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SKW Ladies Team came 2nd in the SKW Youth Tournament 2009

Results: u15
SKW A vs SKW B        1 - 0
SFC A vs SFC B        0 - 1
SKW A vs SFC B        0 - 2
SFC A vs SKW B        0 - 0
SKW B vs SFC B        0 - 1
SKW A vs SFC A        0 - 0

above: SKW Girls at the SKW Tournament 2010 28 March - Coach Vanessa Diemer
Coach Vanessa Diemer
above: SKW Girls Team 2010 - Coach Vanessa Diemer (left) and coach Martin Brosda (right)
SKW Ladies Team results 2010

Results: u15
SKW vs Ojtiwarongo 1 - 2
SKW vs Ojtiwarongo 1 - 2
SKW vs Emma School 2 - 1
Ojtiwarongo vs SKW  2 - 0
Ojtiwarongo vs SKW  2 - 0
Ojtiwarongo vs SKW  3 - 1
Steffi Jones meets the Brave Gladiators Submitted by Namibia Sport Magazine - 21 June 2010

FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 Organising Committee President, Steffi Jones arrived in the country on Monday to meet with the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Women’s football representatives and local female players.

She attended a training session of the Brave Gladiators that will be travelling to Germany from 18-20 July. Jones spoke to the players at the training session that she attended on Monday morning. “We should thank the two Jackeys (Jackey Gertze and Jacqui Shipanga) who were the pioneers of women’s football in the country,” Jones said. “You might not earn the most money, but as football players you will earn dignity and pride,” she told the players. “I hope your playing football will encourage more girls to play in the country,” Jones said when she was talking to Mamie Kasaona, the Brave Gladiators player who was recently featured in a FIFA World magazine article. Jackey Gertze of the NFA women’s desk was excited that the players got a chance to meet Jones.
“It is unbelievable that she is on Namibian soil, we just used to read about her and now we got a chance to meet her,” Gertze said. “The significance of her visit is that she will be able to motivate the girls, because in Namibia there is a stigma against girls who play football,” she added. “Her visit will bring a lot of girls into the game. Jacqui and I will have less to say to convince the girls to play, her presence here is enough,” Gertze said.

The NFA Technical Director, Klaus Stark, said that Jones came to Namibia because, “she heard about the work that Shipanga and Gertze were doing for women’s football and wanted to meet them.” “She will join the team when they get to Germany and train with them,” Stark added. The Brave Gladiators will travel to Germany during the Under 20 Women’s World Cup. They will play matches against three local clubs and attend some of the World Cup matches. “The German government will fund all the expenses in Germany while the NFA will only pay for the flights to and from Frankfurt,” Stark said. Jones’ visit follows that of her former team mate and colleague Nia Künzer, who came to Namibia in October 2009 to become the International Ambassador for the Galz & Goals project in partnership with UNICEF and SCORE Namibia and continues the excellent development partnership that the NFA enjoys with the DFB in Germany through the governments of the two countries.
Sandra Starke German Champion !!!!

In Germany Sandra Starke became the first Namibian girl to win a major league championship. Starke was crowed German champion last week with her team Turbine Potsdam. Starke is also short listed on the papers for the German National side.
Invitation for SKW's Heidi Kebbel

The NAMIBIA U/16 GIRLS SOCCER TEAM will represent Namibia in the Hessequa International Youth Football Tournament in Cape Town. The Squad of 20 player will depart 1st of July 2010. The one week tournament will kick off on the 3rd of July 2010.
SKW's Heidi Kebbel and Germal ex-International Steffi Jones
Finale Deutsche B-Juniorinnen Meisterschaft - 13. Juni 2010

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam U17 - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim U17

3:1 (1:0)1. FFC Turbine Potsdam: Mehring - Göldner, Demann, Lüdicke - Cramer, V. Müller, Heinze (72. Seifert), Dillmann - Meyer, Dalaf (80. Beckers), Starke

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: Tufekovic - Rippberger, C. Müller (41. Lüdtke), Hohmeyer, C. Kraus (77. Del Brio) - Savin, Hünerfauth, Howard, Rauschenberger - J. Claus (63. Keilbach), Schlee

