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Round 1: WSSL

Nampower 1 SKW 5 - SKW Stadium - Thursday, 25/04/2013
Scorers for SKW: 1. Marcel 2. Marcel 3. Marcel  4. Kendy 5. Heita

His People 0 City of Windhoek 6 - Sam Nujoma Stadium - Thursday, 25/04/2013

Ramblers - Bye 
City of Windhoek 0:4 SKW

In a thrilling encounter at the SKW on Thursday evening, 6 June 2013, between SKW and City of Windhoek, both teams started really strong and played a game on a high level. Needless to say, the first 20 minutes both teams had some good chances, but none managed to capitalise on them. It was then Helge Fischer, after a through-ball from Kai Friedrich, who scored the opening goal and his debut goal for SKW, after only having joined the team recently. Then the goals finally came flying in. Kai Friedrich netted home a ball from close range after a great through-ball from the captain Julianus Rukamba. Now it was Julianus’ turn, who spectacularly headed in a cross by Marcel, after a freekick was awarded close to the touchline. Again it was left to Helge to score his second and the final goal of the match, after a low level cross from the left-hand side by Kai made its way past the defence and the keeper. 4:0 at halftime was also then the final score, as the game lost quite a bit of momentum in the second half, due to numerous substitutions on both sides. With this win, SKW managed to extend their lead over second-placed City of Windhoek to 5 points.

Next up will be the long-awaited match against arch-rivals Ramblers.

SKW CSL/WSSL Team 2013
SKW CSL win vs Ramblers

"On Monday, 17 June, the night was set for the long awaited derby, on a social level, between Ramblers and SKW. Due to a change in line up, the captain, Julianus, had to play the creative midfield part whilst Kai Friedrich took up the striking position next to Helge Fischer. Ralf Düvel once again played the holding midfield role alongside Sandile Xaba. The hosts, Ramblers, started the game very strong. It was also them who scored the much celebrated first goal. However, the referee decided that it was scored from an offside position, much to the frustration of the Ramblers players. With ever increasing duration of the game, both side equalised each other mostly in the centre of the park, but still showing some good soccer and having chances on both sides. However, the two yougsters in the goals kept their focus high. It was only later in the first half that Julianus converted a chance he created almost by himself, by poking the ball to the side of the Ramblers keeper, to score the opening goal of the night.
Many small fouls on both sides prevented the game to really get a good flow, however the derby proved that after all the years, it is still a hard fought match with no side wanting to lose the ball to their bitter rivals. This also showed the injury of the central defender, Tiemo Dobberstein, middle of the first half. This meant coach Kai had to pull back Düvel into that position, Julianus moving back to his regular position in holding midfield, and Rassie coming on as substitute to take the attacking midfield position.
Going with 1:0 into the break, SKW came back with the same line-up into the second half, but still it was Ramblers who showed a bit more aggression, winning the majority of duels in the midfield. After few minutes, Friedrich took himself of the field, allowing Sakeus Shivute to take his position upfront.
It was then for the Ramblers keeper, youngster Wolff, to show his skills with a fine save fishing the ball out of the top corner, and making it obvious why he is the national keeper for the under 17.
Few chances, lots of substitutions and a lot of controversial decisions on both sides of the pitch later, the SKW side was finally relieved to hear the final whistle, taking home their 5th win in as many games, clearing the top of the table by 5 points.

SKW line up:
Goal: Marko Zierzow
Defence: Sebastian Frank-Schultz - Tiemo Dobberstein - Abisai (Bones) Nangolo
Midfield: Arne Fischer - Sandile Xaba - Julianus Rukamba - Ralf Düvel - Tangeni Shivute
Attack: Helge Fischer - Kai Friedrich

Rassie (on for Tiemo Dobberstein) 30th min
Sakkie Shivute (on for Kai Friedrich) 45th min
Kendy (on for Tangeni Shivute) 50th min
Mekondjo Erastus (on for Kendy) 65th min
Ulf Diemer (on for Sebastian Frank-Schultz) 70th min
Justus-Sylvester Voigts (on for Arne Fischer) 75th min

Man of the Match for SKW: Ralf Düvel - he showed a very good game especially in the holding midfield role, not giving up any ball. Later, he did well to keep the defence together and not conceding any goal."

