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Namibia est. 1951
Sport Klub Windhoek (Gründungsdatum: 2.März 1951)

Sportarten: Faustball, Fussball, Volleyball, Tennis, Tischtennis, Rhythmische Gymnastik, Trampolin, Bogenschiessen, Kegeln, AH Fussball, Jugendfussball

Titel: Erfolgreichster Faustball Klub Namibias. Weltpokalteilnahmen: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 (Pokal der Kontinentalmeister);

Ausrichter Weltpokal 2000,2002 und 2005 (3mal).

National-A Liga Meister (Landesmeister) von 1991-2010 mit Ausnahme von 1995.

Mitgliederanzahl:  900

Email: michael.baas@africaonline.com.na

Faustball Kontaktperson: Michael Baas (Trainer)+ 264 81 2725738

The Namibian Fistball Association

Der Namibische Faustball Verband
First Round Pictures
Play off's 18. September 2010
top Picture: Olaf Beiter
middle Picture: SKW u/14 Team
bottom Picture: Heiko Schmidt
1. Ligarunde
2. Ligarunde 
Cohen (SKW Platz)
 3. Ligarunde
4. Ligarunde - Cohen 
(SKW Platz)
Cohen Turnier

Namibian fistball aims high - Submitted by Namibia Sport Magazine, 15/02/2011

With the Fistball Season Opening Tournament scheduled for this Saturday, an eventful year will start for Namibia’s Fistball fraternity. The two big events that will define the year are the N$ ½ Million raffle and the participation of a Namibian national team at the World Championships for men in Austria.

According the Michael Baas, President of the Fistball Association of Namibia, The N$ ½ Million raffle represents the single biggest fundraising initiative undertaken by the Association thus far.

“The profit from the raffle will put us on a sound financial footing enabling us to concentrate more effectively on the development of the game”, explains Baas.

Since 2009, when the U18 Youth World Championship was hosted in Namibia, a lot of headway has been made. An U14 league was established and the U18 National team which travelled to the World Championships in Spain last year returned home with a fifth place.

“We want to build on that,” concludes Baas , “and that is why the funds generated will benefit youth development and the national teams.” The final draw for the raffle is scheduled for the end of March 2011.

The highlight of the year from a sporting perspective will undoubtedly be the 13th World Championship for Men which will be played in Austria from 7 to 14 August 2011. Namibia will be one of 12 teams participating. While a provisional squad was assembled last year the selection process is about to start in all earnest in the coming months.

Special Training sessions and training camps are scheduled from middle March with the final squad being announced in early May 2011. According to the coordinator of national teams, Christoph Kubirske, a lot of hard work awaits the national team hopefuls. “We will need to rebuild the team since a number of seasoned internationals have retired since the last World Cup in 2007,” he explains.

At this weekend’s tournament all the nominated players will have a chance to prove themselves to caretaker coach Stefan Groegli. The games of the season’s first tournament will start at 8.30 at the SFC Sport Club in Swakopmund where clubs from Windhoek and Swakopmund will determine the tournament champions in the two different categories. Action is guaranteed this season, be it on the field with the national team players in action or off with the final draw of the N$ ½ Million raffle.

SKW startet in die neuer Faustballsaison

An diesem Samstag wird der SKW mit drei Mannschaften in die Faustballsaison 2011 starten. Das Eroeffnungsturnier findet ab 9.00 Uhr auf dem SFC Faustballplatz in Swakopmund statt.

In zwei Klassen wird um einen Pokal gespielt. In der Nationalliga A spielen zwei Mannschaften des Vereins mit während in der Nationalliga B eine Mannschaft spielen wird. Das Trainertrio Michael Zimny, Christoph Kubirske und Stefan Grögli wird in diesem Jahr  in der Nationalliga A neue Wege bei der Mannschaftaufstellung gehen. Eine Mannschaft wird ausnahmslos aus Kaderspielern der Faustballnationalmannschaft bestehen waehrend die andere Mannschaft aus erfahrenen Faustball-kräften besteht. Ziel ist somit den Kaderspielern eine optimal Vorbereitung auf die Faustballweltmeisterschaft zu erlauben.

In der Nationalliga B sollen erstmals einige der U14 Spieler die sich im vergangenen Jahr ausgezeichnet haben, Turnierluft schnuppern.  Die Trainer hoffen so nicht nur  neue Spieler an die Nationalliga A heran zu führen sondern auch die Resultate des Vereins in der Nationalliga B zu verbessern.  Im letzten Jahr belegte das von Verletzungen geplagte Team den zweitletzten Platz in der Abschlusstabelle.

SKW set to start new Fistball season

Three SKW teams will participate in this weekend's season Opening Fistball tournament in Swakopmund. The games are set to start at 9.00 o' clock at the SFC Fistball field. Cups are up for grabs in two classes, the National League A and the National League B.

Since a number of SKW players have been asked to join the preliminary national team squad which is preparing to participate at the 13th Fistball World Championships in Austria the coaches have taken a fresh approach to selecting the National League A teams. One team will consist entirely of squad players while the other will be made up of other seasoned Fistball players. This will support the national team players with their preparation.

The team participating in the National League B will also see some changes. A couple of U14 players who showed their talent in last year's U14 competition will join the team.  The coaches hop to strengthen the team with this move so that the club can achieve a better result in the coming league competition than they did last year.

Faustballnationalmannschaft -Kaderspieler des SKW
Fistball National Team - SKW players in the preliminary squad

Christoph Kubirske - Angriff/ Spiker
Arend von Stryk - Angriff/ Spiker
Michael Zimny - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense
Werner Jacobi - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense
Olaf Haase - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense
Uwe Seiler - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense
Christian Knobloch - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense
Immo Kötting - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense
Gian Rudolph - Zuspiel & Abwehr/ Setter & Defense

Trainer/ Coaches: Stefan Grögli/ Christoph Kubirske

Das endgueltige Nationalteam wird Ende April 2011 bekannt gegeben. The final squad that will travel to Austria will be announced at the end of April 2011.