Die Tore: 1:0 Dillmann (40.), 2:0 Göldner (56.), 3:0 Meyer (58.), 3:1 Keilbach (65.)
Schiedsrichterin: Angelika Söder
Zuschauer: 487
Stadion: Sportforum Waldstadt, Potsdam
„Heldinnen 2010“ – die Meistershirts für Turbine Potsdam waren bereits gedruckt. Doch vorher wollte das Endspiel im Sportforum Waldstadt gewonnen werden. Unter den Augen von 487 Zuschauern, darunter Oberbürgermeister Jann Jakobs und Turbine-Cheftrainer Bernd Schröder, entwickelte sich eine temporeiche Partie.

NFA Gals and Goals Youth League kicks off Submitted by newsdesk of Namibia Sports Magazine, 28 June 2010

The 2010 season of the NFA Galz and Goals Youth league kicked off recently in Windhoek at El Dorado High School.

The first matches of the league, which is in its second year, were played on June 19 with seven teams taking part in the under 13 age group and eight teams in the under 15 age group.

More teams joined the league in the second week, 25-26 June, with the Under 13 teams increasing to thirteen teams. On 25 June the Under 16 girls played two matches each with SKW and Hage Geingob High School playing to a 1-1 draw in the first match. Hage Geingob were the first ones to score when Telefina Nahole’s strike beat the SKW keeper in the first half. In the second half, SKW’s Heidi Kebbel scored the equaliser as a result of a corner kick. “The game was great, but I think we can do better, our team has improved a lot in the past few weeks,” Kebbel said about her team’s performance, Amalia Ilonga, the captain of the Hage Geingob team was very confident of her team’s performance in the league. “Even though we drew this match against SKW we will win the league this year, we will work hard to make sure that we achieve this,” Ilonga said. Both teams went on to beat Theo Katjimune in their next matches. SKW won 3-1 and Hage Geingob won 2-0. Jackey Gertze from the NFA women’s desk was very impressed with the quality of play the girls exhibited during the initial stages of the league. “The play itself is totally different than from last year. Because of this league the girls have regular training and competition. They are more advanced than they were when we started the league last year,” Gertze said. “Our value objective is for girls to find their own space where they can play the sport and to get more girls to be physically active,” Gertze added. “This year we have also seen that the girls have more support from their parents, which is a good thing for the players,” she continued.  Currently the leagues are active in only six towns, Windhoek, Rundu, Okahanja, Khorixas, Gobabis and Okahanja. “We want other regions to join but at the moment it’s a problem of getting people who are willing to start the leagues in the different towns. With all that has been achieved so far I am sure our sponsors will be willing to fund the leagues in other regions,” Gertze added.

Galz & Goals is a partnership between the NFA, UNICEF and SCORE (Sports Coaches Outreach) to empower girls aged 9 to 15 to live a healthy life through participation in football leagues and festivals. Football is promoted as a positive and fun way of avoiding risk behaviours associated with the spread of HIV in Namibia, such as drinking alcohol, MCP, intergenerational and transactional sex.

15.07.2010 - Galz & Goals wins at Hessequa

THE Namibian girls team took top honours at the Hessequa Cup tournament held in Riverville in the Western Cape recently. The event, which coincided with an exciting part of the FIFA World Cup, started on July 3rd and ended on the final day of the World Cup, with the Namibian team winning gold in the six-a-side and 11-a-side girls categories.

The Namibia Football Association’s team, which is part of the Galz & Goals program, also had to share their message of “girls making smart choices for a healthy life”, as they participated in the Kicking AIDS Out activities, which gets the girls talking and discussing life skills and behaviours that could put them at risk of contracting HIV.

The Galz & Goals initiative is a partnership between the NFA and SCORE Namibia, with the support of UNICEF and has been shortlisted for a prestigious award at the 2010 Beyond Sport Summit in Chicago.

The project aims to empower adolescent local girls by providing them with the knowledge to make healthy choices about their lifestyle, and provides them with the opportunity to play football.

“We left a big impression and because it is an annual tournament, it is a great platform for our girls and boys to share with others. We definitely have plans to go back again next year,” said Jackey Gertze of the NFA women’s desk.