Hinten v.l.n.r.: Julianus Rukamba; Kai Friedrich; Wolfgang Erni; Philip; Tangeni Shivute; Abisai (Bones) Nangolo; Ralf Düvel
Vorne v.l.n.r: Travis Howard; Arne Fischer; Marcel; Rassie; Heita Nkandi; Sakeus Shivute; Hosea Mpopiwa
SKW 5 Nampower 1 23 July 2013

Following a strong start to the season, winning their first 5 games in a row, the SKW CSL side has lost its momentum completely by losing the past two games.
A dismal performance against the new team to the league, Standard Bank, last week saw SKW losing their first game of the league by 3 goals to 1.

On Tuesday, 23 July 2013, SKW then were up against Nampower for the return leg, having beaten them very comfortably by 5:1 in the first leg early May 2013. However, this time it seemed that Nampower was up to the challenge, clearly visible by a very physical side that faced SKW. The team of coach Kai Friedrich, who fielded himself in the starting line-up after a break of almost a month due to injury, was never able to stand their ground and play their game that they did so well during the first half of the season, which had ensured the SKW side built up a lead of 5 points at a stage.

The fighting spirit was not present and, after Sakkie missed a 2 on 1 situation in front of Nampower's goal, it was Nampower who converted a well-played counter at the other side of the field, opening the score line 1:0. SKW was never able to fight back after having conceded a goal, and then also lost Kai Friedrich due to a bleeding nose picked up in a challengde just before half time.

Even a spirited half-time speech by Ralf Düvel did not do any good and Nampower scored two more goals in the second half, clearly exposing all the weaknesses on the SKW's side. The game thus ended with a deserved win for Nampower by 3:0. On top of it all SKW lost skipper Julianus just before the end of the game due to a knee injury.

SKW lost the league lead to City of Windhoek, but still have a game in hand and still have a chance to get the lead back should they win that game.

SKW line up:
Travis - Steffen - Ralf - Friedel - Arne - Julianus - Sandile - Shivute - Kai - Helge - Sakkie

Rassie for Kai (38')
Heita for Sakkie (40')
Phurat for Friedel (68')
Mekondjo for Shivute (73')
Friedel for Julianus (75')
Standard Bank 3 SKW 1 - 18 July 2013
"The CSL Team was established as the main active soccer team at the SKW many years ago, whilst initially playing in the then called "Deukom League". All the players in this team were playing at a social level only.

Years later, when the SKW Premier League team was established, the CSL team was used not only as a link for youngsters (mainly from the u/17) to play soccer at a higher level, before joining the team in the Namibian Premier League, but also functioned as the team where injured Premier League players could regain match fitness before joining their regular team again.

Nowadays, the CSL team, whose name arose from the league established subsequent to the Deukom League, the Central Soccer League, plays in the Windhoek Social Soccer League, a league established and run by the SKW Soccer division. All players are still only playing at a social "fun" level, being mostly employed or studying.

AT present the team is coached by Kai Friedrich and practice takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:30 to 20:15."
Squad 2013 / Kader 2013
Surname    Name(s)
1 Friedrich Kai
2 Fischer Arne
3 Diemer Ulf
4 Frank-Schultz Sebastian
5 Hiwilepo Peter
6 Nangolo Abisai (Bones)
7 Düvel Ralf
8 Voigt Justus-Sylvester
9 Rukamba Julianus (Captain)
10 Howard Travis
11 Xaba Sandile
12 Sakeus Shivute
13 Nikodemus Sheefeni-Cyril (Basie)
14 Shivute Tangeni
15 Erni Wolfgang
16 Dobberstein Tiemo
17 Schönweiss Wilko
18 Nkandi Heita
19 Rassie
20 Marcel
21 Kinahan Tim
22 Kendy
23 Fischer Helge
24 Philip
25 Erastus Mekondjo (Becks)

SKW 2 His People 1 August 2013
SKW CSL Team back to winning terms

After some dismal performances in the past two games, losing them both, SKW finally managed to clinch all three points in the game against His People on Tuesday night, 7 August 2013.

In a game which was dominated by the SKW in the first half, neither side were able to score any goals in a hard fought match. No team wanted to lose any ball and thus many small fouls on both sides made it difficult for either team to get a game flow going. The score at half time was 0:0.

