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Frank Bockmühl Cell  081 127 8665
Bea Viviers Cell 081 124 7551
SKW Archers - SKW Bogenschiessen 2012
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SKW 28th May ranking round 720

Compound Men
Francois Marais
Louw Nel
Sanders Oberholzer
Pieter vd Merwe
Piet Zondagh
Harvey Park
Morne van Staden
Andre van Zyl
Cedric Brand
Master Men
Rüdiger Woortman
Moritz Hoff
Frank Bockmühl
Cadet men
Sebastian Fechter
Hardus Nel
Ruan van Staden
Joubert Snyman
Amadeus Calegari

Compound Women
Bea Viviers
Beatrix van der Merwe
Janda Nel

Cub Boys
Mynhardt Beukes

O/12 Girls
Hanne Snyman

O/12 Boys Recurve
CF Brand

SKW Archers - next Teuguni shoot, 15-16 September 2012.
World Archery Youth Championship 2011 in Legnica Poland 22nd - 28th August

18.01.2012 - SKW lays foundations for archery

ARCHERY in Namibia has long celebrated an ever-increasing popularity in the country, along with several achievements at an international level.

A key player in the development and promotion of the sport is the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW), which invested a great deal of its funds and time into modern facilities and the training of archers as well as mentors.

“Our vision is to create the possibility for training that reaches from the beginner up to the professional archer, who then can also compete at eyelevel with top archers in the world,” explains Marja Woortman, a newly qualified trainer of the Federation of International Target Archery (FITA) and the Federation of African Archery (FAA).

Woortman’s training experiences took her to several locations throughout the world, including the USA, South Africa, Poland and Turkey where she participated in courses, workshops or accompanied local archers to tournaments.

Local archers during a training session.

In the USA, Woortman attended several stages of a global training programme by the International Olympic Commission (IOC). There, participants had to analyse a deficiency that existed in their country and suggest a strategy to ensure progress in the specified sport.

“If a talent exists, we have to provide a training foundation on which that talent can develop,” says Woortman. This training should not only exist of frequent training shoots, but also include an exercise program for an overall physical and mental fitness.

These aspects were addressed at an intensive training camp for all Namibian archery clubs that took place from 9 to 14 January at the SKW. Under the professional supervision of Woortman and Joseph Preiser, a renowned South African archer and trainer, the participants went through daily practice sessions and evaluations of style and techniques.

The participating archers had the chance to receive advice for upcoming tournaments, like the Afro Pumps shoot at the SKW at the end of the month, and for the qualifications of the African Championships happening in March this year.

On the last day, the camp was concluded with fun shoots and games. “In the end, it’s not all about performance, but also about fun. We shouldn’t forget that archery is not only a sport for individuals, but also a sport for the whole family,” says Woortman. This becomes apparent when looking at the age range at the camp, which reaches from 7 years up to over 50 years.

However, the training camp did not only function as a workshop for the archers, but also served as a further education level for Marja Woortman. Out of three qualification levels of the FITA training course, Woortman had so far reached level 2. After the camp, Woortman was tested for the final level and passed successfully, thus becoming the first FITA Level 3 qualified trainer in Namibia. With this certificate on hand, she is now able to teach and test future archery trainers and continue raising the standard in the country.

For further information on the sport, contact Frank Bockmühl (AAN President) at 081 127 8665 or

Archery Association of Namibia - March 13th 2012 - MEDIA RELEASE

Namibian Archery Team at the 9th African Archery Championships in Morocco: Results after 2 days of competition

The Archery Association of Namibia is currently participating in the 9th African Archery Championships in Morocco. Six Namibian archers (two teams, one men compound, one women compound) are part of the 133 strong field of competitors from at least 16 countries. This is the biggest African Archery Championships which was ever held.
During day one of the competition on Monday, 13/03/2012, a full compound round (72 arrows at 50 m distance) was shot for ranking (=seeding). After this day we achieved the following:

Individual Archers:
Women Compound (all three ranks from Namibia)
1. Iroleen Page
2. Beatrix van der Merwe
3. Beanta Viviers

Men Compound (strong field with 16 archers from 5 countries)
1. Petrus Marx (RSA)
2. Francois Marais (Nam)
3. Lesley Page (Nam)
4. Louw Nel (Nam)