Other countries that participated were Hungary, South Korea and China as well as various South African teams.

Youth Tournament 16 July till 18 July 2010

SKW U/ 15 boys and girls win GOLD
in their respective Tournaments
The SKW u/15 girls team won by three goals to nil against DSSW.
SKW Girls at training with erman coach Svenja Bolz - 4 August 2010
The Ladies lost one league match by one goal to nil while winning their second game two to one
JS Academy White shines in Galz & Goals league - Source Namibia Sport Magazine online, 9 Aug 2010

JS Academy White won both of their matches in the Under15 Galz and Goals league on Saturday 7 August. In their first match the JS Academy White team beat SKW 2-1 with goals from Emma Naris and Brumelda Cloete. The first goal came in the first half. SKW equalised early in the second half and then in the dying minutes Cloete scored the second goal for the JS Academy to give them the win.

SKW however soon got back to winning ways when they beat JS Academy yellow 1-0 in their next match. In the final match of the day for the Under 15 league, JS Academy White faced their second (Yellow) team and beat them 5-1. 14-year-old Emma Naris who led her team to the victories recently went with the Brave Gladiators on their tour to Germany and scored a hattrick in one of their friendly matches against HAMM Sports Club.
JS Academy and Young Beauties win Galz and Goals League Submitted by Helge Schutz, 28/09/2010

JS Academy 1 won the Under 15 Galz and Goals League title after beating Hage Geingob Secondary School 1-0 in a scintillating final at the El Dorado Fields on Monday.

Both teams were goalless at half time with JS Academy having most of the ball possession. Both teams tried in vain to score with all attempts either going wide or over the crossbar. In the second half, JS Academy showed more enterprising football with three shots at goal in the first three minutes. They were rewarded in the fifth minute of the second half when Abrille Beukes headed in a brilliant goal from a corner kick. Hage Geingob Secondary School who had beaten SKW 1-0 in the semi final tried in the last minute to penetrate their opponents’ defence but that also proved futile with the final whistle blowing when the score was 1-0 in favour of last year's champions.

In the Under 13 league, Namibian Pumpkins faced off against last year’s champions the Young Beauties.
The Namibian Pumpkins, who had seen off the German Pumpkins 4-0 in the semi finals put up a very brave fight in the first half which ended 0-0. Young Beauties had beaten Moses van der Byl 2-0 to get to the final. In the second half, Young Beauties came back into the game and managed to score the only goal of the match through Suzette Davies who kicked the ball into the near post from a corner kick about a minute before the match ended. The match ended 1-0 in favour of Young Beauties.

The Galz and Goals coordinator, Jackey Gertze, was very pleased with how the season had gone. “We had a very successful youth league for the Under 15 and the Under 13's. The quality of play has improved tremendously,” Gertze said. “We managed to establish an Under 16 national team which consists of the Under 15 league players. Our Under 13 national team won against Botswana, home and away during the Winter Games. The performance of the national teams shows that the quality has improved.” “This year we are not yet done. It is traditional that the league ends with a festival and we are going to have one on the ninth of November,” Gertze said. “UK Unicef will come to the festival for some kind of monitoring and evaluation of the Galz and Goals Project because they are indirectly funding Unicef Namibia with this programme,” she continued.

SKW finished third after a penalty shootout against JS Academy 2 who had also lost 1-0 to JS Academy 1 in the semi final of the Under 15 League. Moses van der Byl were third in the Under 13 league.
“In the semi final, SKW lost to Hage Geingob and that was unfortunate for SKW because they had never lost to them during the season. On the other hand we congratulate Hage Geingob for making it to the final. They also did very well in the schools league where they made it to the semi finals,” Gertze said. “In the Under 13 category, Namibian Pumpkins played the Young Beauties but lost 1-0 which was a very competitive way to play a final,” Gertze said. “Next year in April we will kick off with the season hoping that more teams will also participate,” she concluded

Young Beauties win Galz and Goals League Under 13

Galz and Goals League Winner Under 15
First Place JS Academy
Second Place Hage Geingob Secondary School
Third Place - SKW - Sport Klub Windhoek (Picture)

Namibia est. 1951
Cymot SKW Ladies Team 2010