Fistball League set to start - 09/03/2011 -

The Namibian Fistball League will kick off in Swakopmund this weekend. The coastal town will host Namibia’s fistball fraternity once again since the fields in Windhoek are rain drenched. All games of the National A league and National B league will be played at the SFC Sport Club.

Some new faces will be participating in the National B league. After an absence of two years the Deutscher Turn und Sportverein club (DTS) have entered a team. While the club might be better known for successfully hosting the largest social volleyball event in the country it also has a proud fistball heritage dating back to the 1980’s.

Besides DTS, seven other teams will be in contesting the title. Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW), Cohen Fistball Club (CFC) and Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) will field two teams each while Windhoek Ramblers are represented by one team. Judging by their performance at the first tournament of the season both CFC’s 1 and 2 sides must be regarded as favourites. Both teams qualified for the final of the cup tournament in magnificent fashion.

As the defending A league champions, SKW 2 will however be tough to beat. The team consists of experienced campaigners who played at last year’s Club World Championship which was held in Windhoek.

The biggest threat to the champion’s supremacy may come from CFC 1 and SKW 1. Both teams have proven their potential in the past. Amongst others all players who are part of the preliminary national team will be in action. The final squad which will be chosen towards the end of April will be travelling to Austria in August to participate at the Men’s Fistball World Cup.

This weekend will also see the final draw date of the N$500 000 raffle being made public. The raffle is the Fistball Association of Namibia’s largest fundraising initiative thus far. All the proceeds will benefit youth development efforts and the national teams.

SKW startet in die Faustballliga

An diesem Samstag startet der SKW in Faustballliga 2011. Nachdem der Klub in den letzten Jahren mit drei Mannschaften ( Zwei in der Nationalliga A und eine in der Nationalliga B) in der Liga teilgenommen hat wurden fuer diese Saison vier Mannschaften eingemeldet. Gespielt wird auf dem SFC Sportplatz in Swakopmund.

In der Nationalliga A gilt der SKW 2 als Titelfavorit. Der amtierende Ligameister  bildet in diesem Jahr wieder eine starke Einheit die grösstenteils aus Spielern (Unteranderem: Michael Baas, Stefan Groegli, Sven Wiedenroth und Immo Koetting) besteht die beim Weltpokal im vergangenen Jahr mitgespielt haben.  Als stärkste Gegner gelten die Vereinskameraden des SKW 1 und der CFC 1. Beide Mannschaften haben sich beim Eröffnungsturnier einen offenen Schlagabtausch geliefert und konnten dem SKW 2 bei Zeiten Paroli bieten.

In der Nationalliga B stellt der SKW zwei von insgesamt acht Mannschaften. Die Chancen auf einen Tital sind aber eher gering da viele Nachwuchsspieler in diesen beiden Mannschaften spielen. Die Favoriten in dieser Liga sind ohne Zweifel die beiden Mannschaften des CFC. Bei dem Pokalturnier zur Saisoneröffnung vor rund drei Wochen schafften beide Teams es unangefochten ins Finale.  Die weiteren Gegner des SKW in dieser Liga sind: DTS, Cohen FC, Windhoek Ramblers  und der SFC (Zwei Mannschaften).

Faustball National Liga Namibia. Ein Spiel zwischen den Minis u/14 des SKW und SFC, 12/03/2011
Surprises at SKW Fistball tourney - Mon, 18/04/2011

There were a number of surprises during the second round of league games in the Bank Windhoek National Fistball Championships which took place at the SKW Fistball fields in Windhoek on Saturday. SKW 2 extended their unbeaten run in the Bank Windhoek National A league and improved their hold on the top spot in the league.

CFC1, who held second place before the start of the day’s activities, had an unsuccessful day. Team captain and Spiker, Thorsten Schmidt Dumont, picked up an injury midway through his team’s first match. Without his attacking prowess the team did not manage to win a single game during the day. SKW 1 passed them on the log and are now in second position.

There were some major changes to the log in the Bank Windhoek National B league. SKW 3 could not repeat their spectacular performance from the first round of games. The team lost every game on Saturday and had to surrender their first position to SFC 1. The Swakopmund team was undoubtedly the team of the day, leaving Windhoek with three wins from three matches and the top position on the log. Cohen FC 3 moved into second place. The team from Windhoek, Ramblers, also put in a strong performance winning all their games. Since they missed the first round of games last month they however remain near the bottom of the table.

During the evening’s prize giving ceremony Mark Roesener of Cohen FC received the Danric Auto player of the day award. Marc Andre Witte was honoured in the U14 category as player of the day. The next round of games in the Bank Windhoek National Fistball Championships will be held on 28 May in Windhoek. The coach of the Namibian National team will use the event to announce the men’s national team that will travel to Austria in August 2011 to represent Namibia at the Fistball World Championships. Prior to this event, Namibia’s Fistball fraternity will meet in Swakopmund on 15 May, when the SFC will host Namibia’s Indoor Fistball Cup


For further infos please phone Michael Baas +264 812725738 or Christoph Kubirske +264 812296263. Final draw was held on the 15th of April at Cohen Fistball Club in Windhoek!

N$ ½ Million Draw - Final draw 15 April 2011

N$ 500 000 - 1062 Peter Jones
N$ 100 000 - 1919 Marco Steinkopff
N$ 30 000 - 1596 Dr A Schmidt-Dumont
N$ 15 000 - 2652 Heinz Büttner
N$ 10 000 - 846 Die Pauker
N$ 5 000 - 1809 Uwe Holm

A happy Peter Jones together with Michael Baas of thr Namibian Fistball Assosiation
Fistball moves indoors 12 May 2011

Namibia’s fistball community will meet in Swakopmund this weekend to determine Namibia’s indoor fistball champion. The cup tournament will be hosted from 10h30 at the SFC Sport Centre. Teams from the Cohen Fistball Club, Sportklub Windhoek (SKW) and SFC will participate. The tournament does not form part of the Bank Windhoek National Fistball Championship.

