Archery - Common Wealth Games

3 Namibian archers are participating at the Common Wealth Games in New Dehli India. Dirk Bockmühl, Ben van Wyk and Johan Grobler came fith in compound team event.

Final Ranking
1 ENG-England
2 IND-India
3 RSA-South Africa
4 AUS-Australia
5 NAM-Namibia
6 NZL-New Zealand
7 NIR-Northern Ireland
8 MAS-Malaysia
9 BAN-Bangladesh
9 CAN-Canada
9 CYP-Cyprus
9 NFK-Norfolk Island
9 SCO-Scotland
9 TRI-Trinidad & Tobago
9 WAL-Wales

Independence Shoot 2010                        click here for all the INFO

OPEN Target Archery Competition (FITA) - Windhoek 19, 20 & 21 March 2010 SKW Archery Range

All Member Clubs and registered archers of the Archery Association of Namibia (AAN) are invited.

(For Non-AAN-Member Archers a special Open Division has been created. Non-AANMembers can participate, but will not be eligible for medals. However, the object of this special invitation is to make the sport of Archery more popular in Namibia. A strict following of rules will be expected.)
Namibia est. 1951
SKW Homepage
Ansprechpersonen Bogenschiessen:

1. Vorsitzender / Chairman:
Frank Bockmuehl
081 127 8665

2. Vorsitzender / Vice Chairman :
Rolf Rohrmueller
081 129 6013

Kassenwart / Finance :
Ruediger Woortman
081 124 1074

Sekretärin / Secretary:
Anita Park
081 124 2824

Vorsitzender Frank Bockmühl

Übungszeiten Dienstag und Donnerstag 17h00-18h00 (im Winter 16h30- 17h30)
Mitglieder dürfen auch in ihrer eigenen Zeit üben

Nicht-Mitglieder bitte anmelden bei Frank 081 127 8665
oder Rüdiger 081 124 1074 oder Johan 081 127 3365
Kostet N$50.00/ Stunde

3 SKW Archers were part of the Namibian Team, participating at the Commenwealth games in Kairo, Egypt. Beatrix vd Merwe, Pieter vd Merwe & Johan Grobler.
SKW Archers - SKW Bogenschiessen 2010
Namibian archers excel at African Champs - Submitted by Helge Schutz, 14/04/2006

A Namibian Invitational archery team excelled at the African Target Shooting Championships and the South African Archery Championships which took place in Cape Town on April 1-3, 2006. Namibia's team of seven archers won a total of 14 medals as well as five additional prizes.
A total of 111 archers from three countries South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius participated in the championships.

Gold medals at SA nationals

At the South African National Championships, Namibia's juniors did particularly well. Dirk Bockmuhl won the gold medal in the Junior Mens Under 18 category, while Henk van Blerk won the gold medal in the Cadet Boys Under 16 category. In the same category Namibias Francois Marais won silver and Oliver Rohrmuller won bronze.
Raimund Rohrmuller also won gold in the Boys Under 13 category.
Jan van Blerk came 9th overall in the senior mens category.

African Champs

Namibia then entered two teams that participated among 14 others in the African Target Shooting Championships. Team 1 consisted of Jan van Blerk, Dirk Bockmuhl and Heiko Redecker, while Team 2 consisted of Henk van Blerk (14 years), Francois Marais (14) and Oliver Rohrmuller (13).
Team 1 was soon eliminated, but Team1 excelled to beat the senior men and womens teams of Western Province, as well as Mpumalangas senior mens team to progress to the finals. Here the Namibian junior team eventually lost to the senior mens team of Gauteng to finish fourth.

Van Blerk wins gold

Namibias results in the individual categories at the African Championships were as follows:
Junior Men Under 18: Dirk Bockmuhl 2 silver medals.
Cadet Boys Under 16: Henk van Blerk gold, Francois Marais silver, Heiko Redecker bronze.
Boys Under 13: Raimund Rohrmuller gold
Team competition: Windhoek Field Archery & Bow Hunting Club 4th
Namibias shottists won the following additional prizes:
Jan van Blerk, Dirk Bockmuhl, Henk van Blerk, the Windhoek Bowmen/Ramblers Club and the
Windhoek Field Archery & Bow Hunting Club won additional prizes at the championships.
Representatives and managers of the South Africa and Mauritius praised the Namibian for its exceptional performances.
Results from the African Championships in Egypt:

Men Compound Silver medal to
Ben van Wyk (Tsumeb Archery Club),
Bronze medal to
Pieter van der Merwe (SKW Archers)
Women Compound Silver medalist:
Beatrix van der Merwe (SKW Archers)
Team Competition: Namibia Gold
(Ben van Wyk, Pieter van der Merwe, Johan Grobler).
Both Pieter and Johan are SKW Archers.