Men Compound Team ranking:
1. Namibia
2. Egypt
3. Lybia
4. Morocco

During day two, only the team events were held. In the Compound Men event, Namibia managed to win the Gold Medal in an exciting final against Egypt, after the Namibians eliminated the Morrocans (eventual bronze medalists). On its way to the final, Egypt defeated Lybia. The score of the Namibian team (225 points against Morocco) is the new official Africa Record for the Men Compound Division.
The next three days will be occupied by the individual matches, firstly the Open Event (there are several teams from outside Africa), and finally the individual African Championships on Friday. Following the good ranking on the first day, Namibian Archers have a good chance to do well in the next three days as well.

Archery Association of Namibia March 13th 2012
During the past month, intensive preparations of the team took place in both Windhoek and Walfishbay with special emphasize on team events, which involves some tight timing exercises. Individual scores have also consistently improved during this time. The archers are thus well prepared.

National Colours were awarded by the Namibian Sports Commission. The team will be accompanied by the National Coach, Mrs Marja Woortman and Team Manager will be Mr. Frank Bockmühl, who will also attend the Annual Congress of the FAA (Federation of African Archery) which is being held simultaneously.
The team will leave Windhoek on Friday 9th March and will reach Rabat via Johannesburg and Paris, and will arrive back in Windhoek again on Sunday 18th March. Results can be followed ( ) online.

Frank Bockmühl 081 127 8665

Independence Shoot
SA Nationals 2012 at Grahamstown

Ten Namibian archers (4 adults and six children) participated this year at the SA Nationals in Grahamstown. The first day archers registered and had a practise round to get correct settings. The second day a full FITA was shot consisting of four different distances for every age group. A full score is 1440. At the mixed team event Miss B Viviers and Mr F Marais took the gold medal.The archers improved over the days and had some remarkable results. Thank you for giving the archers the opportunity to participate and represent Namibia.

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Archers shine at SA Champs - 23 April 2012

Namibia’s senior archers won one gold and one bronze medal at the South African Target Archery Championships which recently took place in Grahamstown, while their junior archers won two gold, four silver and two bronze medals.
Namibia was represented by a team of four senior and six junior archers who competed in three events, namely the FITA Round which has a maximum score of 1 400 points, the 720 Ranking Round and the Individual Eliminations.

Competing in the Senior 720 Ranking Round, Francois Marais and Beanta Viviers won the gold medal in the Mixed Team event. Viviers also won a bronze medal in the Compound women’s category with a score of 642 points, while Beatrix van der Merwe came sixth in the same event with a score of 617 points. In the senior men’s category, Francois Marais narrowly missed out on a medal when he came fourth with a score of 685, while Rudi Woortman came fifth in the Masters category with 601 points.

In the FITA Round competition, Francois Marais once again came fourth in the Senior Men’s Compound category with a score of 1337 points, while Rudi Woortman came fifth in the Masters category with 1 227 points. In the Senior Women’s Compound category Beatrix van der Merwe came seventh witjh a score of 1 258, while Beanta Viviers came eighth with a score of 1 254.

Amongst the juniors, Hanne Snyman was Namibia’s best performer with two gold medals. She won gold in the FITA round with a score of 1 287 points and gold in the 720 Ranking Round with 655 points. In the FITA Round category, Snyman won gold in the Compound Under 13 Girls competition with 1 287 points, while she also won gold in the 720 Ranking Round with 655 points. Ruan van Staden won two silver medals in the Compound Cadet Men’s category with scores of 1 299 (FITA Round) and 659 (720 Ranking Round). Henre van Eeden also won two silver medals in the Compound Cub Boy’s category with scores of 1 344 for the FITA Round and 688 for the 720 Ranking Round. In the Compound Cadet Men’s category, Joubert Snyman won a bronze medal in the FITA Round with a score of 1 272, while he came fourth in the 720 Ranking Round with a score of 621. In the Compound Cadet Men’s competition, Francois Grobler came fourth in the FITA Round and fourth in the 720 Ranking Round. In the Compound Cup Boy’s category, Warren Smith came fourth in the FITA Round and fourth in the 720 Ranking Round.

SKW Archers - Namibian Nationals, 15-17 June 2012.
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