This is the only tournament of its kind in Namibia. Indoor fistball differs from the outdoor variety as the field of play is shorter and players must get used to the hard playing surface which makes the game faster.

The Swakopmund teams start the tournament with a slight advantage since they are the only teams that regularly practice indoors. Last year’s winner came from Windhoek however and should SKW 1 win this latest edition of the tournament they will have made it three wins in a row.

The teams will play each other on a round robin basis. The four best placed teams will progress to the semifinals with the winners taking each other on in the final, which is expected to start at 17h00.

SKW win Indoor Fistball Cup - 16/05/2011

Windhoek based SKW 1 won the Coastal Indoor Fistball tournament for the third time in a row on Saturday, May 14. They beat club mates SKW 2 in a tight final at the SFC Sport Club with Cohen FC 1 taking third spot.

The two SKW teams were worthy finalists since none of the other teams managed a win against the sides during the preliminary stage. Cohen FC had come to Swakopmund without their top spikers who missed the tournament through work commitments and injury. The SFC Sport Club on the other hand used the event to blood a couple of youth players who showed a lot of talent but could not manage a surprise against the more experienced sides.

The final turned out to be a classy game. SKW 2 got off to the better start and were 10 points in front 10 minutes into the game before SKW 1 started to fight back. Spiker Chris Kubirske managed to find the holes in SKW 2’s defence as time went on and by the start of the second half SKW 1 managed the equalizer. The lead changed another couple of times until SKW 1 pulled away by five points, a lead which they did not surrender again.

For the next event on the Fistball calendar the teams will move outdoors again. The third round of the Bank Windhoek National Fistball will be held on 28 May 2011 in Windhoek.

Vom 17.05.2011- SKW gewinnt einziges Faustball-Hallenturnier

Zum dritten Mal in Folge hat der SKW 1 am Samstag in Swakopmund den Hallenfaustball-Pokal gewonnen. Die Windhoeker setzten sich in der Sporthalle des SFC Sport-Clubs im Finale gegen ihre  Vereinskameraden SKW 2 durch. Dritter wurde der Cohen FC 1.

Schon in der Vorrunde, in der die teilnehmenden Mannschaften gegen alle jeweils anderen Teams des Wettbewerbs antraten, erwiesen sich die SKW-Teams als zu stark für die Lokalmatadoren. Der Cohen FC musste im Angriff auf seine besten Spieler verzichten. Der SFC nutzte das Turnier hingegen, um Nachwuchsspielern die Möglichkeit zu geben, Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Die Jugendspieler konnten gegen die erfahrenen Gegner jedoch für keine Überraschung sorgen.

Als spielerischer Höhepunkt des Tages erwies sich das Finale. Der SKW 2 erwischte den besseren Start ins Spiel und spielte bis Mitte der ersten Halbzeit einen Zehn-Punkte-Vorsprung heraus. Der SKW 1 fand erst gegen Ende der ersten Halbzeit ins Spiel. Vor allem Spiker Christoph Kubirske punktete wiederholt mit gut plazierten Schlägen. In der zweiten Halbzeit konnte der SKW1 ausgleichen, die Führung wechselte in der Folge mehrmals, da beide Mannschaften Probleme in der Abwehr hatten. Kurz vor Ende des Spiels gelang es dem SKW1, sich mit fünf Punkten abzusetzen. Die Mannschaft gab diesen Vorsprung anschließend nicht mehr her.

Nach diesem Abstecher in die Halle geht der Ligaalltag für die namibischen Faustballer weiter. Am 28 Mai 2011 findet der dritte Spieltag der Bank-Windhoek-Faustballmeisterschaft in Windhoek statt.

Fistball League hots up -  04/07/2011

The next tournament in the 2011 Bank Windhoek Fistball League will take place coming Saturday, 9 July, at the SKW Fistball fields in Olympia, Windhoek.

Spectators can expect some hot action with teams vying for one of the top four spots on the league log, as these teams will qualify for the championship play-offs in September. According to the rules of the Bank Windhoek Fistball Championship, the team placed first after this round of games automatically qualifies for a spot in the final of the championship. The second and third placed teams will fight it out to determine the other participants in the final. The first game will start at 8h00.

SKW 2 have a firm grip on the first place in the Bank Windhoek National League A, where they have an unassailable lead over second placed SKW 1. This guarantees them a place at the championship final. The race is, however, still on for second place. While SKW 1 have recently overtaken Cohen FC 1 on the log, Cohen FC 1 is still in with a chance of catching the defending champions. During the last two league meetings Cohen FC could not live up to their potential since they had to deal with serious injuries to key players. With all players on board they now stand a chance to move up the log.

There are a number of teams still in the running in the Bank Windhoek National B League. Currently SFC 1 is in first spot followed by SFC 2, CFC 3 and SKW 3 respectively. All four teams have a chance to take up positions one to three, which will give them a shot at the championship play-offs. Especially SKW 3 has a point to prove. The team had a disappointing outing last time round when it lost all its matches and consequently dropped from second to fourth spot in the league. They will pull out all the stops to finish amongst the top three. Amongst the other games which will be played are games in the Bank Windhoek U14 and U18 League, which proved to be a major drawcard for spectators. The games are played at a competitive level and at a high standard.

The players of the men’s national team will also be in action over the weekend. This will be the last time the players will take to the field in competitive matches on home soil, before setting off to participate at the Men’s World Championships in Austria. The team will depart on 28 July.

Nationalmannschaft vorgestellt

Das Spielgeschehen geriet am dritten Spieltag der Bank Windhoek Faustballliga etwas in das Abseits. Grund war die Bekanntgabe der Herrennationalmannschaft die vom 7 bis zum 14 August 2011 an der Weltmeisterschaft in Oesterreich teilnimmt. Trainer Stefan Groegli und der Trainerstab nahmen die Spieler des 13 koepfigen Trainingskaders auf den Faustballfeldern des SKW ein letztes mal unter Lupe bevor sie sich fuer den engueltige Mannschaft entschieden.