SKW Archery had a successfull competition day on sunday March 7, 2010.

For the first time our beginners took part in such a competition. The distances were kept at a minimum for the beginners, according to their ability, and we actually saw that for the next competition, we can start to put them under a little more pressure by increasing the distances, as they did quite well, also under adverse windy conditions.

The two archers with the least experience had to shoot at a distance of only 15 m, which proved to be only a very slight challenge to them. For the next competition, these two definitely will have to be put under more pressure by increasing their distances. Iris Sanner scored a remarkable 678 points, with extremely consistant groupings (including one unexpected zip), while Marja Woortman achieved a satisfying 601 points.

Alexander Sanner, and under twelve archer beginner at 15 m scored 595 points. Archery fittnes played a major role, and he can perform much better in future.

The two more advanced "women beginers", Kerstin Henckert and Silke Beiter both shot well at a distance of 30 m. Kerstin posted a score of 644 points, while Silke shot a good 604 points.

Detlef Heimstädt also a beginner who started archery only this year, at a distance of 30 m was satisfied with 598 points.
Cub Tiaan Grobler (12 years old) was competing at a distance of 30 m, posting a very good score of 662 points. That is a score to aim at!!!
The adult men had to face the very inconsistent and strong windy conditions to shoot at 70 meters: Results were as follows: Rudi Woortman (572), Hannes Cocklin (636), Dirk Bockmühl (645), Francois Marais (652).
Women Compound Theresa Grobler shot a 566 at 70 m.
Cadet Christof Schaum,also at 70 m achieved 565 points.
Judging was done by Frank Bockmühl.

SKW Facebook
for more Photos visit the following:
Vier Bogenschützen aus Namibia sind am 4.März bis zum 13.März nach Kairo geflogen um an den FAA Championship teil zu nehmen.

Pieter van der Merwe, Johan Grobler und Ben van Wyk haben Gold als Namibia Team erworben. Ben van Wyk hat gegen den Südafrikaner Silber bekommen und Pieter van der Merwe gegen Johan Grobler Bronze. Beatrix van der Merwe (NAM) hat gegen Jorina Coetzee (RSA) eine Silber Medaille gewonnen. Pieter van der Merwe, Johan Grobler und Beatrix van der Merwe sind SKW Schützen, wogegen Ben van Wyk aus Tsumeb kommt.
2010 Namibia National Target Archery Championships (FITA) Windhoek 18, 19 & 20 June 2010 SKW Archery Range

All Member Clubs and registered archers of the Archer Association of Namibia (AAN), as well as other registered compound archers of Member Associations of the Federation of African Archery (FAA) are invited to participate at the third Namibia National Target Archery Championships (Target Archery Competition, as advertised on facebook: Archery in Namibia) The competition will be spread over two and a halve days, with the Friday afternoon reserved for official practice. The provisional program is as follows (please note, that depending on interest by international archers, this might change):

Saturday 19/06/2010 - Single Fita
Sunday 20/06/2010 - Individual and Team matchplay elimination

Various categories and classes are as follows: Compound Bows will be allowed. As this competition is firstly the Namibian National Archery Championships, and as there are currently no registered recurve archers in Namibia, a limitation to compound bows is necessary. A junior archer is allowed to participate in a more senior age group, without being restricted to stay in that group in future.

Competition Times:

o Range Opens Friday 14:30 until dark for practice and Registration of competitors
o Saturday and Sunday 08:00 for final preparation of archery range and briefing
o Start of Shoot 08:30 sharp (this includes 6 sighting arrows)
o Prize giving ceremony will be in the Restaurant, SKW, directly after the final eliminations.
International Archers are kindly requested to indicate their intention to participate latest May 17th 2010.
Competition Fees: AAN members N$ 350.00 payable at registration Included in this fee are snacks and a light lunch on Saturday and Sunday. All drinks are available at a cash bar. To be able to prepare for this shoot, the organizers pertinently require that all participants announce their participation at the latest by Monday, June 7th 2010, at 20:00.

