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Honors even between SKW and Civics

The Central Social  League kicked off last week with a total of seven teams competing in this team funded league. Whilst Civics, Ramblers, Invincible and Cymot SKW will use this league as a development and reserve league to their first teams MTC,DTS and Trustco joined as social teams albeit all three teams also make use of players from other premier league sides. After a very good season last year with a much improved standard it can be expected that this season will be even more competitive with the additions of Civics and Ramblers.

In a hard fought encounter last week at the SKW Football grounds between Cymot SKW and Civics the two teams drew even with one goal a piece. After initial fears by the SKW coach, Vincent Molzahn, that his team would not be able to match up against the Civilians, the game turned out to be a good start to the social league. Both teams displayed good football in the initial stages of the game with the greens taking an early lead in the 17th minute with a penalty goal by Julianos Nukamba. Civics however put on the pressure with some good attacking play only to find their efforts marred by a solid SKW defense. In the 35th minute however they equalized with a well taken free kick from the edge of the 16mtr box. The score was to remain till the end of the game despite some good chances created by both teams. The game was played in a fair manner with good refereeing. Both teams however seemed to lack fitness and the SKW still needs to form a homogeneous unit .

CSL TEAM - Cymot SKW 2008
Cymot SKW u21/Reserve Team

f.l.t.r. back: Vincent Molzahn (Trainer), Lutz-Heiner Otto, Ricardo Nugunda, Kai Eichler, Telmo Vivo,
Gero Schoneke (Captain), Oliver Lerch, Marco Duevel, Collin Matthews . l.t.o.r. front Dirk Cooper, Jannis Janser, Wenzel van Wyk, Denzel Aorum, Wylan Ohlsson, Julianos Nukamba, Godfrey Augustine

CSL League match: SKW vs Ramblers 1-0  (Goal: Janes Janser)
SKW wins second round match against Ramblers by the same margin as they lost last weeks first round match.
The only goal was scored by Janis Janser mid into the second half. SKW News spoke to coach Rolf Beiter about his view of the game. "I just helped out tonight because Roger Henckert who played himself couldn't coach himself. For me it was a very physical football game - sometimes too physical with quite a few unnecessary fouls from both teams. It wasn't the easiest match to handle for referee Simon Areseb. On the other hand, SKW versus Ramblers is a derby were at all times both teams will give 150 percent to win the match. If both teams would utilised their goal chances we would have seen more goals. For me, Björn Roxin had an outstanding evening while Roger Henckert did also a good job at the back." The next scheduled game for the Olympia based outfit will be Saturday the 16 August, away to Civics at the Trans Namib Field.
Mannschaftsfoto: f.l.t.r. back: Vincent Molzahn (Trainer), Marko Düvel ,Collin Mathews, Glen Mathews, Arne Fischer, Jörg Güther, Günter von Hundelshausen, Julianos Nukamba, Telmo Vivo,
l.t.o.r. front Oliver Lerch, Jannis Janser, Marius Fransmann, Sven Wiedenroth, Denzel Aorum, Lungi Nekwaya, Tjono Jagger.
CSL (Central Soccer League) League Civics vs SKW 1 - 3

SKW takes home six points from the last two games. After the green and whites won last Thursday against a strong Trusco team  2 - 1 in the final minutes, it came to the CSL showdown on Saturday against Civics on Civics home ground. In the Gamams stadium it was the Buschschule Civics team who has lots of Angolan players in their side who scored first. At halftime the two teams were still on 0-0. Short after break it was Civics who took the lead. Coach Vincent Molzahn was furious and shouted at his players to show more fighting spirit. SKW started to make more pressure and pressed Civics into defence.It was Janes Janser und Denzel Aorum who missed sitters, before Lungi Nekwaya scored with a low ball into the right corner. Premier League player Günter von Hundelshausen toped up the score five minutes later just before Simon Areseb blew the final whistle to 1-3. Under the eyes of Premier League coaches Richard Starke and Rolf Beiter, SKW tested Tjono Jagger and von Hundelshausen. The two coaches invited Marko Düvel (defence) und Denzel Aorum (midfield), two young and upcoming soccer players, to the NPL training for trials. Another youngster, Lungi Nekwaya, impressed with his play the last two weeks, but on Saturday could not find yet the way into the NPL coaches books. Also did the full Civics coaching stuff and management attend the match to observe their youngsters.

The Economist:

Sven Wiedenroth
Julianos Nukamba
Telmo Vivo
Arne Fischer
Marius Fransmann
Denzel Aorum
Jannis Janser
Marko Düvel
Lungi Nekwaya
Oliver Lerch
Glen Mathews
Collin Mathews
Donald Vries
Jörg Güther
SKW stürmt mit Bravour an Tabellenspitze AZ online 9.09.2008
Souveräner Sieg im Spitzenspiel der Zentral-Fußballiga – Civcs und Trustco bilden Verfolgerduo

Windhoek - Nachdem die Fußballmannschaft des Sport-Klubs Windhoek (SKW) in der Zentralen Fußballliga (CSL) am vergangenen Donnerstag gegen eine stark aufspielende Mannschaft des Unternehmens Trustco mit 2:1 gewinnen konnte, kam es am Samstag zum Spitzenspiel der Zentral-Liga gegen Buschschule Civics.

Der Showdown fand im Gammams-Fußballstadion, dem Heimstadion der Civillians, statt. Bis zur Halbzeit schaffte keines der Teams, in Führung zu gehen. Doch SKW-Trainer Vincent Molzahn trieb seine Kicker lautstark an und forderte mehr Einsatz des Teams. Die Spieler aus Olymipa setzten dies immer besser um und drängten die Gastgeber stärker in die Defensive. Lungi Nekwaya konnte den SKW schließlich mit einem Schuss aus der Drehung erlösen und das erste Tor der Partie erzielen. Zwar kamen die Gastgeber wenig später mit einem Tor zurück, doch es war Günter von Hundelshausen, der auch für die Premierliga-Mannschaft des SKW spielt, der fünf Minuten vor Schluss auf 2:1 erhöhte und gar noch das 3:1 landen konnte. Unter den wachsamen Augen der Premier Liga-Trainer Richard Starke und Rolf Beiter wurden Tjono Jagger und von Hundelshausen getestet. Auch beobachtete man die jungen Spieler Marko Düvel und Denzel Aorum sowie Lungi Nekwaya, von denen sich Verteidiger Düvel und Mittelfeldspieler Aorum ins Notizbuch der NPL-Trainer spielten.

Durch den Sieg führt der SKW nun die Tabelle der CSL mit 17 Punkten an. Nur einem Punkt dahinter liegen die „Civilians“ und Trustco. Zwar haben beide Mannschaften die gleiche Punktzahl, jedoch haben die Kicker aus Khomasdal die deutlich bessere Tordifferenz. Mit 15 Zählern liegen die Spieler der Ramblers auf Platz vier. Auf Platz fünf befindet sich das Team des Mobilfunkanbieters MTC. Den letzten Platz belegt noch ohne jegliche Punkte die Mannschaft des Deutschen Turn- und Sportvereins (DTS).

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