Die zehn Spieler die Namibia bei der Weltmeisterschaft vertreten sind: Gernot Friedrich, Jens Iben, Wanjo Meyer, Mark Roesener (alle Cohen Faustball Club (CFC)), Christoph Kubirske, Michael Baas, Olaf Haase, Michael Zimny, Arend von Stryk und Christian Knobloch (alle Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW))

Abreisen wird die namibische Mannschaft schon in der Woche vor der WM den laut Trainer Grögli ist eine Trainingslager in Jona in der Schweiz geplant. Dort wird auch Christian Schluep zu der Mannschaft stossen. Der ehemalige schweizer Nationalspieler uebernimmt in Jona das Traineramt und wird dem Team den letzten Feinschliff verleihen. Laut Rekordnationalspieler Michael Baas gilt es den achten Platz in den Namibia bei der letzten WM belegte zu verteidigen.

Cohen FC 1 also capitalized on the inconsistent performance of the SKW 2 defence and brought home their first win of the season against the log leaders. By holding on to first spot, SKW 2 have now qualified to play in the final of the Bank Windhoek National League A, to be held in September. SKW 1 and CFC1, as second and third placed teams respectively, will determine the other finalist in a play-off match.

The two teams from the coast, SFC 1 and SFC 2, underlined their championship ambitions with strong performances in the Bank Windhoek National league B.

SFC 1 qualified for the championship final of the league by ending the day in first spot. While the SFC 2 only took second spot on the log, they were undoubtedly the team of the day. With four wins from four matches they had an outstanding day proving that they are determined to make it into the championship final, where they will meet third placed CFC 3 in the play-off for the remaining spot in September.

With his solid performance in defence, SFC 2 player Dieter Tietz was awarded the Danric Auto player of the day award. League newcomers DTS surprised with another win and climbed to 6th spot on the log, ahead of CFC 4 and Ramblers.

These were the last games in the domestic competition for the players of the mens national team before they depart to Austria were they will represent Namibia at the 13th Mens World Championships.

Coach Stefan Grögli saw a couple of encouraging performances by his players but he acknowledged that a lot of work still remains. The team will attend a one week training camp in Switzerland prior to the tournament, where Grögli and former Swiss international player Christian Schluep will give the Namibian team some finishing touches.

National Fistball League in final stages - 11 / 07 / 2011

The fourth round of games in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League produced a number of exhilarating matches and some surprise results. Nonetheless, the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) 2 team qualified for the championship finals of the Bank Windhoek National League A, while Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) 1 qualified in the Bank Windhoek National B League.

While National League A log leaders SKW 2 did not relinquish their spot at the top of the log, they suffered their first two defeats of the season.

In the first match of the day a resurgent SKW 1 side produced their best performance of the season to win a fast paced match by 4 sets to 2. SKW 2 showed a lot of spirit, fighting their way back into the match, but too many errors cost them the game in the end.
Namibia to compete at Fistball World Cup  - by newsdesk, 18/07/2011

Namibia will send a men’s team to participate at the 13th Fistball World Cup in Vienna, Austria from 7 to 14 August.

Namibia will participate in the tournament alongside other national teams including Brazil, Germany and the USA. “We will use this tournament to gain match experience in European conditions before the World Cup. The tournament will be played over two consecutive days,” Groegli said. “This will also be the first chance that Christian Schluep, a former Swiss international, will have to see the Namibian players in action.” Schluep will coach the team alongside Groegli for the World Cup. He previously coached the Namibian team at the 2003 and 2007 World Cups. His task will be to analyse the team’s shortcomings during the Obersee Masters tournament and work at correcting them during the training camp that will follow.

The team will then travel to Vienna, where they will be playing their opening match against Serbia on the 7th of August. “In the past we could confidently challenge and compete against teams like Argentina, Italy and Chile, but with the influx of new and unknown fistball nations at the World Cup we cannot be sure which countries will be our biggest competitors,” Groegli said. The Namibian team is largely inexperienced with four of their players having never played international matches. Only three of the players have played for the national team.

Michael Baas is the most experienced player in the team, with a total of 59 international caps. The 44-year-old spiker is expected to play a supporting role to the youngsters in the team, especially to Kubirske who has taken over the captaincy and the role of lead spiker from him. Another spiker in the team will be Arend von Stryk, who will be one of the few Namibians who have represented the country in more than one sport code. Von Stryk has represented Namibia in the national football team, the Brave Warriors, on a number of occasions. Groegli will be aiming to get the eighth place finish Namibia achieved at the last World Cup in 2007 or better it. “The chances of achieving this will be dependent on the team’s performance in the preliminary round where they will play Brazil and Serbia on the first day of the World Cup,” Groegli said. “A win against Serbia will set the scene for a strong finish in the round robin leg of the competition which follows the first round.” “One thing is for sure, whatever we want to achieve will need a lot of grit, determination and hardwork,” Groegli concluded.

The captain of the team, Christof Kubirske said the team would leave Namibia at the end of July. “We will leave Namibia on the 28th of July and our first stop will be Jona, Switzerland where we will have a week long training camp,” Kubirske said.

The Namibian team coach, Stefan Groegli explained what the week in Jona will have in store for the team. “This will be a tough week in which we will try and prepare the team as best as possible,” Groegli said. “A few hours after arriving in Switzerland, the Namibians will face Chile, who are also participating in the World Cup, in an international friendly. This game will act as a curtain raiser for the Obersee Masters, a tournament for club sides which is considered the best in the world.”