In the second half His People made it even tougher for SKW by ever increasing their fighting spirits, but it was from a well-played combination on the left wing that Becks tucked in a good ball from Sakkie from short distance to give the SKW the much awaited lead in the game.

After some sloppy defensive work, His People managed to level the scores at 1:1 again, to which SKW responded soon and Heita headed home a corner kicked by Sandile to make the score 2:1 for SKW. His People had the chance at the other end to equalise, but the ball missed the goal only by a very small margin. This ensured SKW earned a much celebrated 3 points from this game.

SKW staring line up:
Tiemo - Ralf - Kai
Phura - Sandile - Julianus - Friedel - Shivute
Becks - Sakkie


Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 SKW 12 9 1 2 37 18 19 28
2 City of Windhoek 12 8 2 2 41 19 22 26
3 Nampower 12 7 2 3 21 15 6 23
4 Ramblers 12 4 2 6 25 23 2 14
5 Standard Bank 12 4 2 6 22 24 -2 14
6 His People 12 3 1 8 15 35 -20 10
7 Windhoek Diplomates 12 2 0 10 15 42 -27 6
Breaking News!!!.

SKW CSL schlägt Ramblers 3:2 und gewinnt die WSSL./ SKW victorious against Ramblers and wins the WSSL football league.
Ligabericht der WSSL Liga - CSL SKW Team 2013

Die Windhoek Social Soccer League wurde im vergangen Jahr vom SKW gegründet, und soll als Liga für ältere Hobbyfussballer, die sich noch nicht zu den Alten Herren zählen, dienen. Nach dem im Gründungsjahr die CSL Mannschaft des SKW ganz oben in der Tabelle landete, gingen in diesem Jahr 6 Mannschaften an den Start. Diese waren der SKW, City of Windhoek, Ramblers, Nampower, His People und Windhoek Diplomats. Abermals übernahm der SKW die Organisation der Liga.

Vom Start her zeichnete sich ein Zweikampf an der Tabellenspitze zwischen SKW und City of Windhoek ab. Dieser sollte bis kurz vor Ende der Saison bestand halten.
Der SKW erwischte einen Start nach Mass und gewann die ersten 5 Spiele in Serie .Somit konnte sich das Team einen guten Vorsprung an der Spitze von zwischen zeitlich bis zu 5 Punkten erarbeiten. Doch dann gab es einen kleinen Einbruch und das Team büsste innerhalb weniger Spiele fast den gesammten Vorsprung ein.

Inzwischen ist noch eine Mannschaften der Standard Bank der Liga bei getreten. Somit musste kurzfristig der Ligaplan geändert werden und der Ligabetrieb musste in die Länge gezogen werden damit der Neukömmling schnellst möglich die ausstehenden Spiele aufholen konnte.

Highlights waren einmal mehr die Spiele des Sport Klubs gegen den alten Rivalen Ramblers, welche der SKW imHinspiel denkbar knapp für sich entscheiden konnte. Doch auch gegen vermeintlich kleinere Gegner taten sich die Grün-weissen oft schwer.

So kam es dass der SKW am zweitletzten Spieltag zum Entscheidungspiel gegen City of Windhoek im Sam Nujoma Stadion antreten musste. Dem Druck schien der, bis dato, Tabellenführer SKW nicht stand zu halten und lag früh in der ersten Hälfte schon mit 3:0 zurück. Doch dass Team fand zum Ende der ersten Halbzeitzurück in die Spur und konnte noch mit einem starken 3:3 das Spiel beenden und somit lag es in ihren eigenen Händen die Liga im alles entscheidenden Match zugewinnen.

Dieses Spiel sollte dann auch,  passend zum Abschluss, aber mals gegen Ramblers gespielt werden. Hier behielt der Sport Klub diesmal die Nerven und gewann auch das Rückspielgegen die Blau-weissen. Somit feierte die Mannschaft um Spielertrainer Kai Friedrich eine umjubelte Titelverteidigung. Als Organisator der Liga möcht es ich der SKW bei allen Mannschaften und den Schiedsrichtern bedanken für eine sehr erfolgreiche Liga und vorallem dafür das die Spiele ausschliesslich pünktlich angefangen haben und in einem sehr fairen und sportlichen Sinne geführt wurden, wobei der Spass immer im Vordergrund stand.

Mit sportlichen Grüssen
Kai Friedrich