRIC AUTO player of the day trophy was shared between Rüdiger Pfänder (Cohen FC 3) for his solid performance as setter in the Bank Windhoek National B League final and Martin Helm of SKW 2 for the agile and strong defensive performance in the final of the Bank Windhoek National A league.
The Namibian fistball season is far from over. The International Fistball Association's intercontinental World Club Championships will take place in Windhoek on 11 and 12 October 2013. A team from Brazil and a team from Germany will be taking each other on in this prestigious event. The local season will end with the Bank Windhoek Fistball Cup on 2 November 2013. - 16 September 2013 MEDIA RELEASE
Bank Windhoek National league A
1.    SKW 1
2.    SKW 2
3.    Cohen FC 1
4.    SFC 1
5.    Cohen FC 2

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Rico Kühnle-Kreitz playing for SKW in the Bank Windhoek National A league will join the SKW Worldcup squad 2013.
Bank Windhoek National league B
1.    Cohen FC 3
2.    SKW 3
3.    SFC 2
4.    DTS
5.    CFC 4

Final ranking of the Bank Windhoek Fistball championship
SKW 1.jpg: From left to right are, Sven Wiedenroth, Stefan Grögli, Arend von Stryk, Marc-Andre Witte, Michael Baas and Michael Zimny.
Namibia est. 1951
SKW Faustball - Fistball
Fistball World Cup Champion 2013 Novo Hamburgo
WELTCUP 2013 – Windhoek – Namibia

14:30 SKW 0 Novo Hamburgo 3
16:15 TSV Pfungstadt 3 SKW 0
18:00 Novo Hamburgo 3 TSV Pfungstadt 2

Saturday, 12 October 2013 
SKW 0 vs 3 TSV Pfungstadt
Novo Hamburgo 3 vs 0 SKW
TSV Pfungstadt 3 vs 2 Novo Hamburgo

Decider TSV Pfungstadt 0 vs 1 Novo Hamburgo

(SKW) SK Windhoek vs Novo Hamburgo (Brasil)