Viertelfinale Linz
Do., 11.8.2011
16:15 41 Argentinien - Schweiz 3:2 (12:10, 7:11, 11:8, 11:13, 12:10)
17:30 42 Deutschland - Chile 3:1 (8:11, 11:2, 11:2, 11:6)
18:45 43 Brasilien - Namibia 3:0 (11:4, 11:4, 11:5)
20:15 44 Österreich - Italien 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 14:12)

Di., 9.8.2011

Japan - Namibia 0:3 (7:11, 2:11, 9:11)
Österreich - Chile 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 11:8)

Brasilien - Deutschland 3:1 (11:9, 12:14, 11:7, 11:5)
Österreich - Schweiz 3:0 (12:10, 11:7, 11:6)

Mi., 10.8.2011
Tschechien - Namibia 0:3 (5:11, 3:11, 5:11)
17:30 35 Italien - Namibia 1:3 (11:6, 10:12, 8:11, 6:11)

Spiel Nr. 35, Gruppe F: Italien - Namibia
Namibia dreht die Partie gegen die Italiener. Italien übernimmt zu Beginn die Initiative, doch Namibia kann zulegen und den zweiten Satz knapp für sich entscheiden. Es entwickelt sich ein offener Schlagabtausch, bei dem die Afrikaner die Oberhand behalten. Namibia holt sich mit diesem 3:1-Erfolg den ersten Platz in der Fruppe F, beide Teams schaffen jedoch den Einzug ins Viertelfinale.

Italien - Namibia 1:3 (11:6, 10:12, 8:11, 6:11)

So., 7.8.2011
11:00 1 Namibia - Serbien 3:0 (11:4, 11:6, 11:7)
12:15 2 Argentinien - USA 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 11:4)
13:30 3 Brasilien - Serbien 3:0 (11:5, 11:6, 11:5)
14:45   Off. Eröffnung
15:45 4 Österreich - USA 3:0 (11:8, 11:4, 11:2)
17:00 5 Brasilien - Namibia 3:0 (11:5, 11:5, 11:7)
18:15 6 Österreich - Argentinien 3:1 (11:7, 11: 6, 8:11, 11:5)

Mo., 8.8.2011
12:30 13 Argentinien - Namibia 3:0 (13:11, 11:8, 11:6)
Die Spielergebnisse jener Mannschaften, die bereits in der Vorrunde gegeneinander gespielt haben, werden in die Zwischenrunde mitgenommen.
14:30 15 USA - Serbien 2:3 (9:11, 11:8, 11:13, 11:6, 10:12)
15:45 16 Brasilien - Argentinien 3:2 (11:7, 7:11, 7:11, 11:6, 12:10)
17:00 17 USA - Namibia 0:3 (3:11, 5:11, 6:11)
18:15 18 Österreich - Brasilien 3:2 (10:12, 9:11, 11:8, 11:9, 11:6)

Namibia Capt Christorf Kubirske in a rainy Vienna against USA
Fr., 12.8.2011 - Qualifikationsrunden (3 Gewinnsätze)

10:30 45 Serbien - Japan
11:45 46 USA - Tschechien
13:00 47 Schweiz - Italien
14:15 48 Chile - Namibia

Fr., 12.8.2011 - Halbfinalspiele (4 Gewinnsätze)

16:00 50 Deutschland - Brasilien
18:00 49 Argentinien - Österreich

Namibia in quater final

Viertelfinale, Brasilien - Namibia 3:0 (11:4, 11:4, 11:5)

Zu Beginn hält Namibia gut mit, Brasilien lässt aber nichts anbrennen und macht aus einem 4:4 ein 11:4. Auch im zweiten Satz sind die Brasilianer klar überlegen, allen voran Top-Angreifer Patrick. Der dritte Satz fällt noch deutlicher aus. Brasilien macht mit einem 3:0 in Sätzen den Halbfinaleinzug perfekt. 
Did it the Namibian coaches - QUARTER FINAL Namibia beat Italy 3 - 1
Namibia spiker Michael Baas - QUARTER FINAL

Viertelfinale Linz
Do., 11.8.2011
16:15 41 Argentinien - Schweiz 3:2 (12:10, 7:11, 11:8, 11:13, 12:10)
17:30 42 Deutschland - Chile 3:1 (8:11, 11:2, 11:2, 11:6)
18:45 43 Brasilien - Namibia 3:0 (11:4, 11:4, 11:5)
20:15 44 Österreich - Italien 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 14:12)

Di., 9.8.2011

Japan - Namibia 0:3 (7:11, 2:11, 9:11)
Österreich - Chile 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 11:8)

Brasilien - Deutschland 3:1 (11:9, 12:14, 11:7, 11:5)
Österreich - Schweiz 3:0 (12:10, 11:7, 11:6)

Mi., 10.8.2011
Tschechien - Namibia 0:3 (5:11, 3:11, 5:11)
17:30 35 Italien - Namibia 1:3 (11:6, 10:12, 8:11, 6:11)

Spiel Nr. 35, Gruppe F: Italien - Namibia
Namibia dreht die Partie gegen die Italiener. Italien übernimmt zu Beginn die Initiative, doch Namibia kann zulegen und den zweiten Satz knapp für sich entscheiden. Es entwickelt sich ein offener Schlagabtausch, bei dem die Afrikaner die Oberhand behalten. Namibia holt sich mit diesem 3:1-Erfolg den ersten Platz in der Fruppe F, beide Teams schaffen jedoch den Einzug ins Viertelfinale.

