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Rüdiger Woortman Cell 085 124 1074
Frank Bockmühl Cell  081 127 8665
SKW Archers - SKW Bogenschiessen 2013
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SKW 28th May ranking round 720

Compound Men
Francois Marais
Louw Nel
Sanders Oberholzer
Pieter vd Merwe
Piet Zondagh
Harvey Park
Morne van Staden
Andre van Zyl
Cedric Brand
Master Men
Rüdiger Woortman
Moritz Hoff
Frank Bockmühl
Cadet men
Sebastian Fechter
Hardus Nel
Ruan van Staden
Joubert Snyman
Amadeus Calegari

Compound Women
Bea Viviers
Beatrix van der Merwe
Janda Nel

Cub Boys
Mynhardt Beukes

O/12 Girls
Hanne Snyman

O/12 Boys Recurve
CF Brand

SKW Archers - next shoot

Namibian Nationals 28th to 30th June 2013

Intensive Training Camp - From the 5th - 12th January 2013 we had a very successful intensive training camp in Windhoek at the SKW Archers range.  12 archers from under 13 to adult practiced and refined the basic archery skills under supervision of Dr Josef Preisser. The day was started with warming-up and strengthening exercises, there after the archers shot execution was perfected step by step. The archers learned how to set-up their equipment to perfect bow tuning. After seven days in sunny Namibian weather , 36 degrees Celsius and more, the archers had a tough time. Yet their enthusiasm and efforts paid off and the participants showed already after this short time an improvement. With a strong mindset the Namibian archers will go ahead in 2013. a short report on Archery in Namibia
NAMPA: WHK Archery 12 JAN 2013 - by namibiapress
SKW Archers - Afro Pump Shoot

SKW Archers - next shoot  Namibian Nationals 28th to 30th June 2013

19 Nambian archers competed at the 63rd SA Nationals in Johannesburg Marks Park. All the junior archers returned with a medal, either gold, silver or bronze. We are proud of their achievements. Francois Marais took the silver medal in the eliminations against Gabriel Badenhorst. Many archers have improved on their personal best scores, specially Jackson Engel had some brilliant scores.
Pictures are again on facebook - Archery in Namibia link via SKW Archers.

Archery Association of Namibia April 10th 2013 - MEDIA RELEASE

2013 Namibia National Target Archery Championships Windhoek 28th, 29th & 30th June 2013

SKW Archery Range (Venue may change depending on number of participants registering)

All member clubs and registered archers of the Archery Association of Namibia (AAN), as well as other registered compound / recurve archers of Member Associations of the Federation of African Archery (FAA) are invited to participate at the 6th Namibian National Target Archery Championships

The competition will be spread over two and a half days, with Friday 29th June afternoon reserved for official practise and registration. The provisional program is as follows (please note, that depending on interest by international archers, this might change):

  • Friday 28th June 2012 official practise and registration
  • Saturday 29th June single FITA
  • Sunday 30th June 720 ranking round / compound round& eliminations & medal matches

Various categories and classes are as follows for compound and recurve bows:

Age class Age Distance1 Distance2 Distance3 Distance4

Master men Over 50 - 70m 60m 50m 30m
Master Women Over 50 - 60m 50m 40m 30m
Men Over 20 - 90m 70m 50m 30m
Women Over 20 - 70m 60m 50m 30m
Junior Men Under 20 - 90m 70m 50m 30m
Junior Women Under 20 - 70m 60m 50m 30m

Archery Association of Namibia April 10th 2013

Cadet Boys Under 17 70m 60m 50m 30m
Cadet Girls Under 17 60m 50m 40m 30m
Cubs Boys & Girls Under 15 50m 40m 30m 20m
U13 Boys and Girls Under 13 40m 30m 20m 15m

4.2.3. An athlete may participate in a Cadet Class in tournaments when the competition takes place up to and in the year of his 17th birthday.

4.2.4. An athlete may participate in a Junior Class in tournaments when the competition takes place up to and in the year of his 20th birthday.

4.2.5. An athlete may participate in a Master Class in tournaments when the competition takes place in the year of his 50th birthday and thereafter

Competition times, deadlines and fees:
  • Closing date for entries 1st June 2012.
  • Range opens Friday 14h30 until dark for practise and registration of competitors
  • Saturday and Sunday 8h00, start of shoot 8h30 sharp.
  • Prize giving at SKW Restaurant after final eliminations
  • Entry fees for archers N$350.00 and for non-archers N$250 includes lunch and light

10h00 breakfast on two days of the competition. Please enter by sending e-mail to: with all details (name, surname, address, e-mail, birth date, category,club) For additional information contact
Vice- President Mr Piet Zondagh at
Frank Bockmuhl 081 127 8665