Rudi Woortman; Windhoek (0811241074)
Johan Grobler, Windhoek (0811273365)
Frank Bockmuhl, Windhoek (0811278665)  

- Also keep up to date with facebook Archery in Namibia

Distance 1
Distance 2
Distance 3
  Distance 4
Over 20
90 m
70 m
50 m
30 m
Over 20
70 m
60 m
50 m
30 m
Junior men
17 to 20
90 m
70 m
50 m
30 m
Junior Women 
17 to 20
70 m
60 m
50 m
30 m
Cadet boys
14 to 17
70 m
60 m
50 m
30 m
Cadet girls
14 to 17
60 m
50 m
40 m
30 m
Cubs Boys + Girls
12 to 14
50 m
40 m
30 m
20 m
U12 Boys + Girls
Up to 12 years
40 m
30 m
20 m
15 m
SKW Archery

In April 21 Archers from Namibia participated at the 60th SA Nationals Archery Championship in Pretoria. Under cold and rainy conditions different result were achieved. On Sunday 25thApril Archers shoot the FITA ranking round. According to the different categories four distances had to be covered. Monday 26th April the eliminations started. Tuesday 27th April medal matches were shot.

Dirk Bockmühl, compound men, shoot his best Fita ranking round with 1362 points out of 1440. This gave him the 10th ranking place. Johan Grobler got 16th place with 1344 points and David Francis 34th with 1309 points.  The other compound men , who participated were Frank Reddig (1274) 46th, Rüdiger Woortman (1235) 53rd Rüdiger shot a Robin Hood Jan van Blerk (1078) 55th. 

Johan Grobler was taken out by Kobus Barnard (ranked 1st) 1/8th elimination. Dirk Bockmühl was beaten by Seppie Cilliers (7th) in the 1/8th elimination. But the Namibians gave the South-Africans a tough time.

Our junior compound men Hanno Behr ranked 1st (1324) , Henk van Blerk 2nd (1323) and Matthias Behr 3rd (1315).
In the eliminations Hanno Behr got the gold medal and Henk van Blerk the silver medal. Matthias came fourth, but he receied a Robin Hood pin. Well done! Unfortunately no other junior team entered and  they tried it under compound men team. Dirk Bockmühl, Hanno and Matthias Behr won the mixed team event.

Under compound women Beatrix van der Merwe ranked 10th and Theresa Grobler 12th in the Fita round. Beatrix van der Merwe made it then to 4th  place against Jorina Coetzee (RSA), who took the bronze medal.

Compound cadet men Günther Woortman (1285) 8th, Arne Schmid (1251) 9th, Christoph Schaum (1185) 10th  and Christian Masser (877) 11th took part. Günther dropped out against Daniel Pearson (RSA ranked 1st) in the ¼ finals.
G. Woortman, A. Schmid and C. Schaum got the silver medal in the team event.

Compound cub boys Francois Grobler was 2nd (1273), Sebastian Fechter 3rd (1244) and Amadeus Calegari 4th (1224).
In the eliminations F.Grobler won a silver medal and S. Fechter a bronze medal.

Compound under twelve boys Daniel-David Francis came 2nd (1364) , Hofmeyr van Blerk 3rd (1362) and Xander Reddig 4th (1357). In the eliminations D. Francis got silver and H.van Blerk bronze. In the team event they got gold. Well done boys.

Driekie van Blerk accompanied as an official and helped to keep the cubs and under 12 boys together. The Namibian team showed great team spirit and all gained experience from the event. Our own Nationals are from 18th-20th June at SKW.

Beatrix van der Merwe ranked 10th
Theresa Grobler 12th in the Fita
Dirk Bockmühl, compound men, shoot his best Fita ranking round with 1362 points out of 1440 !