Italien - Namibia 1:3 (11:6, 10:12, 8:11, 6:11)

So., 7.8.2011
11:00 1 Namibia - Serbien 3:0 (11:4, 11:6, 11:7)
12:15 2 Argentinien - USA 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 11:4)
13:30 3 Brasilien - Serbien 3:0 (11:5, 11:6, 11:5)
14:45   Off. Eröffnung
15:45 4 Österreich - USA 3:0 (11:8, 11:4, 11:2)
17:00 5 Brasilien - Namibia 3:0 (11:5, 11:5, 11:7)
18:15 6 Österreich - Argentinien 3:1 (11:7, 11: 6, 8:11, 11:5)

Mo., 8.8.2011
12:30 13 Argentinien - Namibia 3:0 (13:11, 11:8, 11:6)
Die Spielergebnisse jener Mannschaften, die bereits in der Vorrunde gegeneinander gespielt haben, werden in die Zwischenrunde mitgenommen.
14:30 15 USA - Serbien 2:3 (9:11, 11:8, 11:13, 11:6, 10:12)
15:45 16 Brasilien - Argentinien 3:2 (11:7, 7:11, 7:11, 11:6, 12:10)
17:00 17 USA - Namibia 0:3 (3:11, 5:11, 6:11)
18:15 18 Österreich - Brasilien 3:2 (10:12, 9:11, 11:8, 11:9, 11:6)

The Namibian Fistball National Team finished eight at the Fistball World cup held in Austria.

"I am very satisfied with this result " coach Christian Schluep, a former Swiss international said after the decicive game on Saturday afternoon in Linz7/ Pasching, Austria.

The road to eight place
Namibia played a quarter final against Brasil on Thursday evening after finishing first in the their preliminary group ahead of Italy.The game was a clear cut affair with Brazil walking of the field with a comprehensive 3:0 victory. Namibia never stood a chance against the World Cup hopefuls who presented their strongest line up in this World Cup Quarter final. Patrick Piermann was the match winner for the South Americans with his precise and effective spikes. Namibia played without veteran spiker Michael Baas who was nursing a shoulder injury.

The loss meant that Namibia had to play Chile on Friday afternoon in a game that would decide who would take qualify for a 5/6 place play off against Switzerland. After a nervous start to the game the Namibians produced what would arguably be their best performance of the tournement. This was however not enough as the Chileans won the game 0:3 (8:11,8:11, 7:11). The starting line up of Namibia included Christoph Kubirske as captain, Michael Baas, Michael Zimny, Mark Roesener and Olaf Haase.

On Saturday afzternoon Namibia then met Italy in the play off match for 7/8 place at this World Cup. The game took place in the  Wald Stadium in Linz/ Pasching in front of a capacity crowde of nearly 7000 spectators.

Having already been beaten once by Namibia the Italians had all the pressure on them. Namibia started their match with their strongest team: Christoph Kubirske, Michael Baas, Michael Zimny Olaf Haase and Mark Roesener. With much of the support behind thenm Italy reacted best and took an early 3 point lead in the first set. They took apart Namibias defence with well played short balls  while Michael Baas was not able to penetrate the Italian defence with his serves. Italy deservedly took the first set with 11:2. In the second set Aarend von Sztryk replaced Michael Baas and Christoph Kubirske took the responsibility for the Namibian attack. The Namibians managed some well placed spikes and kept the game tight until a 3:3 score. The Italians then once again found thgeir rhythm and were sucessful with a nukmber of spikes to take the second set with 11:5. With Baas back in attack in the third set and Jens Iben in defence Namibia gave their all. However the Italians showed some good work in defence and their well played spikes then gave them match ball winning the set 11:7.

Coach Christian Schluep had the following resumee after the game:" Froim when I first saw the Namibian players two weeks ago, they made a number of troumendous improvements. They lifted their level of play from a 5/10 perfomance to 7/10. Italy hads the better game on the day. They were cleverer and produced their best perfomance of the tournament." He continued by saying:"  The Namibian players should build on their perfoimance with their sights on the neaxt Wolrd Cup in 4 years time. With some hard work they will be able to improve on 8 spot."

With this 8 spot Namibia have defended their place of the last World Championship and they also achieved their main goal for this World Cup.
Foto Team:

Namibias players receiving the award for 8th place together with International Fistball Association delegates.

Back from left ; Ernesto Dohnalek ( IFA Honourary President), Wanjo Meyer. Arend von Stryk, Stefan Groegli (Coach), Gernot Friedrich, Dirk Wolters (Manager), Michael Baas, Christian Schluep (Coach) Karl Weiss (IFA President)

Front from left: Christian Knobloch, Jens Iben, Michael Zimny, Christoph Kubirske (Captain), Mark Roesener, Olaf Haase

Fistball Championship showdown 20/09/2011

The Bank Windhoek Fistball league champion will be crowned this weekend with the decisive games taking place at the SKW Sport Grounds on Saturday, 24 September.

The day’s play will kick off at 8h00 when teams from the Bank Windhoek National League A and B will be in action.

These leagues are decided on a play-off system where the second and third placed teams on the log, after four round of games in the respective league, play a semi-final to determine the team that will take on the first placed team in a do or die match for the title.

In the National A league Cohen FC 1 and SKW 1 meet to determine the second team in the deciding match. Although SKW 1 are the favourites for this match (since they will be with four national players who have recently represented Namibia at the Men’s Fistball World Cup), Cohen FC has a number of talented players in its midst and could upset the outcome of the game. Certain of their place in the final is SKW 2 who have lost only two games this season.

SFC 1 will meet the winners of the game between CFC3 and SFC 2 for the title in the National League B. The match between the defending league champions CFC 3 and the coastal team promises to be a thriller. Both teams have shown their worth this season.

SFC 2 go into the game highly motivated since a win will mean that whatever way the final turns out, the coveted title will go Swakopmund after a long absence.

Fistball pundits should definitely not miss the finals which promise to be tight affairs. The final of the Bank Windhoek National B League is scheduled for 14h30, while the final of Namibia’s premier fistball league, the Bank Windhoek National A League will be played from 16h00.

Endspiele im Faustball - vom 21.09.2011

Windhoek - Das Finale der Bank Windhoek-Faustballmeisterschaft wird am Samstag in Windhoek ausgetragen. Die Teams der Nationalligen A und B treffen ab 8.00 Uhr auf den Faustballfeldern des Sportklubs Windhoek (SKW) aufeinander.

Neben den Finalspielen werden in den jeweiligen Ligen auch die Platzierungen in direkten Duellen ausgespielt. Ab 14.30 Uhr treten die Finalisten gegeneinander an, das Finale der Eliteklasse, der Nationalliga-A, ist für 16.00 Uhr angesetzt.

In der A-Liga hat der sich SKW 2 bereits für das Finale qualifiziert. In der Liga B wartet die erste Faustball-Mannschaft des Swakopmunder Sportklubs (SFC 1) noch auf einen Gegner. Um den Einzug in das Finale der A-Liga werden der „SKW 1“ und der „Cohen FC 1“ kämpfen. Die Mannschaft des Cohen Faustball-Klubs (CFC) gilt als junge und talentierte Mannschaft. „SKW 1“ kann auf vier Nationalspieler zurückgreifen, die Namibia bei der WM in Österreich vertreten haben. Von AZ

SKW surprise to win Fistball League
Submitted by editor on Tue, 09/27/2011 - 13:48. Fistball
Things did not go the way of the favourites at the play-offs of the 2011 Bank Windhoek National Fistball League. After trailing their rivals for much of the season, SKW 1 won the Bank Windhoek National A league, while Cohen FC 3 took the honours in the Bank Windhoek National B league.

The final match of the Bank Windhoek National A league was an all SKW affair. After finishing first in the preliminary round, SKW 2 had qualified for the final automatically, while SKW 1 had to play Cohen FC (CFC) 1 in a semi-final.

The SKW team won comfortably against CFC 1 to advance to the final where they took on their fellow club mates, SKW 2.

Both teams started the match nervously with many mistakes creeping into the game. Things were evenly balanced at two sets each, when SKW 1 managed to pull away and build a two-set lead. They sustained a brief fight-back by their opponents, when SKW 2 narrowed the score to 4-3, but eventually won the match comfortably by 5 sets to 3.

Spectators got to see the best match of the day, when the Swakopmund side (SFC 1) met Cohen FC 3 in the final of the Bank Windhoek National B league.

Cohen FC had knocked SFC 2 out of the running for the championship in a tightly contested semi-final earlier in the day, in order to qualify for the championship decider.

With both teams evenly balanced, CFC 3 and SFC 1 produced a thrilling final. Every point was hotly contested with long rallies over the net. In the end CFC had the better nerves and, thanks to an impressive and nearly faultless performance by their main spiker, Tristan Minz, they won the game by 5 sets to 3.

Fifteen year old Minz was awarded the DANRIC Auto player of the day award for his efforts. League newcomers Deutscher Turn- und Sportverein (DTS) also ended the league season on a high note by finishing in a respectable sixth position.

The 2011 Fistball season will close on 22 October, when the Bank Windhoek Namibian Fistball Cup will be played in Swakopmund. Prior to that event, all youth players will gather in Swakopmund for a practice camp, which will be hosted by Nick Trinemeier.

Trinemeier is a former German U21 national player and current German Fistball champion with TSV Pfungstadt. He will be in Namibia for four weeks as coach to the Swakopmund based SFC, where his main focus will be on youth development.

SKW und Cohen FC holen namibische Faustball-Titel

Überraschungen im Saisonfinale der Bank-Windhoek-Faustballmeisterschaft am vergangenen Samstag: Meister der Bank-Windhoek-Nationalliga A 2011 wurde SKW 1, in der Nationalliga B konnte der Cohen FC 3 den Titel verteidigen. Die eigentlichen Favoriten patzten.

Im Finale der A-Liga standen sich auf dem Faustballfeld des Sportklubs Windhoek (SKW) im Stadtteil Olympia die Mannschaften SKW 1 und SKW 2 gegenüber. Der SKW 2 hatte in der abgelaufenen Saison erst zwei Spiele verloren und war als Tabellenerster der Vorrunde für das Finale gesetzt. SKW 1 musste sich erst in einem Halbfinale für das Endspiel qualifizieren. Die grün-weißen der ersten Mannschaft des SKW setzten sich überraschend deutlich mit 5:3 Sätzen gegen den eigentlichen Favoriten SKW 2 durch. Zu Beginn hatten beide Mannschaften Probleme, ins Spiel zu finden. Nach vier Sätzen, stand es 2:2. Erst danach konnte der SKW 1 zulegen und sich einen 4:2-Vorsprung erarbeiten. Der Gegner zeigte in dieser Phase viele Unsicherheiten in der Abwehr. Auch im Angriff fehlt die nötige Durchschlagskraft, da Top-Spiker Michael Baas eine Schulterverletzung plagte. Geschlagen geben wollten sich die Favoriten so schnell nicht. Beim Stand von 4:2 konnte der SKW 2 noch einen Satz für sich entscheiden. Aber: Die Gegenwehr war von kurzer Dauer, den entscheidenden Satz zum 5:3 gewannen die Truppe des SKW 1 deutlich.

Das spannendste Spiel des Tages bekamen die begeisterten Zuschauer jedoch im Finale der Bank- Windhoek-Nationalliga-B zu sehen bei dem der SFC 1 aus Swakopmund gegen die Mannschaft drei des Windhoeker Cohen FC antrat. In der Saison hatte der amtierende Meister seine Vormachtstellung dem SFC überlassen müssen. In der Vorrundentabelle hatten sie es nur auf den dritten Platz geschafft. Am Samstag schafften die Windhoeker dann gleich die doppelte Revanche gegen die Mannschaften von der Küste. Erst musste der SFC 2 im Halbfinale daran glauben, im Finale setzte sich der Cohen FC 2 gegen den SFC 1 in einem ausgeglichenen und spannenden Spiel mit 5:3 durch.
Die Faustball-Fans kamen voll auf ihre Kosten und sahen zwei erbittert kämpfende Mannschaften. Ballwechsel mit bis zu acht Leinenüberquerungen waren keine Seltenheit, oft führten nur individuelle Fehler zu einem Punktgewinn. Den Unterschied machte Tristan Minz, der fast fehlerfrei spielte und mit seinen starken Angriffsschlägen die Swakopmunder Defensive in den entscheidenden Momenten überwinden konnte. Minz wurde für seine Leistung zum DANRIC-Auto-Spieler des Tages gewählt. Den dritten Platz belegte der SFC 2. SKW 3 platzierte sich auf dem vierten Rang. Die Liga-Neulinge des Windhoeker Deutschen Turn- und Sportvereins (DTS) konnten mit dem sechsten Platz im Endklassement ein mehr als respektables Ergebnis nach Hause fahren.