Compound under twelve boys Daniel-David Francis came 2nd (1364) , Hofmeyr van Blerk 3rd (1362) and Xander Reddig 4th
Namibian Nationals
Sunday (June 20th) 2010

Master men compound   
Gold - Joe Schmid
Silver - Frank Bockmühl

Men compound
Gold - Johan Grobler
Silver - David Francis
Bronze - Pietre van der Merwe

Men recurve
Gold - Piet van Eeden

Women compound
Gold - Theresa Grobler
Silver - Beatrix van der Merwe

Junior men compound
Gold - Francois Marais
Silver - Matthias Behr
Bronze - Hanno Behr

Cadets men compound
Gold - Günther Woortman
Silver - Christoph Schaum
Bronze - Christian Masser

Cups  boy compound
Gold - Francois Grobler
Silver - Jörn Diemer
Bronze - Sebastian Fechter

Cups girl compound
Gold - Cerise van Eeden

Cups girl recurve
Gold  - Anel Morgenrood

Under 12 boys compound
Gold - Daniel-David Francis
Silver - Hofmeyr van Blerk
Bronze - Xander Reddig
SKW Archery - 2010 National Target Archery Championships

The 2010 National Target Archery Championships in Namibia was held from 18 to 20 June 2010 in Windhoek. On Friday the 18th June the range opened in the afternoon for official practice. A Fita Round was shot on Saturday 19th June as preparation for the final day, when a 70 m Round followed by an Individual elimination according to the Set System was shot. A very tough programme, but as archers have to travel for up to 500 km to attend this competition, as much archery as possible is put into the programme.  This annual event is drawing more competitors each year, and for this small Association, to have up to 40 archers on the shooting line is quite an achievement.  Age groups from under twelve years through to the two Masters Men participated. New to archery in Namibia was the participation of two recurve archers. Hopefully this trend will continue.
For the first time competition was controlled by electronic timing, with countdown visible on two screens on the 25 m mark. Judging was done by Mrs Rita Schenk. After several days of extremely windy conditions, Diana took control of the weather and calm, cool conditions resulted in pleasant shooting. Combined with the superb range lay-out, a successful tournament was guaranteed.

Photo’s and results will be published on Facebook: “Archery in Namibia”

Archers from the SKW clearly dominated the event, as can be seen from the list of Namibian National Champions:

Class                                      Name                      Club       
Master men compound            Joe Schmid                              SKW Archers
Men compound                        Johan Grobler                         SKW Archers
Men recurve                            Piet van Eeden                       Tsumeb Archery Club
Women compound                  Theresa Grobler                      SKW Archers
Junior men compound             Francois Marais                      SKW Archers
Cadet boys compound            Günther Woortman                  SKW Archers
Cup  boys compound              Francois Grobler                     SKW Archers
Cup girls compound                Cerise van Eeden                    Tsumeb Archery Club            
Under 12 boys compound       Daniel-David Francis               SKW Archers

by Frank Bockmühl
Vice President: Target Archery (FITA Matters)
Archery Association of Namibia

SKW Archery - SKW Year-end Shoot 20 November 2010 at SKW - Invitation

All Archers are welcome - 7h00 starting 7h30

1. 360 round as per age class
2. elimination round (hit and miss targets)
3. braai and get-together

Entry fee (braai included) SKW archers N$110.00 - Non-SKW archers N$130.00
Extra braai packs  (chop, sosatie, boerewors & salad)
Available @ N$ 75.00

Please confirm entry by Tuesday 16.11.2010 Marja 085 128 4765 or Johan 081 127 3365 e-mail
Distance 1
Master Men       
Over 55 
50 m
Master Women
Over 55
50 m
Over 20
Over 20
50 m
Junior Men
17 to 20
50 m
Junior Women
17 to 20
Cadet Boys 
14 to 17
50 m
Cadet Girls
14 to 17   
Cubs Girls + Boys
12 to 14
U12 Boys + Girls
Up to 12 years
20 m 
Beginner adults

Beginner kids


SKW Archery - SKW Year-end Shoot 20 November 2010 at SKW

Successful SKW Year-End Shoot with lots of fun.

A fun shoot brought in N$1400 for the interlocks. Thanks to the Jagwinkel for the sponsorship with the longbow and all participating archers who made this event a highlight. Pieter van der Merwe shoot his first full round on 50m (60 out of 60). Jörn Diemer had a Robin Hood.

The Facebook "Archery in Namibia" also can be reached via the Facebook-link. click here.

Events for next year 2011:

Independence Shoot weekend of the 18-20th March 2011
SA National starting on 3rd of April 2011
Namibian Nationals weekend of the 17-19th June 2011

more info: Karola Woortman - Nam Cell: 081 294 2911 - RSA Cell: 076 832 3942