Bank Windhoek Fistball Cup 18/10/2011

The Bank Windhoek Fistball Cup tournament will kick off on Saturday, 22 October in Swakopmund. This will be the last fistball event taking place in Namibia for the eventful and exciting 2011 season.

The games will start at 08h30 at the SFC Sports Ground. The teams will participate in two categories with the more advanced sides taking each other on in Category A, while the other teams compete in Category B. “All eyes will be on the Atlantis Sport Club, a team from Walvis Bay, who will take part in the tournament for the first time. The team will be led by Bernd Hinterholzer. Nobody knows what to expect from the newcomers who have been preparing for the tournament since the beginning of the year”, said Christian Knobloch, Media Officer of the Namibia Fistball Association. SKW 1 have dominated the competition in the Category A division, be it in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League or Cup, for the past two seasons. Moreover, injuries have been plaguing a number of key SKW players, while Cohen FC will field a very competitive team. The surprise package of the tournament might however be the local lads. The SFC’s title ambitions in this category have been bolstered with the inclusion of spiker, Nick Trinemeier, in the squad. Trinemeier usually plays for German champions, TSV Pfungstadt, and is a former U21 German international. He spent the past four weeks coaching fistball in Swakopmund with a special focus on youth development. With his international experience, backed by dedicated team mates, Trinemeier could ensure that the cup ends up in Swakopmund.

The action will continue off the field on Saturday evening with an awards ceremony where the Fistball Association will award the winners of the Bank Windhoek Fistball League with medals, while the DANRIC Auto “Achiever of the year awards” will be handed to the youth player and senior player of the year.

Swakopmunder FC gewinnt Faustball-Landesturnier - Vom 27.10.2011

Es war ein Überraschungssieg mit Vorankündigung: In einem packende Finalspiel und unter Führung von Nick Trinemeier vom Deutschen Faustballmeister TSV Pfungstadt sicherte sich der Swakopmunder FC (SFC) den Bank-Windhoek-Faustball-Pokal.

Sein letzter Tag in Namibia war zugleich der schönste: Nick Trinemeier, Junioren-Europameister aus Deutschland, hat den SFC zum Pokalgewinn in der Kategorie A beim Faustball-Landesturnier geführt. In einem bis zum Schluss spannenden Finalspiel gegen die favorisierten Ligagewinner vom Sportklub Windhoek (SKW) gewannen die Küstensportler knapp mit einem Punkt Vorsprung. Dritter wurde der Cohen FC.
„Nick hat den Unterschied ausgemacht“; sagte SKW-Verteidiger Christian Knobloch und zeigte sich zugleich mir der eigenen Leistung zufrieden. „Wir haben ein gutes Spiel gemacht.“ Gleich zu Beginn des Endspiels leisteten sich die Hauptstädter allerdingst drei Eigenfehler in Folge. Eine Schwäche, die der SFC gut zu nutzen wusste. Mit drei Siegen aus drei Spielen war die Mannschaft ins Finale eingezogen und baute dort in der ersten Halbzeit eine Fünfpunkte-Führung auf. Dabei halfen die klimatischen Bedingungen: „Wir hatten Glück, zuerst den Wind und in die Sonne im Rücken zu haben“, sagte SFC-Gastspieler Nick Trinemeier.
Nach dem Seitenwechsel holte der SKW dementsprechend auf und schaffte zur Mitte der zweiten Hälfte den Ausgleich. Doch trotz nun vorteilhafter Wetterbedingungen und vielen Nationalspielern in den eigenen Reihen gelang es den Windhoekern nicht, sich abzusetzen. Die präzisen Angriffe Trinemeiers und ein in der Defensive überragender Michael Rohloff sicherten dem SFC letztlich einen knappen, aber verdienten Sieg in einer berauschenden Partie auf sehr hohem Niveau. Charly Meng, Faustball-Beauftragter beim SFC, sprach von einem „tollen und packenden Spiel, einem faustballerischen Leckerbissen.“

Auch in der Kategorie B des Bank-Windhoek-Landesturniers blieb es bis zum Ende spannend. Erst in der Verlängerung hatte erneut ein Team des SKW das Nachsehen. Die dritte Mannschaft des Sportklubs mit Spiker Andi Bachran kämpfte sich in der letzten Minute der regulären Spielzeit wieder an die Finalgegner vom Cohen FC heran und erzwang so die zusätzlichen Minuten. Den Windhoekern fehlte dann allerdings die nötige Kraft, denn bereits im Halbfinale hatte die eigene U-15-Mannschaft den erfahrenen Sportlern in einem nervenaufreibenden Spiel alles abverlangt – schon da bis in die Verlängerung. So siegte der Cohen FC mit einer Führung von drei Punkten und konnte den begehrten Pokal zum Saisonabschluss aus den Händen von Faustballverbandspräsident Michael Baas in Empfang nehmen.
Ausgezeichnet wurden außerdem Michael Zimny (SKW) und U18-Faustballer Thorsten Schmidt-Dumont als Spieler des Jahres und Michael Rohloff für seine glänzende Abwehrarbeit beim Landesturnier.
Auch Gastspieler und Kurzzeit-SFC-Trainer Nick Trinemeier freute sich riesig über seinen ersten afrikanischen Titel. „Das war ein besonderes Spiel“, sagte der 21-Jährige, der mittlerweile zurück in Deutschland ist, aber gerne wiederkommen möchte. „Wenn wir mit dem TSV Pfungstadt weiter so erfolgreich sind, spielen wir 2013 in Namibia um den Weltpokal.“

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